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  1. Not enough African-American providers

    There are many young ladies in Colorado Springs that fit your ethnic desire. (Probably due to the variety of people at Fort Carson, the Air Force Academy, and Peterson AFB.) Try expanding your search down south.
  2. Independent, intelligent women

    Gentlemen are alway intrigued by the intelligent and independent women. So bravo, and I raise my cup in toast to the intelligent and independent women in the world. May they prosper and inspire the unintelligent to become gentlemen.
  3. Really???

    Just do a diligent search of the room with postit notes. If the manager comes knocking on the door to complain, tell him you will call the BBB.
  4. Felony stupid

    Sometimes you can't fix stupid.
  5. These BP Catfish Aren't Even Trying Anymore 😂

    Throw them back...
  6. All CC Accepted...

    Well, not all dystopian. Considering that business and governments have been nudging us to go paperless and pay by creditcard for over 50 years. A cashless society may not be far away. But there will always be something like cash for the masses. Just look at Venezuela and you see people adapting to a barter system of food and consumables replacing cash.
  7. All CC Accepted...

    Forget precious metals. Food and medicine will become the ultimate currency when cash goes electronic.
  8. How long to wait/did I handle this wrong?

    You did everything right. You were ontime and polite with the lady. Her attitude indicates a lack of organization in her life. You probably saved yourself from something to regret and forget. Keep looking, not all women are alike. Viva la difference.
  9. Over texting

    It also sounds like your client was becoming infatuated with you. Hopefully he will get over it and find someone else to meet his needs.
  10. Someone's stealing my pictures in Denver

    Each of us could go to the offending advert and report it as spam to the BackPage admin. There is a blue button on the upper right on each advert. When enough people complain of the spam, the poster gets restricted.
  11. Over 40?

    Men are like violins, the older the violin, the sweeter the music...
  12. BP dating section?

    They are probably migrating back to the personals section of Craigslist.
  13. Gentlemen, When it comes to sex, the lady cums first. We need to perfect our seduction and oral skills. http://www.bbc.com/news/health-39077293
  14. stings tonight in northern colorado

    Well I was going to dive into the pool, but now I will just see how cold the water is at the shallow end.
  15. Valentine's Day?

    For a start in Colorado Springs, visit the Garden of the Gods first. Then there is Helen Hunt Falls. Both are free. When you are ready to spend, the visit Seven Falls, Cave of the Winds, and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with a trip up to the Shrine of the Sun. Also get a copy of the Colorado Springs Independent (also free) for weekly activities around town both day and night.