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  1. So what's a "spinner"?

    I like the Thunder Bug spinner for stream trout.
  2. 411 on Cassiebaby

    This is her lone review from ECCIE: Name: Cassie Phone: 7816910768 Email Address: The other board. URL / Website: http://theotherboard.com/escort-ads/18/denver?page=6 Hair Length and Color: Bright red to her back. But it was just a bright red wig. Age: 24 "But she is covered in tattoos. So that was a sign that it was not the girl in her pictures." Red hair . But you can tell it’s a wig. Recommendation: No
  3. What's a MILF to you?

    A MILF to me is going to Punta Cana.
  4. What's a MILF to you?

    Many Islands, Low Fares
  5. YMMV

    3G is the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology.
  6. Favorite summertime beverage

    summer & beyond
  7. Sears declairs bankruptcy

    Eddie Lampert has been nothing more than a hedge fund wizard behind the curtain and taking from the company all he can. It's all about enrichment no matter the cost. On a lighter note, I just got a great deal on a new Beautyrest Silver Blue Springs Mattress and boxspring .... and they still sell Craftsman. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/03/the-strange-odyssey-of-hedge-fund-king-eddie-lampert-sears-kmart
  8. Similar Names

    There was a Chrissy here in COS. I first met her via CL in 2007. ATF !!!!!!!!!!! https://theotherboard.com/users/91494
  9. What do the black dots mean?

    You get cupcakes.
  10. Who has been nabbed by LE tell your story.

    I got pulled over for speeding about 25 yrs ago a few miles north of Placerville. I sorta sped up coming around a corner going north and to my dismay, the local sheriff was parked facing south. I knew I was toast and just pulled over and retrieved all my paperwork. After he had gone back to his patrol car I noticed several sets of tire tracks in the snow where I had pulled off. He soon came back to my car with a ticket in hand. I said to him " by the looks of all the tracks in the snow here, I'll bet this is your favorite place to set up shop. He smiled widely and said "yes, it is". I still had to send a check to San Miguel County.
  11. Black mail & Being Outted

    Mr.Pink once suggested to send this link in response: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2017/05/12/invasion-of-privacy-escort/ as discussed in this Topic: https://theotherboard.com/forum/index.php?/topic/41144-what-to-do-when-potential-clients-figure-out-who-you-are-in-real-life/
  12. 411 on kk

    Kitkat https://theotherboard.com/users/133343
  13. enjoying the weather...

    Hesiod mused about the dog days of summer, ... "then goats are plumpest and wine sweetest; women are most wanton, ..."
  14. Cry me a river. 19 in COS. It's gotten to a point where you can almost predict what order they will be posted in.