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  1. Cry me a river. 19 in COS. It's gotten to a point where you can almost predict what order they will be posted in.
  2. The "Poop Knife"

    I would shop around first and find one that comes with a decent App. Like "Places I've Pooped". https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/places-ive-pooped-pin-and-track-in-map/id417926033?mt=8
  3. I'm always horny

    It's probably just the cocktail of PFCs and fire fighting foam that was in the drinking water in Fountain. Nothing to worry about.
  4. The quarterly geography refresher course

    She was at least in the same Metropolitan Statistical Area. In response to a query concerning an ad posted in COS, I received this response: If You Happen, To Make It Out To Aurora.. Call Me,ASAP..Only Here For One Night..Then I'm Heading To Nebraska..To Spend Time W/My Family..
  5. DiGiorno and Wine Selection

    I worked at that Pizza Hut in '75 (I wasted 8 months at CU).
  6. Caucasian, Mixed Race, Hawaiian, ... buy one, get two free.
  7. Reviews and Rules

    Different gals. One review per gal makes sense perhaps. Definitely a good week!
  8. Reviews and Rules

    I recently noticed a male member has 3 reviews approved and posted within a week while TOB Site Rules suggest the following: Review Guideline: One review per 60 days with no more than four per year if there is no change. This should allow a reviewer some latitude on posting to a particular lady.... Four per year seems meager while three per week seems excessive.
  9. Favorite snack

    banana split, anyone?
  10. Clients rating clients

    My grandfather fished the High Sierra in the '30s and 40's and he would almost always lie when asked about the bait he was using, especially if he was having good luck.
  11. Post Your Funnies

    I love garlic
  12. The Dollhouse

    She operated locally out of Teller Co. Not the same woman/white cadillac.
  13. The Dollhouse

    The Dollhouse I was referring to operated out of Teller County. The madam would literally deliver and pickup her YL's in her white cadillac.