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  1. AirBnB vs Motels

    We have used airbnb when traveling many times and most have had some type on video on camera set up just to protect them and their properties. I would not feel comfortable at all as far as meeting someone for a little play time there at all.
  2. Stepping away

    Never had much interaction with you but I enjoyed your posts my not have agreed with them but at least they gave good for thought good luck to you where ever you my journey
  3. Had quite the scare, but I'm back.

    Well welcome back to our little piece of crazy
  4. How to get started without references?

    If you check the reviews you will find ladies who are newbie friendly
  5. Just Dropping by

    Welcome back to the board have fun
  6. Is this a normal screening process

    Well just my opinion but it does seem to be a bit aggressive. Especially sending ID for work or and email from work that could lead to unwanted attention at work. I think a lot would depend on the providers reputation in the hobby and what your research reveals.
  7. Outs Vs Ins

    With family obligations it is much easier to arrange incall to a nice hotel much easier to get a sitter than pack everybody out to a different location.
  8. Do you like chatty clients?

    For those who prefer less talk that's me, but if you like to chat that does does give me some challenges.
  9. Fuck You 2016!!!

    Let's not get carried away with the Cubs but as far as the rest goes that is a for sure.
  10. Can't wait to be the first to send my $ in I just know it will turn out great LOL.
  11. Colorado Springs TOB'ers

    Everyone is entitled to a mistake now and than the important thing is to learn from them and move on. That being said welcome to the board and have fun and enjoy yourself.
  12. A dark cloud in The Force

    Debbie Reynolds gone to now she and Carrie had grown closer over the last few years. Who says that one can't die of a broken heart may god bless them both.
  13. Wishing everyone a safe and sane holiday. My all the blessings be bestowed on you, your friends, and your family.
  14. 18 I can do that by noon why would I limit myself
  15. Submissive vs Passive

    Thank you Lucy BB and I were just on a different track and I agree that a first encounter can be extremely fun but to have someone be fully submissive there has to be trust built over time.
  16. Submissive vs Passive

    BB I agree that passive does bring visions of "beige" . But in a client provider relationship that is probably the best that can be expected unless there has been a trust established between them over a period of time. The key is ....Trust.... and respect for boundaries this usually is only learn over time.
  17. No Married Men Allowed?

    Well as in all things a provider always has the right to see whom ever they choose or choose not to see. Hygiene, attitude, and many other concerns can effect if a provider sees a client if this is her rules so be it. What ever her reason she choose to put this rule in effect it is her right to do it so if it does not fit for you move on.
  18. What are your Christmas traditions?

    We have gotten our family involved in collecting food toys clothing and working with the Salvation Army to locate and help families in need. We feel that our family needs to be aware that the privilege in life they have needs to be shared with those that have not been so lucky in life.
  19. Reviews and price paid

    We try to never ask but if after doing my research I'm still unsure than I just Carry a little extra. You might find that spending time in a ladies company you wish to donate a little something to her collage fund or even a favorite charity of hers.

    I think I would invest in the giant economy size pak of the Duracell from now on. Those cheap batteries are kind of like cheap dates never seem to get the job done lol.
  21. Happy Thanksgiving

    To all have a happy and blessed thanksgiving with friends and family
  22. Death with dignity law

    After a long and sometimes heated discussion with a group of people I'm still on the fence about this. I can understand the urge to not go through the suffering that can be associated with the final days of life in some instances but are we on a slippery slope. You should have a right to end your life in the way you choose but should we make Doctors who have sworn to preserve life, and family members carry the part of the responsibility of this decision. How long will it be before others will start to make the choice for us. Will the elderly who my not be competent to make the decision on their own have it made for them. How many times has a person be given 6 months to live and are still with us do to a new treatment or type of care. I just believe that there are a lot of gray areas and some cracks people could fall into. I'm trying to think my way through this just still undecided.
  23. Folks just don't remember Al Capone

    Trust me anything can be made to "appear" legal if done the right way. I have set up a few "consulting" firms and "service" type businesses. Just get good legal advice and keep some type of denial ability and remember it's all privileged info.
  24. So this happened...

    So what can you say there's crazy on both sides of the hobby As a professional there are 3 rules I try to follow 1. Provide accurate information clearly. 2. Apologies offered if I made the mistake. 3. Never try to put the blame on any client or try to intimidate them. As a provider of any service never burn a bridge to any potential client of your service.