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  1. Newbie question about hotels

    Nothing wrong with hotel pay the front desk no mind if you have to pass them most girls do not host at a private location only girls who live in co ! Other than that everyone else is at a hotel
  2. Mr. Number

    Mr number and hiya Hasn't worked in a wild. I didn't care much until I started getting all these troll calls So do you have to pay now? Or no more reporting spam ?

    Look under female companion
  4. People that waste your time!

    idiots will always be idiots but theres way more good guys than bad
  5. Hello everyone new to the board

    welcome :-*
  6. New to the board and the hobby

    Welcome P411 is great for verifying and Tob is best for pics and reviews
  7. New Girl

    Hey everyone Happy Valentines Days!! 😘😘 thanks for the warm welcome ! BigBaldBlk love that meme ! "The other side" heard it's the best thing around Denver talk to you soon
  8. New Girl

    Hi I'm new to TOB xoxo Lauren