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  1. Is $0 better than $150?

    Since you want to frame an economics question, consider: Is there a scarcity of men willing to pay women (you are a remarkable specimen, no doubt but on this forum, a small minority) or is the willing woman the more dear? If it's the latter, prepare to dig in to pay what the market demands.
  2. Is $0 better than $150?

    Good luck with that attitude. Any lady who sees you coming will probably raise her rates. First, jackwagon, some women prefer more of a relationship than just a handshake with a dick. Second, most care more about themselves than to just collect a small pay. If a woman cares about herself, and all the ones I've met in the hobby certainly do, she wants to present herself well. It may not have occurred to you that it takes just as long to prepare for a 30-minute meeting as it does for 1-hour or longer.
  3. Halloween

    I hope the kiddos appreciate the extra care!
  4. Milking table?

    Full Body Sensual Massage
  5. Milking table?

    Sensory deprivation and other limitations can be very freeing in the experiencing of erotic sensations. I'm was lucky enough to see Ravyn a couple years back. it was an amazing experience. Good luck finding what you're looking for. Be sure to report back!
  6. New challenge for the hobby.....

    I am continuing to prescreen and keep in touch with ladies I know. Where I can I am subscribing to their pay sites so they can keep some cash flow until we can meet up.
  7. Lyft or Uber

    I like Lyft because you can schedule a ride, even days in advance.
  8. AOC / She's Hot, You're not

    My point was that Single payer and the Insurance system we know are both scams masquerading as healthcare. Healthcare is something that happens when a provider helps someone who feels the need for a healer. When anybody in the political elite from any party uses the term "access to healthcare" they are talking about paying someone to hold your money and dole it out as they see fit (after skimming to line their pockets).
  9. AOC / She's Hot, You're not

    Confiscation of wealth to a single entity (or authorized insurance companies in some formulations) that controls the price and provider does not equal healthcare. An abundance of willing healthcare practitioners willing to serve those needing their services does. All talking points and soundbites aside, there is no governmental solution to healthcare.
  10. How do you take your coffee?

    Espresso. Double double. Straight, no chaser. Half caf after lunch.
  11. Spicy or sweet?

    I'm always looking for savory and spicy. I fall victim to sweet more than I care to admit, but I'm definitely a fan of spice. It tends to make me remember what I taste longer (all transfers of metaphor work in my mind).
  12. Recruiting into the hobby sounds too scary to contemplate in today's legal climate. I'm always happy to see new ladies enter the profession and I'm sure there is some networking among girlfriends, but guys recruiting scares the bejeezus out of me.
  13. International day of happiness

    A smile on a lady's face... a connection between our eyes... a warm, tight hug Everything after that is gravy!
  14. New Member, Older Gent

    Expand the listings search section and try different filters. There are plenty of ladies in every category (except the one magical unicorn-only one of those).