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  1. How busy are you????

  2. Guest

    I always enjoyed his posts and insights in reviews. Happy trails. You're a good man.
  3. It's a Business

    I love your attitude, Laci. I am pretty sure the guys who see you as friend also find you on the top of their"must see again soon" list. Your whole brand is attractive.
  4. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    I really appreciate your sharing. I know it sucks. I hope you find some comfort soon.
  5. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    Delicious images
  6. Hey guys?

    ^^^ True words ^^^
  7. Ultimate Fantasy

    The closest I came to this was HS graduation after party where we would take turns with our girl friends in one of the bedrooms. That was 1973 and we were all so young. I might like to try it, but maybe with a smaller group to start with. The only other place I see guys naked is a the locker room at the hot springs
  8. Hey guys?

    Someone's feeling very brave today
  9. Fort Collins sting

    The way I read it, it looked like BP and Craigslist successors.
  10. Fort Collins sting They have some stunning stats about ladies that I think/hope are not representative of those in the TOB community.
  11. Definition of a timewaster

    This thread is a great example of how we can all learn to be more helpful to each other.
  12. What's more valuable: More time or video?

    My opinion: More time experiencing is better than reliving the past. Now that I say that, I laugh to myself as I spend a ton of time writing stories based on my experiences. That said, the writing is it's own new experience.
  13. Am I the only one who wonders....

    I'm a perpetual optimist.
  14. Am I the only one who wonders....

    Since I write a draft outside TOB and paste it into PM for the lady to review first, I have plenty of time and ways to revise before pasting the final into the review form. Just how I do it.
  15. Would you be offended

    I rarely touch the currency after counting it, recounting it and putting it in the envelope well before leaving for the date. Often the envelope sits in the drawer for days before a date. Though money is "dirty" it's in the environment and a few general germs are inevitable along the way. We're all touching porous surfaces all the time. Ever touch a doorknob?