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  1. Traveling Guys

    I use Twitter, Switter (there's a swlisting feature to check location hashtags), and then cross reference to lady's websites and then find the local boards. I have hobbied in Bay Area, Austin and Seattle in the past 2 years when away from home for extended periods.
  2. Anyone else find this interesting?

    There are days when there's just not enough popcorn.
  3. Total hip?

    Probably only need a week before you can lie still and let the magic happen
  4. Time?

    I've been traveling and haven't had 5 minutes to keep up with the forums the past 2 months. Gotta say I haven't missed threads like this. If you don't have a great experience with one lady, don't repeat. If you find yourself getting the heave-ho all the time, check your mirror. This isn't rocket surgery, gents.
  5. Favorite movie?

    Dead Poet's Society, hands down.
  6. Protocol?

    It's never good to cum to early. If someone else already said this and I missed it. Consider this a +1 for the obvious bad pun
  7. Still alive

    Howdy Colorado folks. Just popping in to say I'm still alive and busy as heck traveling to Seattle each week since July. I'm always happy to see the posts and reviews. I'm exploring PNW ladies while assigned up there, so definitely not out of the hobby. Take care and be well. The Broncos won't always suck as they did today. What an embarrassment that game was.
  8. How busy are you????

  9. Guest

    I always enjoyed his posts and insights in reviews. Happy trails. You're a good man.
  10. It's a Business

    I love your attitude, Laci. I am pretty sure the guys who see you as friend also find you on the top of their"must see again soon" list. Your whole brand is attractive.
  11. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    I really appreciate your sharing. I know it sucks. I hope you find some comfort soon.
  12. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    Delicious images
  13. Hey guys?

    ^^^ True words ^^^
  14. Ultimate Fantasy

    The closest I came to this was HS graduation after party where we would take turns with our girl friends in one of the bedrooms. That was 1973 and we were all so young. I might like to try it, but maybe with a smaller group to start with. The only other place I see guys naked is a the locker room at the hot springs
  15. Hey guys?

    Someone's feeling very brave today