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  1. Its a slippery slope, be careful!

    Nothing annoys me more than people who throw rank and status around. I hate seeing "platinum" members being rude to airport and hotel personnel. If you have traveled so much that your loyalty should be recognized, you should have been around long enough to see shit spewed on these people who make things happen. The way this guy treated you betrays him as one who may have joined the board, but isn't really a part of the community. Always take care of yourself first, Miss Fran.
  2. New to TOB

    Welcome. Lovely photos on your profile.
  3. Layna Luxx COS

    That's some amazing packaging!
  4. Face pics

    I love a real smile and smiling eyes. On the opposite side, I'm repulsed by duck lips in selfies.
  5. Let's Talk About Switter

    The thing with any of the boards and sites is getting acquainted. Just like visiting a new city. You ask questions, observe customs, find friends and make your way. With switter, you need to learn a new interface, it's not quite twitter and not quite anything else, but it's not so unfamiliar either. It's got hash tags, so learn how to search for topics that are interesting and see what others do. Find people you recognize and see who they are following and who follows them and see what they post and what they tag. Eventually, your stream will fill with things you find interesting. If you're seeing stuff you don't like, click the ellipsis and mute or block. I tend to mute guys from other parts of the country and posters of dick pics, but I don't block them because I think it's OK if they see my stuff. The moral of the story is, no one is immediately successful in a new community. There's new lingo, unfamiliar customs, but there's something really powerful about being on a site that is tolerant and promotes things we all care about: safety and success for providers, including getting them access to new friends and potential clients.
  6. Advice

    Glad you made it safely. Have fun!
  7. The new protocol?

    Sound advice. My rule, do everything the lady asks and be respectful. Don't try to force it. If things click they click. If they don't it could be for any number of reasons (schedule, distractions, does it matter?) move to the next one on your list. Maybe you'll connect better on another round or maybe your energy is better spent elsewhere. This stuff is more uncommon sense than rocket surgery.
  8. Newbie to TOB

    Hello Miss Z. Welcome!
  9. P411 is now a closed community

    All the more reason for vigilance. We are all probably going to have to find multiple (or secondary) ways to confirm identities.
  10. P411 is now a closed community

    I'm seeing a lot of girl's web domains go open for claiming. Can you imagine what might happen if LE or other unscrupulous types started putting up shells and leveraging recognized URLs to build fraudulent trust. I don't fault anyone for wanting to economize, but those decisions to let domains go, create risks for everyone-hobbyists and providers alike.
  11. Despite the recent legislative catastrophe..

    I agree it proves necessity, but relating the mental image conjured is not my favorite.
  12. 411 on Smokin lil blonde

    Even just getting the Yes/No up on to the review header, perhaps between the reviewer's name and count of their reviews, so you don't have to expand each review would make it easier to get an overview.
  13. Safe Communication

    We should all be aware that googling the handles we use on the board, will expose links back to the messages here. The same is true for tweets (twitter) and toots (switter). I think google crawled ECCIE and some other boards too.
  14. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    It's not so long ago I was new to TOB, well getting on 2 years, but I didn't follow or participate in the forums until recently, so I was even less visible. The guidance to engage is sound. I'm thankful to the ladies who TOFTT and who guided me and let me review them. I never reviewed a lady unless she wanted it and only posted once she was OK with it. Now that we don't have the details, though that obstacle is removed. I'd still let a girl know if I was going to give her anything less than a favorable review in case there's something she may want to consider to make herself better. Honestly, I'd rather just move on than give a negative review since there are so many styles and personal preferences. Chemistry is a thing not to be trifled with, in my opinion.
  15. The wind. Oh man! My outside stuff is blowing all over. 80-pound Weber grill, toppled. Everything else is up against the fence. No point in staging a rescue until this settles down.