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  1. ID Rant

    It has been my experience that all persons have different ways of verifiing seekers. I have only ever required an ID on a two specific occasions. The need for safety and discretion is at an all-time high. So having empathy for the situation is not very difficult. On another note working from home does raise alarming difficulties, I personally wouldn't care to deal with. Out-Call , incall be safe "Know" who or to whom you are tending too. Providers, if verification is an issue move forward with those who will conform to your process. Seekers same bit, if you don't feel comfortable with your sought out provider then seek another whose verification you will comply with.
  2. "Enjoying the taste of Fort Collins"

    The New girl on your block! Scenic mornings and these summer like nights have me compled to enjoy the "Taste of Fort Collins!" Visiting over the course of this summer and I'm excited to see what adventures the city limits hold! Sophia 💋
  3. Hotel or Outcall?

    My personal favorite is outcalls! I feel like it brings an even more appealing side out of a seeker. Honestly, who is not more comfortable in they're own home!? This comfortablity allows a provider to make a better impression and inatially create a better opportunity for returning visits. Now on the other hand, incalls are just as exciting. It just unfortunately comes with a little more ground work and guessing. I always try to accommodate rooms of higher standard for both our comforts. Keeping safety and discretion at #1 priority. I also agree that limiting yourself to outcalls only, is a Gamble. Incalls provide higher volume and for some seekers the only way to fullfil they're unspoken desires. All in all, do what makes you comfortable. Chances are the other person's around you are in the same position, there for a personal place of discretion or undisturbed dwelling. Out-Call, incall "I Stand on the fence"!
  4. One and done or multiple visits?

    Seek and providers alike share the thrill or absurd feelings of meeting new people. Those times when I find myself drowning in a reluctant sea of akwardness, I remind myself there is no need for the strain this seeker specifically sought you out. I rellish in my own self flattery and willingly devour the taste of the day. I guess bottom line from my stand point, it's all about the provider and her willingness to venture into unknown territory. Don't misunderstand me by any means "CHEMISTRY "is always 2/3 of the battle. seekers cannot expect a mind blowing experience without a desire to take your provider along the journey as well..neither of us can read minds or unspoken expectations. Endulge make every experience just as ephoric as the last and then like me you'll allow yourself an ATF in every flavor.💋
  5. "A little goes a long way!"

    "a little goes along way!"This cannot be true be enough. Seekers and providers alike have little or no time to waste. Seekers take the extra time to read ALL the ad or profile info before engaging. Providers take a second to actually verify the requested information, be curtious answer promptly. Seekers as intimidating as it may seem your battle has already been won. Identify yourself and save the foreplay and menu requests for after the introduction. NO ONE likes untimly notifications. Providers and seekers always remember a "little"phone ettiquet never hurt anyone. It makes the pleasure our company so much more inviting. 💋

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