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  1. Sex or Guns?

    I'm assuming that illegal sex is still a possibility(?!?), and that guns being legal are much like today's terms in your hypothetical situation. As opposed to asking me to choose between whether guns are legal vs sex being allowed at all? If this were the case I'd say leave sex illegal, and keep owning guns legal, and we keep our secret boards, well for lack of a better term "Secret". Otherwise, if you're suggesting that no selling/purchasing would take place if I were to choone option 1, I would go with legal sex, and then just illegally buy my firearms, lol!
  2. It was simpler back in 55.....

    Yep, I seen it coming.... told ya! Storm was definitely brewing⛆⛈⛆⛈! Way to activate the conversation board Kaduk! Getting the ladies all riled up, you're naughty!😈⏳🕧⏳🕧⏳🕧💣💥
  3. My,my,my... look at those ropes! Is that a nylon thread?!?
  4. It was simpler back in 55.....

    I see a storm on the horizon...
  5. Dating while in the business...

    Substance... tangibility! What's real, and what's not! I dig you!
  6. Porn Stars from Colorado

    Definitely adding that one to the bank!
  7. Warning - "Snow" or "Jamie" or "Gemma"

    Completely relieved to know nothing more serious happened. Glad you are safe bro! Lessons learned, but luckily you live to tell the tale. If she needed it that badly let her have it, karma repays us all for the wrongs we commit.
  8. Dating while in the business...

    I mean I agree, nothing wrong with playing the field, but what about when they are wanting that one meaningful relationship with just one?
  9. Dating while in the business...

    Love the Ghostbusters analogy though, sincerely! If you figure out a way to throw some Thundercats in there I might just fall in love! I'm just sayin' 😍😍😍😙
  10. Dating while in the business...

    I guess my question really more so surrounded is it difficult to find a partner that understands your worklife, or like do most women just choose not to date until they retire?
  11. This insane weather

    I pretty much stay in booty shorts and sports bra all year long, I think all the extra hair I've grown insulates me against the cold. Lol 🐒🐏🐻
  12. Porn Stars from Colorado

    Very interesting info, I didn't see anyone in there familiar to my US Bank of Spank. I will have to research this some more.
  13. New to TOB and new to Colorado!

    Welcome to the board, hope to see you around!
  14. Avoiding Entrapment

    Damn... and then the rain clouds rolled out! Thanks for the advice, lol! No certainty in this business is there. Seeing a lady is like the stock market, highs and lows galore.
  15. Avoiding Entrapment

    Damn... and then the rain clouds rolled out! Thanks for the advice, lol! No certainty in this business is there. Seeing a lady is like the stock market, highs and lows galore.
  16. Is it just me or...?

    "Naw baby, I asked how many balloons to the center of your tootsie pop!" Lol, roses, kisses, and hugs! What's next? 😂😎
  17. Questions before meeting...

    With a lady of your caliber, possibly, but my dominant side tends to kick in, and then I want to "put in work" so to speak.
  18. So I've had issues for years addressing certain concerns for request before I arrived at a providers incall, only to arrive to be told certain items were not on menu. If a provider has reviews sometimes you can piece-meal something together from there, but what can be done in the instance that there are no reviews? Is there a tactful way to address these things without having to drive half across town to only be disappointed is my question... "open minded" apparently doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. Lol
  19. Avoiding Entrapment

    I once knew a kid who tried a dub sack of LG, using a 1 dollar bill, with the cut off end of a twenty dollar bill taped to the end of it. Needless to say the dealer once he realized he had been burned was very angry. I think what basically passed the the money off was the way he Palmer the bill at first and then just handed it off.
  20. Pictures

    We love, that you love, taking the pictures! Yes we do... haha! 😍
  21. High John!

    That is an impressive history lesson Candi! Thank you for sharing! I thought I was doing it big with crystals, and sage! Learn something new every day!
  22. Reviews rejected
  23. New here!!

    Hello Ms. Lady...Welcome to the board!
  24. Avoiding Entrapment

    Busted would most definitely be the end of some people's worlds. They photograph Johns and post the picture on the TV, I don't know anyone who needs that sort of publicity.