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  1. Atlanta based saying hi!

  2. How old are you guys?

  3. How old are you guys?

    The hobby itself knows no age limits, other than those imposed by law. Realistically, you could say young guys shouldnt have a hard time meeting women, but there are always other reasons for the hobbyist. Discretion, pursuit of something non-committal, etc. I disagree with the OP being abnormal for being here, sexually curious and brave enough to chase his desires, maybe; but i would never say odd. Im in my early thirties, I've been an admirer of this site, as well as the ladies and gents who frequent this board since my early to mid twenties, and have always wished to have conquest of my own to review, and share my experiences about here on this site. Have met some awesome people. I regret nothing!
  4. I guess I wondered if that was an issue, guys getting clingy and then causing issues because of it. I guess that could just as easily happen at am incall as it could someones personal home.
  5. Bit I can't agree more, most women I've actually seen I've been fans of for some time. I sit back and watch their ads and history for a while to get a decent feel for how they conduct business, and then I make moves. However, several years is quite some time. Id be afraid the lady might have retired by then.
  6. In my recent searches I've found that a lot of women no longer offer incall, or they do, but push outcalls very strongly. If they do offer incalls its almost always at a hotel, or motel, very rarely an appartment or home anymore. I guess im wondering are more ladies just utilizing hotels, and motels for business purposes, and then living elsewhere, or are a lot of these ladies residing long term in the hotels? Im very skeptical of hotels/motels anymore. Too much going on, and to worry about! Fellas, how do you feel about incall, and having a provider you've possibly not met before over to your house? Any do's or dont's? The convenience of having someone over to my house is appealing, but then I start to see the possibility of all the things that can go south, and I chose to pass.
  7. Reviews

    I agree with Steve, if the provider is a "no show" how can I be expected to provide particulars with regard to the woman's phsyique or attriubutes, hair color, etc? Im hoping to see that updated the next go around.
  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎 classic "professional" response! Im weak!
  9. Weather related

    Love private residence incalls, hotels and motels slightly creep me out, doesn't matter the weather. Bad weather however definitely makes you wanna stick close to home. Driving halfway across town through traffic and bad weather for a possible hit or miss encounter is never at the top of my priorities, for me at least.
  10. New photos

    Interestingly enough, Ive met providers who because I was new to them were very apprehensive at first, i.e. not their normal selves. However, shortly after arriving and becoming comfortable with one another they became favs easily.
  11. New photos

    So strange that you touched on this... I've actually studied providers for a bit before going to see them, making sure photos are consistent, and hopefully accurate for what I'm looking for! I will even usually check a lady out for some time before deciding to dive in. Sometimes, it just requires a photo from that perfect angle to make you say enough is enough... All in! I find some angles, some lingerie, and other issues can lead to less than flattering views. I prefer a good mixture of the two, I want to see flaws, and dont expect perfection. I just want to see that what i desire most is there as well. "CURVES!!!!"
  12. I'm baaack!

    Nice profile Cece... ! Lovely ladies you've got there. 😆😉
  13. Christmas lingerie " Green Scottish looking ?

    I gotchu Sam... "Its my D*** in a Box!"
  14. Hello Denver

    Hi Crystal! Good luck with your move, and please keep us updated! BLB
  15. Election Day Anxiety

    Lucy, as usual thank you for the information. Such a beautiful mind you've got there. I do feel these are important issues, and hopefully PP is the last thing on the list behind some very important topics let's hope he addresses first. Thanks , BLB