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  1. Favorite Christmas Carol

    been a while since i posted but some of my fav xmas carols are: god rest ye merry gentleman joy to the world silent night and not exactly a carol but who cannot appreciate
  2. how about some aftercare...?

    omg i get it! my ex, who was into BSDM as a sub, really relied on the "aftercare" when she was "in flight". It made the experience for her much more comforting after the fun to have me hold and lightly caress her, speak softly to her till she was back in the world...
  3. What is your Zodiac Sign ?

    i am, truely, a classic fit the description to a "T"
  4. Weather

    Hello Steamboat! I'll be on the lifts after xmas...from time to time.
  5. What is the farthest you have every gone?

    Las Vegas, but i admit i flew. I was exhausted after! LMAO.
  6. FBSM or Tantric

    hey i don't post much anymore but this tripped my post trigger... I've never had a tantric experience...seems interesting but maybe not for me, others can way in on this. However, FBSM is something special when done right. I see it as all about me being able to relax and receive. The lady i see for FBSM is my ATF without a doubt. She provides an unbelievable experience...highly erotic and about as close as you can get to GFE without the VIP part. I enjoy the full GFE but with is really a different experience of just relaxing and receiving attention. I guess it is just me as it takes the pressure off of performance with a partner so i can really just relax and be in the moment without worrying "am i doing it right and is she enjoying my attention"? That's all i have to say about that...
  7. Am I asking too much?

    hey, dude, take the pill and enjoy life. have your not heard of "better living thru chemistry?" from my experience...once you have a live, willing, gorgeous naked lady in bed with you, the fact that you have the pill going will fade into the background. your confidence in your, ahem, manliness will rise to the to speak. enjoy life... Winston
  8. Hey fish in dude

    he kinda dropped off the radar, didn't he? Hopefully someone knows what's going on with him? maybe the white whale pulled him under?
  9. Hello! Is this thing on?

    I visit every day or so, just stopped posting for some undetermined reason. When visiting, I look at the forums, reviews and listings. just don't feel much like posting anymore... I'm somewhat active...
  10. Christmas Crack

    LOL oh yeah...been there, done that...
  11. Christmas Crack

    omg i read this and thought hmmm... I have to lift myself up by the bootstraps out of the gutter!
  12. Need a hand getting back in the saddle

    this! read now understand later...I promise she does not lead you astray...
  13. Favorite holiday song

    hands down...Eartha Kitt...great voice, she was a cutie...gone but not forgotten.
  14. Caught Self-Reviewing Multiple Times

    or maybe a self review hall of fame page? edited to add: or hall of shame page? lol