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  1. What's up Vegas ?

    Still here; it's gonna take more than some shady legislation to get rid of me
  2. Ladies!! Why is this month slow?

    Busier than usual here, but I'm in Vegas. I would imagine that proximity to the holidays would account for the lesser business; guys gotta save money for gifts and such.
  3. Black or white?

    I need to know what we're talking about before I can answer the question
  4. Plus size

    There are plenty of providers that have love for the + size ladies, [Snip}
  5. Whatever the rate is when someone schedules their appt with me, is the rate I expect to be paid. Pulling a rate switcharoo on someone once they are already in front of you is super unprofessional, IMO.
  6. Don't lie about your age!

    Lying about my age? Aint nobody got time for that! LOL I'm 36 and have never considered being dishonest about my age. It's just a number and I can't be bothered trying to keep the lie straight year after year. I understand why ladies do it, but I think it's lame.
  7. Couples Escort in Las Vegas

    Thank you so much for recommending me; you're too sweet. [snip} Best of luck finding the perfect lady for your menage a trois
  8. -How to be safe & blend with the locals in a new city/state -Other providers don't always share your feeling of sisterhood -Clients are not your friends, even when they're friendly -Your safety is your responsibility -Having healthy boundaries with clients is necessary to happiness -Never give a discount in the hopes of snagging a regular -Nothing that happens in the P4P world is private; people talk -It's possible to have a long, successful career in sex work if you take care of yourself & don't do things that go against your own self-interests
  9. Trip to Vegas

    Look HERE and hope you have an awesome time here!
  10. Ladies...ever been "stiffed"!?

    Getting the money upfront & counting it prevents it. New clients, regulars, Jesus, whoever. The protocol never changes. To each her own, but I'm not going to wait til the end of the date to find out that the guy didn't pay the correct amount. Only once ever did a guy attempt to short me. He'd booked 2 hrs, but only laid out enough for 1 hour. I counted it three times, then brought it to his attention. He said, he thought we'd just start with an hour. Um, nope. I told him he'd booked 2 hrs and was paying for 2 hrs. Also informed him that playing with my money is a very bad idea, and makes him appear untrustworthy. I asked him to tell me why I shouldn't leave right then with all of the money. We worked it out and I felt that there was no risk to my safety, so I stayed. He'd wanted a very particular service that I offer and I refused to provide it because of how he tried to play me. I'm not the one to pull that crap with, believe that. LOL
  11. There has definitely been a resurgence in the wearing of beards of varying lengths. I have a beard fetish. LOL IMO, they make a hot guy even hotter & an average guy hot. I agree with previous posters that television shows have contributed heavily to this. Hipsters are doing it, religious guys are doing it, even rap artists are doing it. Bring on the beards!
  12. Wife's 1st Time This Weekend

    I sent you a PM here
  13. P411 Vegas | TER Vegas Ads
  14. Anal

    Why would I be talking about civvies? Seeing as this is a P4P board and the OP inquired about providers offering Greek, I was referring to ladies of pleasure who enjoy it. Civvie women are a non-factor in regards to his question.
  15. Anal

    Beginner's Guide To Awesome Anal Sex Greek is amazing and you should have no problem finding a lady that enjoys it