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  1. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    Oh miss Justina Carter too. I loved her tattoos.
  2. 411 on melisahot

    Was she at least attractive? That is a step donation.
  3. 411 DenverBabeNicole BANNED

    Those pictures where used on another profile that got banned and mark fake last month or the month before if my memory serves me right
  4. 411 on SamanthaSex-FAKE

    I was wondering the same thing, I contacted her, and after I asked if she had any reviews I got ghosted and haven't heard anything back
  5. Busted by LE

    Beware I think I all most got catch today. She was very pushy and asking a lot of questions and what are reviews and you get them, I said internet. lots of red flags went up when I got there. When she ask why I am not answering her questions I said they sound like intrampment then I was asked to get dressed and leave and on my way out that everything was being video and recorded and I might get a call I fell I dodge a bullet.
  6. Thank you for paying attention!

    Okay I see where you are coming on this, but I when I call I have done my research and after setting up the time frame and all that I still would would like to ask so that I make sure I have the correct amount before I even show up its my way of being respectful in case I saw a special that you weren't running any more.