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  1. Why would you even want to shave that velvetty goodness? Even if you aren't really in to bush like some of us, Asian muff is in a class of its own and is fine, soft, and doesn't grow wild like it might on other ladies.
  2. 411 on Smokin lil blonde

    What happened to all of her reviews?
  3. Am I wrong??

    For reasons I don't comprehend a lot of guys will become obsessed if you ghost them, unsure if you didn't receive their messages or if you are straight up rejecting them. Rejection like that combined with whatever real life circumstances drove them to the hobby can be more than some dudes can handle. Ghosting them at least leaves them with some frustrated hope that if they blast every method of contact one of them will eventually work. I'd say Laci is spot on with how to handle this. Be polite and succinct and let them know you don't think its a good fit. If they can't take the hint just block them after that.
  4. Second chance?

    Unfortunately all the things ladies bitch about us doing some of them have no problem doing themselves. I would only see her if she offered (of her own volition, not your suggestion) some kind of make up session, i.e. an extra hour or reduced price. If you're like me it isn't about the money, but rather the indication of self-awarenessness and TCB skills to indicate she doesn't take my time for granted. But I wouldn't hold your breath and most guys here will never mention bad TCB in their reviews of an established lady. If you need reliable TCB I can personally recommend Laci French or Lisa Logan. I am sure there are others but these two I can vouch for.
  5. A True Blue Local Agency???

    FYI A+ Bunnies is no more.
  6. I agreed to pick her up

    I had a spicy breakfast burrito on Tuesday. Smothered with green chili.
  7. I agreed to pick her up

    It sounds like you were quite reasonable and when things went south you handled it well, but you definitely should have negotiated the extra playtime or reduced outcall charge beforehand. Once she was in the car she was a captive audience so to speak so I can also understand why she got mad or nervous at such a Trump tactic.
  8. Hello

    Yes, indeed! Finally some 'bush league' talent in Denver!
  9. I wish there was a way ...

    I am not a provider and can't refute your experiences but most of my appointments are 3+ hours and half are overnights with ladies I am meeting for the first time. In fact I'm wondering what sports car I could have purchased with the funds I dropped in the last two years alone! So we're not all bad! I also greatly value my anonymity and have never paid a deposit. Unless you are very well established, and I could somehow send the deposit through P411, I'd pass and we'd both end up losing out. Sorry to hear that any of you are getting jerked around.
  10. I wish there was a way ...

    His loss. You are gorgeous and have such a pretty smile!
  11. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    In my younger days I used to do incall pretty much all the time as it was easier and more straight forward. However as I've gotten older and started doing longer appointments I began to prefer outcall for the reasons you cited. Between nosy neighbors and front desk staff I get a bit nervous these days going to a private neighborhood I don't know or to a new hotel. That's what I loved about seeing Lisa Logan, she thoughtfully texted me all the lobby details so I could walk in with confidence and go straight to the elevator like I owned the place. Otherwise I have a real nice place I like for outcall and I am much more relaxed in a familiar environment.
  12. Shower and GFE

    I have an outcall location that has giant tubs and showers. I also tend to do a lot of overnights so take it with a grain of salt. I also love mutually soapy shower time and for me this is much easier to achieve in the morning and depends on how well the session went or if it is a repeat session. It all comes down to comfort level and that is hard to achieve at the beginning of your very first session. Hopefully you'll get some PMs otherwise I'd recommend cultivating a rapport with a solid GFE provider across several sessions and once you click politely invite her to join you in the shower. If you can afford it try a multi-hour or even overnight session she has time to do her hair afterwards.
  13. Creampie part Deux

    ...must...resist...urge...to make...mom...joke
  14. creampie

    Maybe if you have Peter North level intensity combined with excellent aim?
  15. DNR list

    At one time there used to be a list of providers that did not want reviews. I can no longer find this nor does searching the database for "does not want reviews" list anything. Can someone please point me at the new location for the list if it still exists?