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  1. Chicken little

    I am really starting to wonder which you actually has the vagina. Let it go, man,
  2. Favorite in Session?

    I like to watch my punani poker rise to "We are the Champions" by Queen. It looks so stoic and regal.
  3. TER down

    I believe that TER is owned and maintained in the Netherlands, is it not? So not likely, although not impossible judging by the Kim Dotcom affair.
  4. TER down

    This has been a frequent occurrence as they upgrade the site. However this is getting a bit ridiculous.
  5. Etiquette rant

    Do not ever travel to Texas.
  6. No Honor or Integrity???? You be the judge

    Sorry, I misplaced my ASP decoder ring that allows me to decode rants in streams of consciousness.
  7. Etiquette rant

    I am not paying $350 to find out only too late that you require translated french. Most ladies aren't known for their refund policies. If I am going to go through the time and effort of screening I want to be sure I know what I am getting into, and lately the reviews here have been so vague that they're useless. Obviously one should never be explicit, but there is a hobby vocabulary that we all know. But some ladies get upset when I use the word French in a PM.
  8. No Honor or Integrity???? You be the judge

    C'mon guys let's not try and defuse the situation. I'd like to see where this goes.
  9. Video recording a session? Who provides that?

    Lindzey Legend just moved here from TX and offers this service. Here's her profile. I have not seen her myself but she is very well reviewed on the TX board. https://theotherboard.com/users/113364
  10. When a newbie client is shady.....

    Maybe he had a laptop and ducked into a coffee shop to make contact and avoid a NCNS strike on his record?
  11. Has anyone seen Alley K?

    No, she's a redhead. And spinning her might be tough because she has some mammoth MMs IIRC. She'd wobble like a top!
  12. Has anyone seen Alley K?

    It has been about five years since I last saw the redhead firecracker known as Alley K aka Alley Kat. She had as kid and went UTR for awhile, then briefly resurfaced a couple years ago only to disappear again. Anyone have the 411 on this lady? I would love to see her again. If she has truly retired I wish her the best. She was a great gal!
  13. When a newbie client is shady.....

    There are plenty of legitimate reasons why he may have switched to PM, but if it leaves enough doubt in your mind that you feel uncomfortable then walk away. Always trust your instincts. Also, if he has reviews why doesn't he have references from the ladies he has seen previously?
  14. Taming it down.

    Glad to see that the crowd is as welcoming as ever. To the OP: just do your research on the various sites, and you may want to see Ameera Cakes if her screening isn't too intense for you. I can't remember her name but there was a provider on the north side of Denver that provided FBSM with GFE.
  15. Had quite the scare, but I'm back.

    Glad all is well, welcome back!