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  1. DNR list

    At one time there used to be a list of providers that did not want reviews. I can no longer find this nor does searching the database for "does not want reviews" list anything. Can someone please point me at the new location for the list if it still exists?
  2. Why don't providers work out?

    As long as I'm the one bringing the benjamins I'm not sure how this really matters. I prefer to look nice and good hygiene is a must but this isn't eHarmony.
  3. Why don't providers work out?

    Not saying there aren't, but the ratios definitely skew towards one direction here. And arguing that TOB reviews are a useful tool for separating the wheat from the chaff is like saying a rusty teaspoon makes for a close shave.
  4. Why don't providers work out?

    Denver is indeed a dream location for those seeking the company of a BBW.
  5. Young Newbie Searching

    I'd proudly invest in #UberPussy! When is the IPO?
  6. Young Newbie Searching

  7. Young Newbie Searching

    Can we just make one of the stupid threads a sticky already?
  8. ISO DTC

    LOL at first glance I thought he was looking for Boston Condoms!

    I'm also getting a noticeable increase in PMs on the boards asking for recommendations, 411s, and generally seeking a curated experience. There seems to be an influx of tourists this year and none of them seem to be able to do their own research. I'm learning that it is OK to just ignore and delete those. I imagine that it must be tenfold for ladies such as yourselves. While it could be argued that these are not full time hobbyists and may not know any better any one that finds their way to TOB, gets a feel for the pulse of the community, and reads your ads and profiles should definitely understand that your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate is not a valid reference!
  10. Playlists for Sessions

    No session playlist is complete if it doesn't include "The Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang. Should also include 20 Fingers' "Lick It".
  11. Visiting Texans

    Also, as to whether the OP was complaining about rates, I still disagree. On average their rates are lower. He merely stated a simple fact. It may be a fact many don't want to hear but a considerable fact nonetheless. Perhaps it can be argued that the lower rates come at the price of higher volume, poorer service, poorer TCB, etc. I don't believe that is true but otherwise is your counter argument only that Denver ladies are 'better' just because they are local? In the end however rates are the least important factor for me. Reliable TCB and accurate expectations on appearance and performance matters so much more.
  12. Visiting Texans

    Do I think that Texan gals are better people? Of course not. Do I think that they are better providers? Too subjective and too variable to say. Have I had better experiences with Texas ladies? Absolutely. Infer from that what you will.
  13. Visiting Texans

    I don't believe that I have ever said that Texas ladies are better, but general I've had better experiences for a whole variety of important reasons. None of those reasons have anything to do with money as I usually end up paying the same amount for overnight sessions as I would for a local provider. I know there is a cabal here and that among them the reputation of the local provider clique is sacrosanct. Others may be feeling pressure on their bottom line. Regardless I am not here to insult the local ladies in any way. Rather I am just offering my opinion and perspective pertaining to the topic of this thread. Some here may find it informative. Others may find it offensive. To that latter I offer my apologies as it is not my intent to offend. IJS.
  14. Visiting Texans

    No, he merely mentioned prices, he didn't create an entire thread to rant about it. It isn't an unreasonable consideration given the topic of the thread.
  15. Visiting Texans

    I completely disagree, but WALDT. My recent experiences with girls like Rosalyn and Jane Smith exceed anything I've ever experienced locally.