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  1. LOL I wasn't faulting you for it hun, I just hated the narration. Like on a visceral to my core track down the guy who made the video and give him a wedgie sort of level! You might think it silly now but the feud was post-911 and kind of hallmarked the divide that would grow into what we have today. Elon can't get us to Mars fast enough if you ask me.
  2. I knew about the feud but after watching that video I know less. Sorry but that was terrible.
  3. I hope this causes another feud with Toby Keith.
  4. America Is Not So Great

    I'm just going to write-in Laci French... with 2Big as her veep. Who's with me?
  5. BOOBS! I need them!

    I can't really answer your question directly, but I think that you're already gorgeous and absolutely perfect just the way you are!
  6. Less than honest reviews.

    First, I'm no paypig. Second, you clearly haven't seen the rates on P411 and Twitter being posted lately. Finally, why so salty? You always take things so personally on behalf of the ladies almost like a mandle. If you think that there is no such thing as review retaliation may I show you a bridge I have for sale?
  7. Less than honest reviews.

    All activities were performed with enthusiasm. Treat her well! What more does anyone need? Why would anyone need to know what she looks like or have any insight onto what kind of session to expect? A proper gentleman will pay the $600/hr she demands, with at least half deposited upfront like a good little paypig. TOB reviews in general are good for one thing, and one thing only: depending on the number of reviews, and who is doing the reviewing, you can probably assume the lady is legit. Few guys will say anything else for fear of LE or the spiteful wrath of the ladies. Otherwise anything else is all YMMV unless you PM one of the reviewers for the real details and hope he responds.
  8. Should we have discounts for Dinner

    If you aren't willing to pay $300-$500/hr (or more) to watch a lady eat a free meal then you must be a lowballing cheapskate loser according to the puss posse on Twitter.
  9. One nice thing

    I think you meant to say: THANKS FOR THE MAMMARIES!
  10. One nice thing

    I want to thank a certain lady for being a hobby mama to all of us, patiently showing newcomers the ropes while expecting nothing in return, and helping to keep this lil' community together. The things you taught me have saved me a lot of headaches if not outright disaster.
  11. Jane Smith

    Jane was the one that I could have easily fallen for if I wasn't such a cold, jaded old bastard. Whatever caused her sudden departure I hope she landed on her feet.
  12. Summer penis

    With summer penis comes sweaty balls. Shower before or at the session guys. I've been hearing too many horror stories from ladies of swamp ass and stinky yambags.
  13. Looking for “Au Naturale”

    Ophelia Moreau. She is all natural but feminine in her appearance. I've seen her and she's marvelous.
  14. A lot of this kind of shit goes on especially in OK. Most of us gents hate it and it is a quick route to the DNS list. I enjoy meeting all the ladies I meet on a personal level, but I choose to hobby to steer CLEAR of drama and I certainly am free to see anyone I please. Once a woman starts playing silly games out of greed, jealousy and fake hurt feelings I stop seeing them. This level of cattiness is like cutting off one's nose to spite their face but some gals are just catty. It is bad business for all involved.