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  1. Skip the games

    I just tried to make an add-on skip the games. I’ve never advertised with them before this ought to be interesting. My ad with Erotic monkeys down.. I have sent a few emails to them but there’s no response? Those darn monkeys.! lol😂😂
  2. Best Restaurants in Denver

    Sim’s Landing sorry I typed that wrong! I really enjoy that place and at one time I had a a client who insisted on eating there. I would enjoy meeting you! If you can swing it? Another favorite 240 union. Both are my favorite places in lakewood area and both are upscale semi formal. Elegance . You can get away with jeans but if you want to dress prom style? Why not! 😂
  3. Best Restaurants in Denver

    Sin’s Landing if you want fancy elegance! You can watch the air plains land at DIA on Clear day or night! The food is to die for also! I hope you are enjoying your Denver visit!
  4. Skip the games

    welcome back @lakerboy24 i hope you find what you’re after!
  5. What’s your favorite outfits for your provider to wear?

    i saw this pretty very sexy triangle bra with butterflies on each boob! i might buy that to wear with a blue scarf skirt! 🦋🦋 i thought that might be fun to wear!
  6. new to tob Finally got on TOB

    Enjoy your trip and your time here in Denver!
  7. New to TOB and Denver

    Welcome in enjoy your visit!
  8. New Bombshell Here

    I talked about this same subject with some of my friends earlier. We talkabout how it’s important it is that women support other women and I don’t care what industry you’re in. I will say this to all the ladies not one of us are in competition with each other. We’re just all different and beautiful in our own way and ladies never sell yourself short. We are all worth more than money and we are all, have many talents! A few of us, ladies think this way and na it not just me that feels this way in the industry. We wish we could support each other more so! Sorry, @VipXGigi for directing attention away from you for a bit. Back again to you! Again best of luck make lots of money!
  9. New Bombshell Here

    But I love, the fact that she owns her own boobs!
  10. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    I had something written up last night, and I think I deleted it. Just give me a few more thoughts on what’s going on from my perspective.. tax season as well as insurance premiums and co-pays I know those are getting out of control. they’re always owed around tax season aiso. I don’t know how many people know this, but Colorado is the most expensive inter-coastal city in the US! Honestly, that alone sucks. Most of my family lives here in Denver so I am here also..I feel like I’ve seen so many changes.I wonder how my kids are gonna make it?then again, we just have to roll with it, right? There’s a big expense with moving and I hate packing stuff up! I’ll stick around a little bit longer.By the way, I’m selling my glassware collection. If anyone’s interested in high-end glassware. (Fenton, Jefferson, Duggan, Viking,) ? Hell yes, I have a lot of glassware. I promise I’m not promoting myself.This is just something I need to do to make living and pay my bills.. back
  11. Question to the ladies regarding showers

    You’re hysterical!!!!😂😂😂😂
  12. Need some GFE. Single + Virgin @26 :(

    @Western ~P cracks me up all the time too @Audrey Astor! I am so happy she came back again!!!😂😂😂❤️
  13. New Bombshell Here

    Welcome in I hope you enjoy your stay in Denver! Most ladies stay in DTC
  14. Question to the ladies regarding showers

    I have a beautiful walk-in shower that everyone can use before they meet with me if you cannot shower before arrival. As stated earlier, baby wipes are for the first initial clean up to remove the goop. After that, please feel free to use my walk-in shower, or I will get a washcloth that is damp warm.
  15. Capital Peak

    That’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!!🏆
  16. Welcome :)

    Welcome back again enjoy your stay!
  17. What’s your favorite outfits for your provider to wear?

    Thigh highs W/matching bra and panties and kitten heels light robe as companion you will see me wearing. I think we answered this question before
  18. Condoms

    You get what you pay for in life. Everyone who is experienced knows you need to plump it up first! 😉
  19. Need some GFE. Single + Virgin @26 :(

    Pop in fresh, @1:49 am lol good luck! We all tried to help you out and you abandoned us?! 🤣
  20. Introduction

    Welcome in!
  21. Suggestions about verifications!!!

    Sorry, you are having difficulties. I am always open communication. I can’t answer for most of the ladies? If my name is ever used as for a reference? Please have the guy contact me first before contact me. I feel this process makes for helping to know which individual I am needing to verify. I once got the wrong guy , Yes that was embarrassing for me! And please note I will also verify the Companion too especially if I’ve never heard of your name,.I have never made anyone on purpose wait on my part for very long. However , sometimes crazy stuff happens like forgetting my phone. I did yesterday when I had a family engagement up in Arvada. and I was fortunate not to have anyone waiting for a reference! Whew!!!! Please understand we all are busy and sometimes sick too. Not everyone is reference friendly, and you will need to accept those ladies also and their unwillingness to share info with you. It is an independent business and They have their own reasoning and that is what it is. It is not an easy business for sure! Go with your gut and intuition if you have no reply or no means of verifying someone. I wish you the best! clients also need to be respectful to please
  22. Need some GFE. Single + Virgin @26 :(

    Not too many ladies are available at 1:49 am? Sorry try 1:49 pm maybe?
  23. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    Not much in the way I disposable income and then we had COVID-19 that is lingering. Also, after January comes tax season. Someone told me that we’re living in a new financial depression and this depression is worse than the 1930s.. I really don’t know what to think about that?I am doing everything possible to stay positive in my life. I hope everybody else is too! Was laughing, because I could start my own soup kitchen. I made tons of beef vegetable soup the other day in my Instapot. My freezer is full of containers of soup.
  24. We do have “ debates” but not always political. Not sure what happened to this guy? I sure hope he is ok? Life is interesting!