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    Happy Veterans Day! It’s an honor as a Provider to serve those who serve(d). You’ll always have a special with me 🫶🏾 XxKae Marie
  2. TOB VS. Other Sites

    Some trolls just like trolling without recourse 🤷🏾‍♀️ & have 0 true plan for spending quality time with us nor compensating us for that time and attention. F*ck’em 🙃 It keeps us grateful and looking forward to our time with our real clients that much more. Block & report if it’s a serious enough offense to you but don’t let them kill your vibe. We’re the providers for a reason 😉 Welcome, good luck, & keep it fun! XxKae Marie
  3. What? Hmm??

    Screening is as much for providers as it is for clients. We are both getting a taste of what time spent together could be like beyond the initial fantasy of our ads. Approaching each other as we would like things to go is a great start and keeping the Golden Rule in your pocket never hurts. We all find our matches in the end so let’s keep the search and inquiry on the tracks towards the good times we come together looking for. XxKae Marie
  4. You Only Live Once

    I have not dove back personally but my personality this round tells me a lot. 😄 I always say my soul must just take notes each round for me to be me.
  5. You Only Live Once

    It all depends on where your beliefs of life and death stop. If you believe you only live once then you’ll only ever recall this one lifetime. If you believe in only one death you’ll only focus on this one. However, if your beliefs go beyond this lifetime, this plane of existence, this timeline, you know the only limits of thought are the ones you place on yourself. Past life regressions and exploration goes back to the beginning of everything and all pieces of you have the ability of that recall. How big are. you trying to live your existence? 😉 XxKae Marie
  6. Did you know...

    In the beginning I was very interested in receiving reviews to become established in the eyes of clients. Once I had them I didn’t think about them much anymore. I enjoy P411s Okays. A nice streamlined hybrid of a character limited review and an Okay could be nice! 🤔 Who makes that happen? 😄 XxKae Marie
  7. Back in Denver

    Welcome back! XxKae Marie
  8. I’m back guys :)

    Hi Adriana. Welcome back! As a fellow provider that’s hopped back into the hobby recently, I hope your transition back is smooth and fully booked 🫶🏾 XxKae Marie
  9. Happy Juneteenth!

    Happy Juneteenth to everyone who personally celebrates as well as to those that get to observe the day of! I hope the long weekend is the cherry on top to end your Father’s Day weekend to those that celebrate it as well! Yay for summer! See you soon 😘 Let the festivities begin! 🫶🏾 XxKae Marie
  10. Gratitude

    Love all these replies. I knew I couldn’t be the only one having such a good time here. Glad so many of you can relate! That’s what we’re here for 🫶🏾
  11. Gratitude

    Thank you to the clients that treat us providers like priceless art. Your kindness and unwavering commitment to making serving you so worth it is recognized and appreciated. The respect that comes with your eagerness to engage with us is valued. Our connections are divine. Grateful for you all. XxKae Marie
  12. Go Nuggets 2023

    Congrats to all you Colorado natives and the honoraries 😉 Yay Nuggets! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  13. Is Tryst taking over?

    Being back I’m learning so much from these types of convos. Please keep them coming 👏🏾👏🏾 XxKae Marie
  14. Ladies aways beware of scammers.

    My mistake! Please do!
  15. Thank you so much. The biggest upgrade was my mindset and using my knowledge of social sciences on myself. Doing more self guided research outside of the institutional information I received through higher education led me to more philosophical ways of being and ways to see the world. Going beyond the textbooks ya know? The C19 shutdown had a lot to do with it. I used the time to self evaluate what I genuinely want out of life vs what I was told and conditioned to want and that was huge and gave me a lot of courage to throw out old dusty beliefs that kept me in that confined space society says is “ideal” even though when I looked out the people I saw were just maintaining their misery. Where I want to go, who I want to be, the company I want to keep and how I keep them shifted once I was able to see beyond the bubble societal norms kept me in. It elevated the relationships I already had and makes making new relationships more meaningful for myself. Also realizing that my inner child is actually the precursor to my higher self I was trying to be lifted a lot of those weights I was carrying so that I could let my playful side lead. It all took time and the transition wasn’t always “fun” but I love what I’m doing and where I’m excited to head next. The world is big and I’m thrilled to be growing in order to be the best version of me to to meet it. Please excuse the novel 😄 but yeah…it was all mindset.