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  1. Screening…..

    SCREENING is how I PAN FOR GOLD SO never.....//////BEEN MUCH OF A BRAIN for ME!!!!!!
  2. Boyfriends

    STEVIA-EOR.....that resembles so MUCH what happened to ME! I pulled into a familiar place because I was ready to place my NEEDS.....and as I'm coming around I see a guy LOOKING all haggled and wishing he was somewhere ELSE! ME!!!!!......I lay down what was NEEDED and then move forward to the next POSITION where I was told I needed to WAIT AT ANOTHER SPOT!!!!!>>>>>>.......I SAID THE SKUNKIOR DON'T THROW DOWN THAT WAY and made a QUICK 360 and HEADED OUT!!!!??????!!!!!!******As I'm TOOLING AWAY I see that same guy coming back out still looking ALL SAD and DEJECTED!!!!*****I CHUCKLED TO MYSELF realizing that I HIT EM WITH DOUBLE PAN and then FALL IN A HEAP on the other SIDE!!!!!!
  3. RIP Louis Gossett Jr

    LGJr……Jaws 3D and The DEEP…….dudes would take my BEST CHUTES AND LADDERS SKILL and I would just mutter YOU AINT GOT THE ROLL but they didn’t know how to pass go………
  4. Simultaneously funny and disturbing

    MR95….HUMOR IS in the ears of the offended…to you sir my CAPE is unbound…FOOLS travel where monkeys follow in a blaze of amplitude…….,,,,,…..
  5. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    NoB it is certain that $ will BE DROPPED at the FEET of YOUTH at which time….a BIGGER BOAT need will be EXPRESSED….same=Me….
  6. Simultaneously funny and disturbing

    Oh Tryt THAT takes me back to MY OLD SCHOOL days when things were totally beyond…I’m still REELING at the scent….WOW….
  7. Kate Rover

    S12….MATH was never a fine tune for me if you see my road….Maybe it’s TWELVE different hours but that’s just ME….lol
  8. Kate Rover

    GOnion I can see what you are throwing….me I have to find about 12 DATES in order to lay DOWN….I feel like I’m tied to a barrel that’s HITTING both sides of the glass….
  9. Simultaneously funny and disturbing

    OG you never know what’s going to happen It’s LIKE …paddling a canoe tied the the ROOF of a car moving around tunnels…SLIP RIGHT in I do!
  10. Simultaneously funny and disturbing

    MM that brings me to a TIME when I was doing the old SWITCHEROO and my leg CRAMPED up and suddenly I was with some GAL PAL two rooms down from where I STARTED and SHE was on THREE phones at once!
  11. QV Session

    Ha ha ha WESTY! I can remember when 15 min was worth a NICKEL at the old fudge shop but these days it’s all I CAN MANAGE without nodding off!