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  1. 411 on Cassiebaby

    If you take everything at face value in this industry you're just being ignorant and unsafe. Don't troll on a guy for asking a valid question. As one of the mods already pointed out, lots of times that point is irrelevant in reviews because people dont care. I've seen reviews where it said pics were accurate and the description stated it was s completely differently lady. If someone does their due diligence in researching a lady and gets a worried feeling (especially if shes a model in a different state) then they sure as shit should reach out instead of crossing their fingers and getting screwed. Could he have asked one of the reviewers directly? Sure, and that probably would have been a better option. But given we are in an industry that's rampant with stings, fake/self reviews, and scams let's not pretend that just believing what you read is a smart idea.
  2. 411 Summer Pink left

    She's a traveling provider and seems to drop in about once a month.
  3. 411 on Lillian LaRue?

    Her most recent ads list services more than just FBSM so I made the mistake too. I probably should have dived further into the verbatims but I just saw the Yes's from people with a decent number of reviews and was ready to schedule a booking.
  4. Any help on her?

    Lol, that's the same way I feel. Like is she asking if she has silky smooth skin? Seems like a thing she should know.

    Don't trust that instagram, some of the pics were on the instagram of another YL before she was banned here and took hers down. Provider was LovelyLiz23, and her personal website was the instagram for "Msistoleurbitch". ( Interestingly enough, one of her 5 followers is bcynott. This photo is the one I recognized seeing before at first. This bad boy was for suresies on Liz's IG, I remember the tickets And last but not least, this one looks pretty spot on to Liz's hair (and is another duplicate photo)
  6. In search of

    Now that we don't have "consenting adult activities" or whatever the field was I feel the iso search isn't as strong as it used to be. That being said, you can still search for attributes and go from there.
  7. 411 on cali

    I partially agree. At the time where OP posted the 411 she would have had 2 reviews, which to me isn't enough to establish legitimacy. Don't get me wrong; a big part of the game is figuring out how you want to meet YL. I've got a review on a cutie who is considered to be a unicorn for many and sucked at meeting up with 90% of people; but because I tried I ended up having a decently fun time. Point being I think people need to get better a critical thinking. My review for Raven was because *she* sent me a message in regards to her 411 - wanted to establish she was legit. With no reviews was I going to believe it was a svelte cutie who was texting me back? Nah. But was I willing to have a conversation because she was acting like an adult? Fuck yea. Tl; Dr. Everything is different and people need to get better at determining what they are cool/not ok with from a prospective provider.
  8. 411 on cali

    Agreed. There's a couple times where people (usually providers) respond into a 411 thread and think that because a YL has 1 review the 411 is unwarranted and people should be talking to the one reviewer through PMs. Sorry, but no. If we don't feel comfortable with a provider, we get to ask. And if there's overwhelming evidence that the person in question is real then the community will point that out.
  9. 411 on SidWild Please link profile with 411 requests. Anyways, I was talking with her a few months ago and decided not to move forward - her screening required personal information and she just seemed a bit too crazy for me. I couldn't figure out whether or not she was legit and even then; what she would offer.
  10. 411 on Kassie<3 in Colorado Springs

    I will be reaching out to one or both ladies if they are still advertising next week - going to the springs to visit a buddy. Otherwise if I can get them to do a looooooong outcall (up to FoCo/Greeley) then I might try that as well.
  11. 411:: Thalia marie-BANNED Profile

    I don't have a P411 so can't follow her link really; but it's pretty much considered the bee's knees of verification in the industry. If I see a lady on here with a p411 then it basically tells me they are legit. That being said, I have met a provider who said she would login with her friend's credentials but I think that is few and far between
  12. 411 on her

    If she can give me a good reason then sure. However, I can't really see where a "verification photo" would be needed from me. Client side doesn't really have to deal with whether or not we are who advertise to be, or whether the look is genuine. When I've asked ladies for photos, I specifically make sure to tell them I'm not looking for nude or lingerie shots. If they don't advertise with their face I haven't asked for it either. It is literally just a tool to verify some who either doesn't have a review or who I am concerned might have self-reviewed. Waaaaaaay back in the day Justina Carter did ask me for a picture of myself; and when I got back into hobbying a YL asked for pic of my ID (with all but my face blocked out) and I followed through...We all have to pay our dues in the beginning.
  13. 411 on her

    Yea, I think mountainrider has a pretty good one. If a non-reviewed girl isn't down to do that she's either fake or probably not the type of person I would enjoy conversing with between bcd activities.
  14. 411 on her

    I actually started adopting your style of verification when it comes to ladies with no reviews, and was the main reason I actually ended up meeting with Raven. I asked her to send two pics with different hand signs of her choice, and then as a last step asked her to send another two as full body pics/showing her ad tattoos and doing the same hand signs (partially because I realized they still coulda been stolen). When she obliged, it made me feel confident enough to move forward. Had another provider last month who wanted all the verification from me, but wouldn't oblige to me asking anything of her. Of course the no reviews was her choice (according to her), but that means it gets to be my choice to not proceed.
  15. Beanca503 -

    Beanca503 (503)438-6637 Colorado Companion Seems to follow her normal MO. The ad doesn't really appeal to me so not going to follow up, but figured we could start taking bets.