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  1. 411 on Amberr

    Searching her phone number returns another ad with a single 5 star review; though the reviewer has multiple other reviews so seems more legitimate. That being said, I am VERY skeptical of any provider who has that many photos and not a single one in anything revealing - don't have to be nude but it seems like almost everyone has a photo in either lingerie or a bikini. Just feels too easy for the photos to be stolen That being said, I'm definitely interested in her if she end up being real! Wish more ladies could/would advertise on here; TOB is the only non-p411 site I feel fairly co fident in
  2. 411 on RayneGray?

    I got an email back when I reached out to her a year ago; ended communications after she said screening required an ID. I have been paying attention to her again, signing up for the OF as well. I did send her a message on there regarding content - took about a week for her to reply. I also sent a separate email and haven't heard anything in the second pass but she may have just not felt it was worth her time after the previous email never led anywhere. I am planning on trying a third time and then I'll give up. She also has 2 reviews on TER so I may get access to her reviews on there before moving forward. I would definitely be interested in a booking if we can figure out the secret sauce!
  3. foxie daydream in Ft Collins

    To be fair, most times someone posts newer photos they are older than they were in the previous ones.
  4. foxie daydream in Ft Collins

    Wondering if anyone has had recent luck with this one. She advertises referencing noco which is a bit of a drought so would love some local and verified talent. Emailed her 2 weeks ago or so and haven't heard back. She did recently change her images on tryst fwiw. Still look to be the same person but slightly updated
  5. Evelynn - Longmont

    Rates are a red flag imo. 300/hour isn't impossible (though does seem to be on the lower end of the spectrum from what I've seen), but 800 or 900 for an overnight? If an overnight is 8-12 hours then you're effectively getting 5-9 hours free; at least a couple of which you'll be awake for. Other than that its just the janky website. Unfinished though services are listed. Rules aren't out of the norm. I feel there is something fishy
  6. Lexi from Texas

    Given she isn't actively posting ads on TOB, I'd take that as a pretty good sign she is neither here nor taking appointments in Colorado. Plus, the best source for a provider's schedule is her, not the TOB forums. If you don't get a reply you can send a followup email.
  7. Reviews rejected

    My comment makes it pretty clear I don't believe in the favoritism comment. Maybe direct those comments to the person who is claiming it exists?
  8. Rising asset prices

    Warren Buffet lives in the same house he bought in 1958, are you going to argue all billionaires live in homes they bought 60 years ago? Or can we recognize that some people are outliers and that the exception doesn't make the rule? Just because *some* wealthy people don't splurge doesn't mean they don't have more discretionary income. Arguing anything other than that is not only silly, it's completely ignorant.
  9. You can take my COVID vaccine if I don't.

    Ok champ, since your complaint was that the vaccine was developed too quickly how long should it have taken? It's incredibly easy to whine; but can you support your complaints? Hell, I won't even ask you to link any sort of actual studies (mainly because I highly doubt you've ever looked them up). You can just provide your personal credentials showing why your distrust of the vaccine should be taken seriously. Its so easy for people to whine and parrot what they hear on Newsmax. A lot harder to put effort in yourself.
  10. Reviews rejected

    Great, would you like to give some legitimate examples? Not where you simply claim favoritism, but where you can legitimately prove that some providers receive better treatment than others? I haven't seen an actual example from you and it's a little tiring reading people complaining about supposed harms. Additionally, the comments of saying this is a both a biased board and reliable are mutually exclusive. So which is it? Are reviews reliable or is there the blatant favoritism you claim?
  11. Rising asset prices

    Agreed! At a certain income level you can damn near get away with any expenditure you want. I make nowhere near that 500k level. I live in a condo (though I tell people it's an apartment), and manage my costs with a roommate. This means that if I see a YL who I see charges $1000/hr then I can get away with meeting her if I feel the value would come back. However, unless we're talking a Hollywood starlet then I'm probably not getting into that kind of rate. With that in mind, I also feel like some of the threads we see are because people are unhappy to see anything below that $500k comp and have people try and negotiate to the $100k level. I personally don't see that as "bad", given I get beat up on pricing daily. What's crazy to me is that, unlike every other business, this is one where people don't expect or understand negotiation.
  12. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    I know I'm a little late to the party, this thread made me give SB a try. First lady I messaged was legit; though so far is more interested in sending content than meeting in person. Content has matched her photos, clearly custom, and because I've found her real name has also matched that. However, we've gone a bit now and while she is up to send nightly nudes it doesn't seem to wanna progress from there. I enjoy it, but I've also had to tell her that we are within our last bit for remote content. If she doesn't want to meet, cool; but I can't help someone out off of just photos for the rest of my life. One of the things I appreciate about TOB and such is there is no fancy footwork. They are here to sell their time, not photos; so a lack of response means to move on. With a SB I feel like you circle back instead of finding a new partner
  13. Rising asset prices

    I think part of the problem is the market doesn't seem to adjust. How many threads are there regarding hobbyists not wanting to pay listed rates? Edit: tried to both replies in one comment but apparently I'm dumb
  14. Rising asset prices

    100% agree. Goes both ways too, there's no way the "haggling" threads actually gets the lowballers to stop, well, lowballing. As more and more people realize this is a business they will recognize that like all businesses, price negotiation is part of what you signed up for and hopefully we'll see these threads start to die off. Hell, my customers can't buy from our suppliers, and they know we get hit with a 7% increase every quarter. Per the mentality of this board, every single one should take that increase and accept it. But is that what happens? Hell no - I get beat the fuck up on the pricing and then it ultimately comes down to who needs who more. If I want their business, I'll hold the increase as low as possible for their pricing. If they don't make it worth my while then either no discount or a TINY one. Neither of us are bad for wanting to make sure we're being as financially responsible as possible, regardless of how annoying it is to get the question over and over and over again.
  15. Mulani Butterfly

    Hmmm, maybe what we should do is let people make their own decisions based on the information available instead of just telling them to pass. However, if you have any actual experience with Mulani, please feel free to share it. Not you being unable to find pages for her, not your impression from a single add - but your actual experience that would cause someone to distrust here.