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  1. 411 tatooedvixen

    That explains it. I knew she looked super familiar when I saw the pictures and the tattoo; I was just about to check them against Raven's.
  2. 411 tatooedvixen

    This thread is very relevant to my interests. I keep saying I'm going to take a break but all these tiny spinners showing up won't let the wallet do so!
  3. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    Interesting. I can't speak to p411 as I've never done the membership there and didn't have much luck with the UI in the 6 months I was back into hobbying before the FOSTA fun. I can only speak to the current Eyepretty pics and confirm the lady in those pics was there when I opened the door. I had a fun time both casual bullshitting and BCD, but as always it's a YMMV.
  4. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    Anastasia's profile is listed as fake, so we have to take the information there with a grain of salt. That being said, the only thing these 2 ladies have in common is that Raven's screen name is Eyepretty and part of Anastasia's email has that same string. However I never saw Raven post with that email, nor the phone number. Age is minorly different, body dimensions are different and Anastasia is far more tan than Raven. What did you find that linked the two together?
  5. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    Update time! I have just concluded a meeting with this YL and she is 100% real! Pics are up to date and she was a blast to spend time with. Two big ol' thumbs up. While previous communications (pre-Monday) kinda sucked, once we started talking this time around she was quick to reply and very forthcoming. I don't want to get out my Jump to Conclusions Mat but it sounds like part of the communication issues we've talked about in this thread may have been due to her re-branding and getting new contact info so should be allayed now. As always, feel free to message me with any questions and review is about to be submitted. Thank Jebus the little head prevailed.
  6. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    Update: I've got a date scheduled with her tomorrow evening. Everyone cross your fingers and toes that tomorrow night I can give a glowing recommendation on this YL!
  7. Agreeing to anything over the phone

    Not going to weigh in on what you can or can't say; but will confirm Colorado is a 1 party record state so if one party to the conversation knows it is being recorded you are good to record it. I used to have a software that automatically recorded all my cell calls; when you deal with crooked insurance adjusters daily you learn how to hold them to their word.
  8. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    The ONLY reason why the little head keeps prevailing. No replies some communications (and the changing numbers and e-mail) is red flags...but cute little boobies take the blood away from the smart places. No reply to the followup email. I'm not thinking I'm going to have too much luck trying to TOFTT. But I'm still hoping! Maybe I'll buy a lotto ticket that day.
  9. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    So I haven't ever heard back from the ashleysexton e-mail she originally posted with, but last night did get a reply off the new ravenrain one. She got back to me about 1.5 hours after I shot it to her, and basically just didn't give enough time for me to get ready, get the donation, and have a fun session (I like 1.5 to 2 hours). Plus on Fridays the flatmate is home so it becomes a no hobby night when it's too late. Anywho, I had mentioned her posting up in FoCo and a desire to meet, she asked if I was looking for an outcall that night. I told her I couldn't at that point, asked when she would next be up here; she just replied saying "Just shoot me a message and I'll let you know". This morning I replied asking if she will schedule it at all; I hate doing the last minute thing as the drive can make it just not feasible time-wise. Plus I'd like to know what the travel fee is so I account to have extra to that as well. Heard back from the reviewer on the no and it sounds like she might be a bit flaky. I'm always a little leery of the LEO side; I still don't know how to feel about that with her. But her website does have some very revealing pictures on the website and I keep deciding "fuck it, let's take the chance". Honestly, if the flatmate is down to Denver this weekend like he was last I will try to TOFTT on this one. Probably meet her for drinks so we can feel each other out and then move to my place for BCD activities. One thing that worries/throws me off is that her website list her as having a "voluptuous" bust. While I love what she shows, I generally put that word with women who are much larger (and in fact, now what I generally prefer!). I hope it's just a vernacular difference and not something more. Or maybe it's just a form website.
  10. Alli in Denver

    Interesting, I'm always surprised ladies are on one site and not the others but I probably miss out on some opportunities. I'll mull it over a little more and then probably shoot her a message tomorrow. Good to know! That's part of why I feel sketchy meeting anyone from anywhere the first time; regardless of the home. At least with TOB I understand the UI enough to be able to look up someone's details, but on all the others I just haven't been able to get enough information to verify. Anyways, since this lady has positive reviews on TOB, maybe I'll try reaching out and take her with a grain of salt as I get replies back. I'll have to recon those two ladies to get a better idea of the rabbit hole for our hobby...I already assume the worst so might as well hear about more of the bad offenders.
  11. Alli in Denver

    But not necessarily that they are still active, right? Or since she was on the "Eros Verified" page does that mean she's doing something to bring it current? The other problem is I swear there's a provider who has advertised semi-recently with only lips as her image, just like Alli's profile picture.
  12. Current environment: NS & Persnickety providers.

    Pretending this topic were actually real and not a real bad troll attempt, I think we can all agree that No-Shows are bad for business on both sides. If you're a client who does it, you're a dick. Obviously ladies' time is important and I'm sure y'all look at it the way I do- any hour you're not making money is lost time. By the same token, if you're a provider who's a No-Show then you're a dick too. Clients time is important; especially if someone goes to your incall. Personally, my very first time hobbying the provider took an additional 15 minutes to get ready which had me worried that I had driven from FTC to Colo Springs for nothing! Luckily, all ended up well and we had a wonderful time. As for persnickety providers, I can only assume he means picky and that I can't fault ladies for either. Same deal, your business is your time and you so gotta make sure both are protected. You get to make your rules, we clients get to make ours, and if everything syncs up we can have a great time! If it doesn't, no big deal; there's multiple providers and multiple clients. And if you lost out on the white whale on either side, learn your lesson for next time. There's a provider who I was absolutely stoked to meet up with. She was going to drive up to me from Denver, and had a super reasonable travel fee. Problem? She asked me to text me my apartment number, and I thought I was being playful replying that I would trade it for a picture she had already promised me (plus, I had already sent it to her, so in my mind it was more "ok" to be playing around). Response? I was sketching her out, date was off, have a great life. Frown Town. But it taught me that just because my normal providers send me playful things outta the blue doesn't mean all providers are that way, and especially not with the first interaction(s). But when the little head gets super excited he makes the big head go dumb and all you can do is sigh and move on. Regardless, OP seems like he was just jaded. Gotta learn to accept responsibility for when you're in the wrong, not throw shade at others.
  13. Alli in Denver

    Alli 720-449-2720 Colorado Companion Alli 7204492720 Never actually used eros or any site besides TOB, but a providers "Web" link took me there. She's "Eros Verified" but I don't know if that means two thumbs up, give her a buzz; or if it means absolutely nothin. Same with whether or not she's still active. Having found her TOB profile in the middle of this (I idiotically searched ads for her number and not reviews), I feel like she's real and probably not still active as she has no ads on TOB. At this point I'm just looking for someone to confirm she's out (or the long shot that I'm wrong!).
  14. BB

    About 3 years ago I met up with a provider who, while we were having BCD activities, offered for the cover to come off. I declined but it still threw me off! Methinks that lady had learned it was an easy upsell and was just thinking for the short term. Was in communications with a super UTR provider up North in January and the pics she sent me involved her enjoy bbfs fun...and allowing me to NOPE the fuck outta that convo. 2 months ago I met with a separate provider and the cover broke during our round. Even though she is a covered only provider it still freaked me out. I don't know why any client would require BBFS from a provider to book with them. But whatever, that's their prerogative. I personally look for providers that offer BBBJ but rest of the activities covered. Maybe it's all in my mind, but cbj just hasn't been as fun. If a lady doesn't want to provide it, then we just aren't meant to meet up and that's fine too.
  15. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    Still no word back from the e-mail. Messaged the reviewer yesterday to ask if they minded sharing what made it a "No". Last I checked they still hadn't read my message. Cute little emo spinner is what I've been ISO so I'd love her to be real and an awesome provider but right now it's two red flags. Sad day.