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  1. 411 on Lucy-8088

    It only shows up if you narrow the search area to specific town like "Castle Rock".
  2. 411 on Lucy-8088

    ....and I just realized that the previous post some of us were concerned about was removed. If a mod chooses to delete my last post, I'd have been happy to have summarized it all as such: She has a personal life which she openly shares and that anyone can interpret in the wrong way. I see no reason to be concerned about a pimp or anything like that from my experiences so far.
  3. 411 on Lucy-8088

    That's essentially why I want to know if this BF was a point of contact like that response made it sound. It's a large departure from my experience with her and I found her to be quite pleasant. I didn't dig into her "other life", though. She contacted me today as well and I too was unavailable. I'm not blocked, however. For the record (just so it's clear that she's not sending unsolicited messages), I did specifically tell her to feel free to let me know when she's available again.
  4. 411 on Lucy-8088

    Did you have to interact with this boyfriend or is this all stuff she relayed to you? Dealing with a boyfriend is a little too weird for me and I was just about to move forward on a repeat visit.
  5. ID Rant

    Showing your ID is nuts, as far as I'm concerned. I would never do it. I don't have anything against a provider who requires it but I'm with boink36 on this. You show your ID because you're already there and feel pressured on the spot. You write a less-than-perfect review. Provider goes ape-shit on you, blowing up your text messages and threatening to put you on these mysterious online black-lists. Provider googles your name, adding "Denver" or "Colorado" to the Google search box if your name is a more common one. There you are on Facebook with a link titled "Married to..." and/or "Works at..." next to your profile. Be as creative as you want with what happens next, because I mean...really, there's nothing to lose here, right?
  6. 411 on Lucy-8088

    You're absolutely correct. I made a "practical" assumption here and I also made an assumption that all of us at these forums operate the same way and that is we already know there is no absolute safety. With that in mind, I didn't bother to add in to my statements that there was an acceptable level of risk I was willing to take based on my conclusion. I just assume we all understand that already and operate that way. The only surefire safety net is to keep our pants zipped up. In this case, I made the assumption that it is not "yet" worthwhile to run a hotel sting operation with KIK as the sole channel of communication. I could be wrong and/or that may change in the near future. I'm pretty sure a phone number isn't a better guarantee, though.
  7. 411 on Lucy-8088

    It was to me too but I started wondering.... "would LE use KIK?" Probably one day, but I doubt it's mainstream enough yet. Maybe that's the point. As far as the MILF thing, yeah, I noticed that too but I don't find that shocking, really. I found no physical sign of that (not trying to mean that there usually is) so it's possible she just threw that in there. I didn't ask.
  8. 411 on Lucy-8088

    I checked it out. A little strange in the setup and communications over KIK but all legit and good. Review coming.
  9. 411 on Lucy-8088

    Lucy 303-680-8088 Colorado Escort She's been posting for the past few weeks out of Castle Rock (under free/additional ads) and has a couple of reviews here but the reviewers only have a handful of reviews to their names. I like to see something from someone with a little more rep first, if possible. The requirement to go through Kik is strange but maybe I'm just out of touch with things. I did download the app and contact her but was surprised a bit by the level of "detail" in her replies. Anyone here encounter her?
  10. Bad Boy report

    A lot of people have a taste for revenge. Hell, I probably could've just chalked up the no-show as a typical time-waster and not bothered with the review but I was a bit peeved at the time. I guess I just wanted to further indulge myself in wasting time and read the juicy details of what I supposedly did. I've never been a "bad boy" before so I want to know how I did.
  11. Bad Boy report

    Where are these "bad boy reports"? I recently wrote a No-Show review and received a message from the provider that I'd now be receiving a review of my own. I wonder what it could contain since our experience was limited to some texts that left me waiting in my car in a hotel parking lot until I finally gave up and left.
  12. manscaping query...

    They are all largely the same plus or minus a few accessories or features you may or may not use. I bought the 7100 model which is on the high end but it has various attachments I'll never use.
  13. Adivce from the ladies please

    Women seem to vary down there as much as we do. I've been with some girls who've really struggled with insertion all the way in (either at all or for very long). Some seem to really enjoy it but after it's over will comment something along the lines of "I'm going to be feeling that one for a while." Others yet don't seem to really give the impression that anything is out of the ordinary at all. Different strokes for different folks...literally.
  14. manscaping query...

    Search for "Norelco BodyGroom Series" on Amazon. Makes it really easy.
  15. Ugggh...

    Just to point out one of those statements I made that keeps getting dissected and surrounded with emotional baggage: Synoches said: "I look to BP for that "quick and dirty" session". Kittens hear: "All of them, 100% of them, who post at BP are "quick and dirty" people. Not what I said. This is when I'm looking for the quick and dirty (and yeah, ideally light on my wallet). It's my goal. I don't mind when I find what I'm looking for and if anyone's quick and dirty, it's me. When I want that, it's harder to find at TOB. TOB is not so much my friend late at night, last minute and on the way home from the airport. BP is and offers much better support for my "quick and dirty" moments. That's from my experience pulling out my phone and doing such searches late at night more often than I should admit to. I also know there are a lot of nasty assholes that call girls or sometimes make it to their rooms. The general consensus here is likely that I'm probably one of them but truth is, I'm actually an extremely nice person when I meet someone, from anywhere. Knowing, though, that many guys aren't as friendly as I am, especially in one-too-many dirtbag "quick and dirty" mode, I don't suggest attracting more of them, especially for review purposes. So from that experience, here's a girl who's having a tough time with reviews from people who show up late for 30 min appointments. BP is a great place to find last-minute short-term appointments. Proposed idea: Offer a special on 30 minute appointments. I suggest not doing this.