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  1. Wyoming?

    What possible reasons for it being so quiet action wise in Cheyenne?
  2. Checking In

    Hey DT :).
  3. I hope this board doesn't go anywhere...I was hoping to see CO a few times this year. Esp Denver and Ft Collins.
  4. I just want everyone to know....

    Necessity is indeed the mother of invention ..... info exchange and proper networking we'll all be able to roll with the punches :).
  5. Get a VPN if you don't have one

    I'd recommend Ivacy or AIRvpn or NORDvpn. Epic Privacy browser is a browser that has a built-in VPN (kind of an TOR alternative).
  6. A lot are on tna and hx but people will def make way here too slowly but surely.
  7. Yep all escortdesign sites are toast (including mine -_-)....working on my site via right now.
  8. Well actually......if you have an U.S. IP you can't view it. When you use the site just log into a VPN first (or use a browser with built-in VPN like Epic Privacy browser) and change the location to anything but the U.S.
  9. NS refugees

    I'd only joined it about 1 yr was great for me when I visited San Francisco, San Jose, North Bay etc. I'm really going to miss it :/ It went down on my last day in Novato.
  10. I really hope it does come back .... it shut down during my very last day in the North Bay CA area. It was working pretty well for me.
  11. Where does TOB work

    The first time I heard of TOB was through some Nebraska and Iowa boys so I think this site has some reach there too besides Colorado.
  12. Signed up to it yesterday woo!
  13. I've heard good things about 'Wickr Me' but haven't tried it out myself (yet).
  14. Your worst nightmare...

    Damn. This just made me think all I could do was call 911 and hold their hand . Reading this convo just made me go and find this . I'm definitely going to find time to get trained. I guess i've been lucky in my 8 yrs so far providing to have never been in such a situation. I'm so sorry to read that your friend died.