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  1. Kate Rover

    I hear you all on the price, but times are good and, wow. She was well worth the premium. Highly recommend.
  2. Kate Rover

    Anyone have an experience with this tall beauty?
  3. PD or P411, but honestly it's mostly misses. Nothing like the scene here and reliability of TOB.
  4. Welcome. Get up to the mountains to cool off, find a neighborhood brewery or check out Meow Wolf for something different. A gorgeous girl like you won't go wrong whatever you do.
  5. Instagram

    I have a fairly desirable Instagram handle and I am constantly getting password reset emails. Lots of people try to hack accounts. Make sure you use MFA
  6. TOB Improvement Suggestions

    Yeah, to clarify I meant date/times when a provider is available. Many ladies include this in their ad but it would be nice to be able to search for a specific date in the future.
  7. TOB Improvement Suggestions

    Dates on ads would be a helpful addition.
  8. 22yr old Lilly on P411

    She's eye catching for sure. Anyone know what the verified age on P411 means exactly?
  9. Ed meds

    There are reputable FDA regulated online pharmacies like Hims and Roman which will prescribe based on an online visit. You will be asked about health history and blood pressure. They offer both generic and name brand and you are meeting with a real doctor (tho it is clearly a formality not medical advice). Meds are sent in discreet packaging and can be delivered to a PO box.
  10. San Jose / Silicon Valley

    Hopefully it keeps on keeping on.
  11. Just curious if others here have go to resources for girls in the valley. P411 is unusually thin and other sites (tryst, PD, Eros) seem overly spammy - any other suggestions I am not thinking of?
  12. Heidi Banks

    Colorado Companion Anyone seen this Romanian hottie?
  13. Great new album with so much sex appeal. Don't take my word for it...
  14. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    In this case the boundary I meant was claiming to be from our of town.
  15. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    To be clear, any acknowledgement of knowledge from provider or client is a breach of trust IMO. The only appropriate reaction is none. That said, I did notice a provider I had an encounter with downtown walking with what looked like a bf. I kept my distance but was certainly curious because the lady in question supposedly was not from Denver. No judgement or anything. I think it makes sense for ladies to setup boundaries however makes sense. I know I do.