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  1. San Diego Suggestions

    The talent there was great visually, I didn't stay too long.
  2. CMT recommendations

    Denver a list helped me find a great cmt in Bradburn off of 120th. Consult it for your area of Denver. The app 'soothe' is my go to when traveling all legit. It also has Denver listings.
  3. San Diego Suggestions

    Stopped in Pacers tonight. So far I have not been offered a film part, but the night is young. Maybe I'll be a guest at one of those swing clubs before the morning.
  4. "she seemed to enjoy it"
  5. I bet the lady that got 350 in bit coin when it was 200 per coin will not return it to me now that it is 4300 per coin.
  6. I've used bitcoin, but never credit.
  7. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    Just thinking through this. (resident p411 haters can bypass this reply, you'll never remove your bias) In pfunks scenario above, if you called three providers and they said he was fine and ended up abusive, guess what he wouldn't use you as a reference. And he wouldnt have given you the names of people he abused in the past. If he had 27 okays and then abused you, Gina would step in, I'm told. And his okays would be gone. So I like systems of accountability. He may be able to abuse twice with p411, but he can abuse endlessly with phone, pm, and text. I think there is faulty logic in expecting him to give you the names of someone he abused. I think there is a fail safe in p411, yes it could happen twice, but shouldn't happen over and over. Thoughts.?
  8. San Diego Suggestions

    I'm in that town frequently, you have to plan way ahead for the p411 crowd as they tend to be traveling a lot. Lots of 'hi sweetie, im in orange county, can you drive up…?' A few consistent p411 ladies, so prescreened or pre-book. I have a go to for fbsm, but she is really limited on menu. Human plex is used but I don't have any real access on that site. Night shift is used for northern gals traveling south, and occasionally Sugar nights is another board to check. The food there is outstanding. Balboa park, LA Jolla and Coronado Island all fun place to sight see. Have fun.
  9. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    On the one hand this is complete bs. Same thing happens to guys, we see you log in, we see you post and we see you ignore our appointment requests. It does help me determine who goes on the 'excluded' list. /sarcasm filter on/ On the other hand, I can have chrissy call on my behalf and get a discount rate? Chrissy we may be on to something here, just need to figure out how we split the discount.
  10. Rule 6 does not apply to mods. It's like the thin blue line, Personal Attack. The author has attacked another member’s intelligence, character, or appearance. Also If you are a disruptive reason that derails an otherwise productive thread by singling out another member with, bickering and or belittling, we will not care who started it, all parties will be equally responsible & culpable for their actions on continuing the posting path to failure..... Do not call for the "banning" of other members. Do not accuse anyone one of wrong doing. You are welcome to make a suggestion privately. 1 point warning
  11. ISO Denver
  12. ISO Denver

    You are all poking fun again for an Iso. It is very common practice on other boards and works well otherwise they would not do it. P411 is great, but many times a request goes unanswered. This guy is just trying to cut down on the ladies who for whatever reason have a profile, but don't respond. I had multiple replies this week in San Jose on another board by this method. Conversely every p411 request I sent went unanswered. Travelers do not know your aversion to ISO here, and maybe we as locals should be a bit more accepting. It's a part of traveling that ever local community has a different board, and a pain in the ass. My 2 cents. Iso. Ride from Dia to your incall tommorow about 11pm. Ideally you look like my sister in law. pm only or the locals might...
  13. Lets have fun in Boulder this weekend

    In defense of ISO, and in no way the opposite or his thread. Iso works great in many parts of this great land, sadly Denver is not one of them. So traveling gents may not know the caustic response they will get to ISO requests. Of course the lack of threads would be one clue. I'd love to see Iso here when I have unexpected free time come up.
  14. Discrection in coming to incall....

    I never use Google maps. But knock on wood, I have not gotten lost yet. Maybe my years of delivering pizza in college let's me navigate hotels and apartment complex estate.
  15. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    Time for a coffee or Tea refill. The random confirmed the date and didn't show up. Post a NCNs for the Random not the one he meant to book with.