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  1. Lets have fun in Boulder this weekend

    In defense of ISO, and in no way the opposite or his thread. Iso works great in many parts of this great land, sadly Denver is not one of them. So traveling gents may not know the caustic response they will get to ISO requests. Of course the lack of threads would be one clue. I'd love to see Iso here when I have unexpected free time come up.
  2. Discrection in coming to incall....

    I never use Google maps. But knock on wood, I have not gotten lost yet. Maybe my years of delivering pizza in college let's me navigate hotels and apartment complex estate.
  3. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    Time for a coffee or Tea refill. The random confirmed the date and didn't show up. Post a NCNs for the Random not the one he meant to book with.
  4. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    I'd post a NCNS review. - Include the phone #
  5. Perfume or not ?

    Another fun thread to start. Glitter or Not?
  6. New Kids on the Block....

    I saw them on the Today show this AM, they sounded awful. Like if I was to grab a mic and start singing. It improved a bit towards the end. I wasn't watching, I could just hear the TV, so no idea how the "performance" looked.
  7. Happy Mothers' Day

    Love to all the Moms.
  8. Hotel or Outcall?

    Very simple answer for me. When home in Denver incall only On the road, my preference is outcall to my hotel. Plenty of people have portable tables and it's not uncommon to see them in hotels. I always ask for a card if they are passing me by.
  9. P411waiting

    P411 does have a way to let you know if Messages have been read, but sadly not if a Request has been read. As far as I can tell. I had a similar thread or post in some threads not to long ago and took the suggestion to include a cut off time in my request. !!! While I was typing this I had my Weds appointment confirm. -Not in Denver this week, And I want to thank you ladies for the work you do around screening.
  10. Dinner with client for free?

    I've done this more than once. In texas, I arranged a meeting via ECCIE chat, and told the YL I had to get dinner first, she invited herself along. In Canada, I had a session, as we were wrapping up I commented that I was going out, the YL invited herself along, and led to a 2nd session that night. More of a intermission between two fully paid sessions.
  11. I love intellect!

    In my Day job I follow this advice when emailing.
  12. Introduction

    Such locker room talk. - Please do go on . . .
  13. Introduction

    Great to have you here.
  14. BP-no AA in the ads

    Same thread popped up on another regional board. The below was a reason that never crossed my mind. Maybe it was in this thread, but I think I read all of the post. " 3. Yes there are some providers that use the "No AA clause" because some CLIENTS are racist and won't see a provider if she also sees Black clients. It is what it is" The other 3 reasons were in line with what has been posted here.
  15. Outcall in car

    Well, I don't want to tell people what they should and shouldn't do but feel I must warn you. I did a car date recently, and now I'm banned from Uber.