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  1. The End of Escorting?

    I had a coworker do a trip overseas, he told me he almost didn't come back to his wife and kids. Life changing for him.
  2. 411 on RayneGray?

    Guessing her tryst ad is just a way to get you to pay her on onlyfans. No reviews anywhere and OF may = fake ad
  3. Favorite Roleplay Ideas favorite, since I hire irl.
  4. I just asked the p411 ladies in Denver I have been seeing for an okay.
  5. Just sharing in case it helps a fellow traveler; I'm out on my first biz trip in over 18 months. I'm covering an area of the country I have not covered for a few year Challenge 1. I don't recall the go to board for Ohio. So I've go back to my standard, must be on p411 Challenge 2 Local ladies are concerned that I don't have any recent okays on p411. Never had this issue in the past as Ive been active on p411 for 9 years and have 9 years of okays. I did send a request to some Denver area ladies that I have seen in the last year for an update or new okay. ironically, the ladies that are concerned that I don't have an okay in 2021, don't have any reviews in 2021. I'll keep my okays updated from now on.
  6. Well, I went an ate BBQ and drank some beer instead. Maybe I unblocked the profile on P411, next time I have time to play, she will be on the list.
  7. My current ATF is not responding to text this weekend, so I'm doing some window shopping. I come across a profile, she looks just like my type, I check out her PD profile, her TOB profile, then over to P411. I've blocked her on P411, No idea why and can't find any past communication. Since my younger self was definitely smarter than my current self, I'm thinking with my brain. But maybe it was a mistake, my horny self tells me. Do you block and then forget why later?
  8. Reading a book where the hot ladies at the gym are called fk puppets.
  9. P411

    Maybe try inviting yourself to view your profile and see what is sent in the email.
  10. Other sites!

    p411 profile moves anyone to the top or the trust list for me.
  11. Other sites!

    Ladies, here is some advice you may not have been asking for. . . If you want to attract men from colorado, then advertise on this board exclusively. If you want to attract men traveling to Denver, then using boards like TNA, P411, ECCIE, Private Delights, etc are where the travelers will check first. Speaking for myself only, I go to my trusted sources first, not the board that only serves the one market. And there are plenty of examples of local only boards, I don't know them, I don't know the regulars, I don't trust them. So If that is how I think imagine a traveler coming to Denver and finding you listed on only this mostly local board. I travel almost every week, mostly west coast, but a few trips to Tx, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta. Each location has a different dominate board. When in the NorthWest, I use TNA first, double check to see if they are on P411 or a review on ECCIE. Sandiego, San Jose, LA, SFO, I'm likely on Private Delights, including their chat board, but I cross reference TNA, ECCIE, and P411 for anyone I'm thinking of visiting with. This also means, I have to have a least a bit of reputation, okays, vouches, etc on the multiple boards to speed up screening. So any rep I have on this board is useless in the other locations, unless the YL also travels here and trust TOB. That means I downplay adding reviews here unless the YL is just getting started in Denver. Otherwise I post reviews on ECCIE or TNA.
  12. P411

    "New providers in the last 7 days" world wide. It went from 13 this morning to 17 after lunch, lets hope it picks up. /smart ass filter on Also, since we are all giving people advice they didn't ask for. 1. Don't go swimming right after you eat. 2. Don't operate a toaster while in the bath 3. And something about P411 and vouching.
  13. P411

    I saw that also, I can think of one or two in Denver I would vouch for and a few others where I travel. I'm thrilled that we will have new providers in P411.
  14. One of her profile pictures she is wearing a patriots jersey - deal breaker
  15. Hunter, do you have one of those photos? Checking your profiles now That's so funny