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  1. I love intellect!

    In my Day job I follow this advice when emailing.
  2. Introduction

    Such locker room talk. - Please do go on . . .
  3. Introduction

    Great to have you here.
  4. BP-no AA in the ads

    Same thread popped up on another regional board. The below was a reason that never crossed my mind. Maybe it was in this thread, but I think I read all of the post. " 3. Yes there are some providers that use the "No AA clause" because some CLIENTS are racist and won't see a provider if she also sees Black clients. It is what it is" The other 3 reasons were in line with what has been posted here.
  5. Outcall in car

    Well, I don't want to tell people what they should and shouldn't do but feel I must warn you. I did a car date recently, and now I'm banned from Uber.
  6. South Bay

    Besides nightshift, should I be checking any other board? Ladies where do you post when in South Bay?
  7. BP-no AA in the ads

    Or what country are Europeans from? Webster - Look 4 definitions so 4 correct uses. Definition of American 1: an American Indian of North America or South America 2: a native or inhabitant of North America or South America 3: a citizen of the U.S. 4: american english
  8. Why "freebies" are not the norm..........

    I love analytics applied to a business, here is one more. 134 reviews on this site have the word "Discount" in them somewhere. (context may apply, I didn't read 134 reviews) Anything that eats can be trained.
  9. Newbie

    I suppose we could do a double. If it turns out to be a dude, I'd like to state for the record that I don't cross swords.
  10. Newbie

    Sam, you are showing your gender bias, it could be a lady and she may be interested in me.
  11. Why "freebies" are not the norm..........

    "Anything that eats can be trained" My customers are trained to wait until the end of the quarter and ask for a discount. My profession and peers have trained my customers. I don't blame them, I don't even blame my current peers, it is part of my industry. The purchasing departments go to seminars to learn how to ask for discounts, how much others have gotten and how to play hard ball. There are entire business based on how to get the best price. They have all signed NDA's to never disclose the price they paid, and yet they do. If this is a business, and well all agree it is, then don't be surprised about market forces. The customer that offer me the equivalent for "How much for $50" get the same reaction from me as they do you. I kick them in the balls. And they go to my competition. Nothing makes me happier than my competition getting a crap customer. *Note: I've always paid the listed rate or more. I've never asked for a discount, and like Kinkster, I pass on people above my value prop rate. *I'm on your side.
  12. Why "freebies" are not the norm..........

    They also see some YL's offering discounts for reviews. Available now Specials Old reviews with a lower rate So my guess is they think, doesn't hurt to ask. But they are wrong, it does hurt to ask if the answer is no. Look if the YL has a rate higher than I want to pay for, I don't contact them. I mark them excluded on P411, so next time I'm in their city, I never see them in the list.
  13. Why "freebies" are not the norm..........

    I find the same thing happens when I give away my services for free. Do it once, and they expect it all the time. The consulting I do should be compensated, doesn't have to be money or 1099, but something should come back in return. Reminds me of this thread on reddit. I love the response about, 'how bout you mow my lawn'. <- no pun intended. Everyone services have a worth and value has to be maintained.
  14. They had some other videos, like 2 girls asking if a guy wanted a threesome. Not a bad youtube channel to follow I suppose.