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  1. Looking for assistance

    I am looking for providers that don't have an issue seeing a mixed ethnic client. Inbox me please
  2. Newbie Friendly Providers?

    Looking for newbie friendly provider in the Denver Area. Any thoughts? I have reviewed TOB Ladys that i have seen.
  3. 411 on Bailey in COS

    I believe that is Baliey Spades from The TOB. I ve seen and reviewd. Shes amazing btw.
  4. Looking for two ladies company any suggestions?

    Thank you everyone your help. I even enjoyed the jokes🌞. And by the way yes it is perfect.
  5. Looking for two ladies company any suggestions?

    That is exactly the setback. Its hard to even get a solo appointment.
  6. This is my cry for help so to say. I am having world of trouble securing an appointment with to ladies. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.