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Amelie Yes 1 10/13/08
Seen on 10/14/08
Time: 1 hr Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Wow sometimes you get lucky . One of my ATF EVE of colorado springs tells me she has a hot girlfriend who wants to get in the hobby . Then asks if I want to be her first.Always up to toftt. I said sure . Glad I did it was one to remember . First this is a cute and I mean cute little 20 yr old who means to please. She was very warm and friendly . I opened up the wine . We drank a glass and shot the bull to cut the ice . Then she leaned over and we started making out like teenagers . she may be a damn good actress but man she got into it . Then to the bedroom of her incall and the next houas a blur all activities accept greek were taken and enjoyed . I think all the years of french lessons payed off . She didnt need a translator and took me to the brink . The cutest tightest little body was exposed and apreciated . This girl is hot . Then to the main event and that was incredible . Multiples are welcome and not a clock watcher , pure gfe . So the moral of the story is the springs wins again. Guys this provider is soon to be a legend like EVE . The best in a while and man she is cute , young and hot . Hate to share but I promised to . But I will be back as often as the budget allows. nd she is just starting if she is this good now cant wait till she gets a little seasoning or maybe you like them fresh off the press . Fly out .

Lena Johannsonn Yes 42 9/29/08
Seen on 9/30/08
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Set up was easy , I had talked to her in chat and was intrigued . Wow what a little dynamo. Walked in the dorr nice lingerie and a big kiss . I took a shower and off to the races , there was a first shot on goal a second shot on goal and I cant belive it a third . Doesnt happen often but maybe Alaska did something to me . I was impressed , great attitude and very acomadating . fly out

EveSupreme Yes 14 7/31/08
Seen on 8/1/08
Time: 1 hr Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: How to describe this perfect little lady , one of the hottest looking , sensual, vibrant entusiastic providers I have cum across (pun intended .She arrives at my door a breath of fresh air , confident yet fresh and innocent , a tough combination to pull off . A very young provider yet so good. Imediatley puts you at ease , then the fun begins .She flips the switch and your in for the ride of your life , orally extremley satisfying , trying out every room in the house , I never heard her say no , just the oposite , I heard her say yeah , lets do it . After an hour and two heart attacks . I couldnt stand , watching her lay next next to me staring at her perfect body , cooing .Iknew our time was up . watching her leave was only tempered by the fact i knew i would see her again . I dont know where such a perfect provider came from but thank god he made one. After years in the hobby . I can honestly say I have found a provider I will not get tired of seeing . With this one I dont think ymmv . I think she is just that good .Colorado springs beats denver on this one.

Francesca-9718 No 4 10/18/07
Seen on 10/19/07
Time: Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: met in chat , supposed to be a new girl , another hobbiest said she looked familar couldnt be sure .said buisness is really slow needs some reviews . I hate taking one for the team but decided alright I will help out . She only does outcalls so I arrange a Saturday time , she calls uo and says she was in car accident and car is ruined , doesnt have a car cant make it , ok , I can understand . Then later in the week she says do you want to try again I say sure . She calls and confirms the afternoon of apointment , then 1 1/2 hour before appointment gets on line and says her roomate now says it is to far for her to drive her car , fine I say I will come get you or meet you in a closer location , great she says I will call you back in ten minutes . She has a real slow watch still hasnt called back . I go on bears 5 minutes after she said ok I will call you back in 10 , There she is posting availability for my time period , so it is obvious the writing is on the wall , she has a car and is just doing a no show , no return call canceling , nothing , well guys the ol Fly says once is a mistake but to no show twice and not call or anything , well , the hobby doesnt need this type of behavior.