The End of Escorting?

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Finding your overt aversion to Asians, "particularly dark" ones interesting as in, laughable, I'm beginning to think your problem runs much deeper than mere availability. The answer is in your solitude.

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On 12/12/2021 at 8:38 AM, Copper-pipee said:

I'd say since you're single, just to take a month trip to Thailand or the Philippines. You can find love / youth for money easy there. Old or fat, they don't care.

I'm in my early 30's, I travel. It's much cheaper these days than what some of the local ladies charge. Plus you get to have a nice vacation.  

In Thailand / Philippines the girls are like 15 bucks for a 2 hour GFE or ALL day and night with you  for about 45 - 75 bucks. If you're not into Asian ladies, go to Ukraine, Poland or Belarus. 2 hour GFE there is about 30-40 bucks. These girls are also PRIME aged 18-22. You can also check out Mexico or Columbia, Just use common sense and you'll be fine.  Also, check out AIRBNB for Thailand, Philippines, Ukraine, Poland, Columbia and Mexico. I'm talking like 15$ a night in a really sweet ass condos. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRAVEL!!!!

Check out the youtube channels Ohnoosho, Onlyosho, or Views From.

For the price of roughly 2 hours with a young attractive girl here, you can pay for a entire trip to Asia, or Europe, or for the price of a 1 hour visit with some of the girls here, you can pay for an entire trip to Mexico or South America. 

If you're looking for a companion, check out Ukraine, the women out number men there. Philippines or Thailand you can find some serious hotties that you can wife up. A house there is like 30-40k Cost of living is $200 a month. Mexican and South American ladies only like decent looking younger men. I'd honestly skip trying to wife up anything from Europe or if you're older anything from Mexico or South America.  

My cousin who is 62, a truck driver, very over weight and bald is having a house built in the Philippines as we speak, he met his wife on Filipinocupid. She's 22 and very cute. They already have 2 kids. She was excited to hear that he wants to move to her village and not bring her to the states(smart move here once they see that they're the commodity out here in the states, their views on the relationship dynamic start to change). Out in South East Asia, the men are like a hot young woman here. It's unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

If you have any questions about traveling or tips, hit me up. 

I second that emotion.


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