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format xxx-xxx-xxxx Individual -TOB 411 Posting Guidlines

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 If we don't have the Companion in our database let the TOB volunteers help with the research. Simply enter a few pieces of information and watch as Members provide tips, tools and the pertinent evidence you need. Research if an Ad is real or fake and/or using borrowed images/pictures. Are you trying to locate a long lost Companion you are in the right place.

When Posting in the "Individual -TOB 411" Forum please include the Provider info in the following fields; 
  • Companion Name,
  • Companion Phone,
  • A drop down list for State,
  • Enter  Type,
  • In the Text Editor please place the URL of the Ad hopefully the cached version.
  • P411 exception:: do not include phone # and/or other contact information that is only found on a P411 Profile as that is a closed site. Additionally::  P411 info won’t be shared besides Gallery image search findings that show the images as stolen, include links to found research would be ok.
    • Users receiving PM’s asking for info shouldn’t give out any account those individuals asking are not an integrated part of P411.

Again If you have any of this info please insert to the pertaining Fields.

one specific 411 entry per thread. Also include City & State, 
  • In your "TOB 411" it's Always a good idea to include the name & phone number within the questionable Ad, so as to allow future researching;
    • Particularity the phone number in this format XXX-XXX-XXXX
      • We will research the phone number by that standard.
      • This  XXX-XXX-XXXX formatting is the most common way to render a phone number in print.

Olivia 555-555-5555 / 555.555.5555 / $5*5*5*_*5*5*5*_*5*5*5*5$ note; also include the number the way it appears in the Ad.

Previous thread to research phone number

Always include the Ad URL link in your "TOB 411". Preferably the cached version if you can.


A perfect example to include the phone number with this format [ XXX-XXX-XXXX ]  in your "TOB 411" is when a URL link goes dead, we would have the phone number to fall back on to do further research.

Also; just because the links goes dead in a previous "TOB 411" doesn't mean the research isn't valid.
Additional Guidelines for Posting a 411...
  • When responding:: It's OK to give a simple thumbs up or down Per an Individual in a 411 post, just don't go into detail as that wouldn't be allowed.
    • Once there is sufficient information from the member-group to vet and validate the claim, what was unknown is now known, No reason to take it any further, the thread can be locked if necessary.
  • No Shilling in any of the forums: Posting an unsolicited endorsement for a Companion. This includes posting a link to reviews, web site, ad or profile. you can only post this type of information if another member has ask for it.
  • Ladies are permitted to answer "In Search Of" type if their name has been invoked, may not promote their own brand, may respond to others through PM's


Forum queries pertaining to any individuals contracted with brick and mortar businesses---> Dancers, performers, CMT's, etc.
Responses in the forum will be limited to general in topic discussions.

I would caution everyone to be careful with any dissemination of RW information on individuals running their legitimate business as independent contractors.

Therapeutic Massage

Pertaining to brick and mortar businesses and/or individual CMT's;
Responses in the forum will be limited to the variety of modalities that encompass a therapeutic massage and must be general in topic. By definition; Therapeutic Massage would be performed by a independent licensed qualified Therapist.

Legitimate Massage Only.

Also you can link to knowledge based URL's that are general in topic, limited to the variety of modalities that encompass a therapeutic massage. 

Any information beyond this would need to be in the form of back channel.

AnD I would caution anyone to be careful with any dissemination of information, as this could greatly harm a Therapeutic Masseuse and or CMT in running their Legitimate Business.


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