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  1. Ms. Torrington

    Torrington Colorado Companion Hey everyone, Hope the holiday season is finding you all well. Been awhile since I've posted and even longer since I've had a chance to hobby. That being said, I just had to see if anyone else knew anything about this sweet little thang. My interests are piqued for sure. Wish you all the best. Lots of places to find her, just no reviews, so a smidge skeptical. Appreciate the knowledge
  2. When is it better to visit Colorado July or Aug?

    Not April or early May. It's too damn windy! :-) Any time in the summer is good. Just find your way up into the mountains. When it's hot in the city, head for the mountains! ;-)
  3. Native Marie

    Saw her years ago. Super fun and very open to anything. Hope she's doing well.
  4. 411 on RayneGray?

    Hoping to try a 3rd time as well, may go text this time when I'm actually in the area. We'll see. Keep you all posted.
  5. What is your Zodiac Sign ?

  6. 411 on RayneGray?

    So, I'm reopening the post on this one. Those of you lucky enough to reach her, did you email, text? I've tried her on tryst and even follower on Only Fans, which I highly suggest. Just curious. Would love to make some time to see her. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season.
  7. Twitter adventures

    I do like to see who's on the twitter. Seems like a solid way for ladies to update their schedules and certainly a nice pic to catch the scrolling eye helps.
  8. Happy Valentine's Day

    Happiest of Valentine's Day to all the lovely ladies out there.. You should all be appreciated on every day of the year for sure. I just wanted to send some love and thanks your way today. Hope you're all staying warm and snug on this wintry day. XOXOXO
  9. 411 on STG girl

    Jewel 720-689-6926 Colorado Companion Good afternoon everyone, I hope things are well around here. Haven't been on in some time myself, but started looking around and noticed this lil' hottie posting over the last month or so. My gut says TGTBT, but just putting feelers out to see if anyone may have made the leap. Take care
  10. 411 on Sadie

    Thank you indeed for clarifying Sadie. I can only imagine how busy you are. Sure would love to cross paths some day. Hope this new year is your best yet. XOXOXOX
  11. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    I meant the Comfort Inn & Suites on Tower Road. D'oh!
  12. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    Days Inn & Suites by the airport has a nice room with Jacuzzi in room. Very fun.
  13. Incall vs. Outcall

    I would say both. I do feel that incall works better for first time together. If you see someone a few times I enjoy having them come to me as well. I usually visit town and stay somewhere nice, so it's fun to share the experience there too. Wish you the best. :-)
  14. New to the board, just wanting to say "Hi"

    Welcome Amanda!
  15. How do you take your coffee?

    Well good morning all! This seems like a valid topic for a Monday. As I sit here and enjoy a cup of coffee and read the fun topics that keep coming up I thought why not see what everyone's preferences are for their morning cups of coffee. My routine is fresh ground at home (medium roast) with a splash of creamer and whipped into a frothy goodness. :-) I'll also venture to one of our local coffee shops for a stronger espresso drink for busy days. Love to hear how you all get your days going or maintain that level of production. ;-) Wish you all well on a Monday. Off to get another cup.
  16. TOB Appreciation Post

    I'd like to also take moment and thank the community of TOB. It's given me a chance to get to know some great people and have some fun with posts and replies. Keep up the good work. Happy Summer everyone.
  17. 411 on Baby Mew

    Seen her all over Twitter. Info seems legit. Hope someone finds out for us. :-)
  18. Brand New To The Forums!

    Good morning Angie! Welcome indeed. Hope the forum finds you well.
  19. Happy Birthday Lexy-skate

    Happy birthday Lexy-skate! Keep on keeping on! XOXOX
  20. Colorado Springs

    A most welcomed addition Meurelle. I hope the forums find you well. I've found it to be the best place to make new friends and share in all the fun posts. Enjoy!
  21. Memorial Weekend

    Rafting weekend here on the Arkansas River. Camp out and relax under the stars. Enjoy your time on the boat, sounds fun too.
  22. How dolled up do you like your girl

    I'm a fan of both honestly. I love when a woman wants to dress up and feel sexy for sure. I do love the natural look too. Really just comes down to how she feels when we meet and as long as she's comfortable, feels sexy and is happy, I'm more than happy. Meeting a few ladies on here multiple times, it's fun to see them dolled up and I find the casual wear sexy too. Fun post, thanks for letting us add to it.
  23. Happy Mother's Day

    A most welcomed thread. There's never enough thanks that can be sent the way of Mother's in the world. Thanks to all of you Moms out there!
  24. Happy Friday Everyone!

    Welcome to the board as well and happy weekend to all. Hope things go great for you on here. From what I see, certainly a welcomed addition. ;-)
  25. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Oh what fun.. I would wish for my all time favorite Rebecca Lord. Those eyes. :-)