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  1. Does anyone know if TOB offers any banner link codes to add traffic to our profile with our websites?
  2. New to VEGAS!

    Hello Beautiful I lived here my entire life and had no idea of all the fun and exciting things that are going on Downtown and especially at The Strip, until I joined the hobby last June (2014). If you are good at what you do and give your clients a fabulous Sin City Experience that they will want to remember; you will meet great people, eat at the finest resteraunts in the world, stay in the most phenomenal suites casinoes have to offer, watch amazing shoes that many travel far distances to see, and I can go on and on. With great reviews and an impressive work ethic, in time, you will experience all of these wonderful things that this city has to offer. If you want fun, do what I am doing... I'm going out to Bonnie Springs to shoot zombies with paintballs!! 😋 Hope that helps! Ciara Vegas