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  1. NS refugees

    Anyone here from Fresno/Visalia?
  2. What to do

    UPDATE... finally met this week (thank you Krystal!) So this is the last chapter in the soap opera. I will be posting a review soon, but for everyone holding their breath to see how this would ,[snip]
  3. New Girl

    Well hello LaurenB. I might have just found my new ATF! lol. I can't wait to meet you and hopefully we can make a great connection!
  4. stings tonight in northern colorado

    Speaking of LE being "in the game" as well. I had an ATF in Fresno, CA. She answered an outcall to a Hotel. The dude took out his dick and told her to touch it for proof he wasn't LE. She told me he instructed her to stroke it and he came within 2 minutes. At that point he arrested her. WTF? That is total BS by a horny MF cop!!!!
  5. What to do

    Well said and understood. Thank you for the response and good advise.
  6. What to do

    If I were you, I would have done the same. Trust your gut and there were certainly enough red flags last night to respond to. Above all else, if there's ever a question, take care of yourself!
  7. What to do

    Krystal, I'll fess up in public that it was me last night. I would never give you or anyone a bad review for something like this. I know I gave you the wrong room number and then the correct number. I travel so much I sometimes get room numbers mixed up. The worst part about it was that I wasted your time with all the problems (work dinner went later than expected, never stayed at this hotel before, couldn't connect to the hotel WiFi to contact you on TOB, couldn't remember my TOB password to contact you thru TOB via phone) I'm not really sure about what happened with the empty room unless that's when I was on the balcony smoking a cigar. Other than that I never left the room. Regardless, I am so sorry for the mix up and my pitiful lack of planning. I hope you will give me another chance in the future and I promise I will make up for me ending up wasting your time last night. Sorry
  8. Hobbyists: Where else do you browse?

    NightShift for California central valley. ECCIE for Texas.
  9. Backpage escort section gone

    Well, it looks official. Why weren't we consulted on this!
  10. Please give the guys up north a break. The last thing I can do after work if fight the I-25 traffic to DTC! There are so many nice places now near DIA, Stapleton, and even Aurora. I'd donate extra roses to not have to travel to DTC. Once in a while is OK but damn it seems like the majority of providers and most, if not all, of the visiting providers are automatically going to the Tech Center. If you have a private residence there then I can absolutely understand. However, if you are looking for a decent 4-star location, there are several other areas to consider. Besides, with 90% of the providers in DTC, the odds of finding more customers are dramatically increased if you venture off the beaten trail. IMHO
  11. So a question to the lovely providers. I always ask what position is preferable and 95% of the time it's doggy. So when I get worn out and ask that we continue in lazy dog, spoon, seems to be a huge hassle??? Sometimes.... I've heard everything from "I don't do it that way" to "I don't want to mess up my hair".. Is there a secret reason as a provider that this is not a "good" position? Just curious, Thanks
  13. New to Denver

    Welcome Layla!
  14. New to Denver!

    I agree with my alter ego! Great pic and welcome to the team!!!
  15. Provider Pleasure

    I'm all about giving a lady an orgasm!!! It turns me on and it's what I think about days later. I've had a lifetime of my own orgasms now so they're not really that interesting to me anymore. Don't get me wrong, the release is the ultimate goal but to have a mutual pleasure visit is what I love the most about this hobby. Plus, DATY tastes so damn good!!!
  16. New to TOBand glad to be here!

    Welcome and have fun!
  17. Krystal 720-473-9318 Colorado Escort Hey all. Hope you're all having a good evening. Does anybody have a little help/info on Krystal. I saw nothing sketchy in the pic and phone number searches. Thanks! ________________________________________________________________-- cached Ad BP Denver escorts Jan 26, 2016
  18. Nessa 970-702-0182 Colorado Escort Hi all. Hoping somebody has some info on Nessa. I did some searching on her pics and number. I didn't see anything that screamed out a problem. Any insight would be great! Thanks
  19. I think I figured it out. TooHot is Jay Cutler.
  20. Stuck. The question for the guys.

    I used to feel bad about seeing anyone else other than my ATF. As a matter of fact, I used to go to the extent to try to hide the fact that I saw others besides her. lol I finally came to my senses and remembered the golden rule... this is not a "relationship" hobby in the true sense of the word. I'm sure she couldn't have cared less about me seeing other providers from a "relationship" perspective but maybe from a financial perspective. When she was around, I usually gave her first right of refusal and move on from there. Now I usually get fixated on a certain provider or type of provider and search out someone who complements the current desire. Then, I will often change my preference for the next date and move on from there. "Taste the Rainbow".
  21. 411 On Krystal Denver BP

    Thanks for the follow-up Artguy. It's great to have discovered new providers and new members who will TOFTT and share the results. I should be in a position to TOFTT in the next couple of weeks. I need to narrow it down from a few that I've had my eye on for a while. Make sure to post a review as well.
  22. Thanks for the welcome

    Kaduk's house : )
  23. Stacy Hughes New to Colorado and new to TOB

    Welcome aboard Stacy! most of us are harmless and just looking to meet wonderful people. Hope you find Colorado to your liking and let me know if I can be of any assistance. I can surely donate my time to help you acclimate. Lol Glad to have you here!
  24. I agree. Great information. I have often wondered about the seemingly sudden onslaught of ads that appear and disappear randomly. I know gr8owl said it was just his opinion but it all make perfect sense. I think he hit it right on the head.
  25. Hello Denver and Utah!! Newbie to your board!

    Welcome Ericka! Hope you enjoy yourself here. Just be careful because the "snippers" are ever-present! lol