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  1. 411 Diana Rose

    If you don't do your homework your gunna fail the test eventually !! Know Guns , No Crime / No Guns ,Know Crime
  2. What is TOB to you?

    Its the Best dating site in the world WEEEEEEEEEEEE !!
  3. Has anyone seen this bogus warning yet BOGUS W/ CAPITAL B
  4. Has anyone seen this bogus warning yet

    If so sign me up i wanna work there!
  5. Just got ripped off

    there are many adds that are "strip tease" that lead the wrong way , IF ITS IN BOLD PRINT KEEP READING , thats my take on it if its too good to be true , it is
  6. 411 on Taylor BP?

    Just like when we were young enough people tell you not to touch it , what do you do ? , YOU TOUCH IT. OUCH THATS HOT ! I say tag it let us know outcome !! max v
  7. Hobby vs Camming

    thats like oranges and apples man
  8. Avoiding Entrapment

    Just do your homework , and don't deviate from it and you'll be Golden
  9. Avoiding Entrapment

    one more thing , Stay away from Westwords Bustpage (Backpage) your chances of changing your name to "john" will decrease a lot.
  10. Avoiding Entrapment

    It all adds up to one conclusion for me , "If you want to see the monkey dance you gotta pay the piper" lol Be careful out there , and do your damn home work chances are you'll be fine Peace out Max V
  11. I see they got rid of "donation" row , no brainer ! MaxyV
  12. Acronyms ??

    Is there a List i can Download im way behind the times , AMP ? bbbjnsnq ? Son of a............ I remember when pagers were popular didnt have this problem , Has any body ever gotten into a pickle because they mis-understood a Acronym?? MaxV
  13. Acronym help

    It should also be called "torcher"
  14. What Exactly Does This Mean?

    "cop"ulation i get it lol.
  15. busts LE etc

    Honestly though isn't "escort" a vague term ? it has many meanings , Hell I have a Shotgun that Mdl name is "Escort". And old Radar Detector , Never owned Fords version of the "Escort " lol . MaxV
  16. busts LE etc

    Not always a officer they are highlighting , informants have no conscious , have no obligation to follow the law , etc. etc. Be careful , "do your damn homework"
  17. Acronyms ??

    No matter what I would never put a ASP or myself in danger ,its not my first Rodeo , it was meant as a joke thus the (lol). peace out MaxV
  18. Acronyms ??

    Thanks Pejo , I find it very frustrating when a ASP doesn't know what DATY is and then hangs up on you when you explain lol I guess them not knowing was suppose to be red flag , my brain was elsewhere MaxV
  19. Licking pussy

    How Many of us in our younger days ladies included have been on the way too the "Y" got within distance and for whatever reason put on the brakes How did you explain sudden change of heart ?? for me ,I was with the girl of my dreams when i was 19, started going down got cold feet It was " ohhhh my back" rolled to the side hee hee !
  20. Just saying hi

    Oh my , I feel like a Ass , ok thanks for heads up MaxV
  21. Acronyms ??

    thanks man , feel free to kill this thread , didnt mean to be a spamer .
  22. Just saying hi

    Ok Im a Idiot , TS ? help.
  23. Outcall vs Incall

    Honestly rush hour is IMO between 7AM till 9AM then again at 230pm till 630pm , lets not forget the 7pm road construction , If Rush hour don't get ya , Cone Zone will. myself i find during rush hour to stay off the beaten path and its less stressful. anyway good luck . be careful MaxV
  24. Licking pussy

    isn't that the dude from Smashing Pumpkins ??
  25. Licking pussy

    If DATY isnt allowed , , homework pays off, I was lucky to get a few pointers from a good Lesbian friend i thank her all the time lol.