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  1. It Finally Happened...

    Invest in some flushable baby wipes. Lol
  2. Hello Everyone!

    nice to meet you. Welcome to the forums
  3. In this case, I would honor the original price. Then insist that the next visit would be the new donation. explaining why I change it.
  4. What's up with references?

    Touche as well here. I love your vocabulary love.
  5. What's up with references?

    lol. Touche
  6. So, I got a client referral, or reference check, excuse me, On this site. But when I try to check it It just sent me back to the same exact page. How do I check Client references?
  7. What's up with references?

    One thing I do not like about referrals, is when you contact the other provider , she goes back to the client and asks why he didn't come to see her. Then he feels conflicted and goes and sees her or just cancels. We are all trying to eat.
  8. I just charge it to the game and block their number when that happens. No need for that %uckery. Lol. But still very irritating.
  9. Erotic Monkey

    I get weird calls from them, never follow thru though. I never posted on there but all my info is there. I just send them to my correct ads. Can't hurt to have more exposure for free if the info is accurate.
  10. I love p 411 and you don't have to pay if youtre a provider. Plus the girls on there are reviewed and appreciate the okay option for the gentlemen. It make us providers feel safe.