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  1. I'm headed to Kansas City/ st. Joseph area in a couple of weeks. Was hoping to get some recommendations on ladies in that area or local advertising venues where a gent might find legit ladies to visit. Thanks
  2. Suggestions for Kansas City?

    I'm sure there are but I'm not a member. Thanks
  3. What makes you beautiful souls happy?

    Hearing my children laugh. Nothing makes me smile more!
  4. Hello Denver

  5. EroticMonkey.com

    I've written a few reviews there
  6. Denver to SPRINGS

    I personally wish there were some ebony providers in the area with good reviews.
  7. Too bad. I would love to motorboat those butt cheeks
  8. 411 on Z.o.e.

    I texted her once a while back. She was not very friendly. She asked if I like to write reviews? I said that I have written reviews in the past. She then says she does not see guys who write reviews. Ok. Fine with me. Bye
  9. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    I would jump at the chance to see a well reviewed lady. I've seen many ladies in Lakewood.
  10. Provider Pleasure

    Getting a lady off is a huge turnon for me. The ladies I tend to visit multiple times are the ladies that seem to enjoy themselves during my visit.
  11. Ladies, Can We Have Some Relief From DTC?

    Agreed! I see so many ads for ladies up north, but it's such a crappy area to visit. Traffic sucks getting there, and that whole end of town just seems so crappy and rundown. Come down south where it looks nicer and it's easy to drive around and park.
  12. HOBBYISTS: Team Downtown or Team DTC?

    Definitely Dtc. Easy access in and out. Easy parking for us gents that drive very large trucks.
  13. GENTLEMEN: What do you consider Curvy, PlusSize & BBW?

    I would call you curvy. Oh, and yummy looking!!
  14. New kid on the block

    Just contact the ladies you're interested in. Even if they require references. Be completely honest and open with them. Many of the ladies have ways to screen you without references. Be willing to give them any info they ask for and I guarantee you will find a great lady to play with.
  15. Any info on this lady

    I contacted her once. She asked if I like to write reviews? I said yes. She said she won't see gents who write reviews. Extremely rude lady!
  16. Graphic video in BP post

    I love when ladies post those kinds of videos.
  17. Can I pick up what?

    I've had ladies ask me to pick up covers quite a few times. My answer... Sure, I'd be happy to, see ya soon. I don't see the big deal. Some of these ladies don't even have cars so it can be difficult to run a quick errand. For me it takes 5 minutes. Why be a dick and cancel when you're being asked a simple favor?
  18. 411 On Krystal Denver BP

    The first TOB review does not look promising
  19. 411 on Scarlet -Denver

    Yep. Ripoff agency. Run away!
  20. Acquiring My First Review (Ladies ?)

    You may be out of many reviewers price range
  21. Jersey girl new to Denver

    Wow! Stunning woman! Welcome
  22. 411 Beth BP COS