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    I love what I do and by my attitude you will see that. I love to love ,i love to give !
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  1. Cutting The Cord!!!

    Internet service and cable TV has gotten outrageously expensive and I finally had it!!! Between internet and TV, I was paying over $170 and it still didn't have every major channel.. I only had HBO and Starz. Comcast came into a new thing a couple of months ago where they weren't giving you anything for free anymore!!! All of a sudden from one month to the next, I was paying 150 and then I was paid $260 for the same thing I had the month before . I never ordered all the channels they gave me for free. I went down to the xfinity office to talk to them and dude said down at Xfinity it's going to be $151 next month…..and I said fine!. Come next month my bill was $245 then it escalated to $400.. I wouldn't pay it,and they shut me off. Now I got a collection agency telling me I owe them $450 for something I never even ordered. I gave them their equipment back and told him to shove it up their ass. . Are you happy with your cable provider? So many Americans now are Cutting that cord and I am one of them! Can't say I love antenna TV, all the old Hogan's Heroes, I Dream of Jeannie ,excetera excetera --But it sure beats paying $170 a month What is your opinion about this whole cable CRAP??I don't know maybe I'll just get a fire stick….. I wonder what I can do with a firestick?? LOL.......Dance
  2. Blessed to Have Such Wonderful Mature Providers

    It's so nice to feel appreciated !!! ty
  3. Describe your cooking

    food is life!!! and I am great at preparing a delightful assortment of various dishes and enjoying eating them!!! LOL Proudly Graduated from C.I.A. N.Y.
  4. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    I love lucy..... how could anybody forget that?? "Beam me up Scotty" -Star trek, I Dream of Jeannie,Mash, Bewitched,Twilight Zone,Get Smart,Gilligan's Island, "I know Nothing"<<< Hogan Heroes -The list goes on...Old tvs shows are so simple,then again it was a simpler time. I do so appreciate those times! Love ,Sex and good old Rock n Roll
  5. Happy Birthday Laci French

    Girl, Your the BOMB!!! Happy Birthday!!
  6. Let's call it like it is PINK>>>YOU DON'T LIKE BIG WOMEN!!!!<<
  7. Skip the games

    It's Like everything else when it comes to this biz... Sometimes you just gotta take a chance!!. I personally have had success in advertising there...I have met some really nice gents and some losers who pull the no call no show deal. All in all, its ok. I'm just sayin'....Good luck sweetie... Dance
  8. Manscaping

    Well Said
  9. Postmen's Motto

    I toast you all....ONLY AT TOB!!!
  10. Postmen's Motto

    What a man!!! YES!!! Men like you... make everybody look good!!!
  11. Postmen's Motto

    Guys... Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds .... .Are you willing to go through any kind of weather to see your Lady?? Are you the Postman!!???
  12. Denver is turning into a retirement community

    You have no idea!!!! Being with a Mature Woman may teach you a few things you will soon not forget!!! I'm just sayin'
  13. Karaoke 101

    Mit meiner Stimme brauche ich kein Glück!!! Danke
  14. Karaoke 101

    Whatever i sang sounded good Yes??Steamroller Blues.....Stormy Monday
  15. Manscaping

    I was thinking about you when I posted this!!! Our discussion the other night!!!