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    I love what I do and by my attitude you will see that. I love to love ,i love to give !
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  1. Where to start?

    Yes Sir!!!! Hehehhehe LOL
  2. DIDO- I want to see what GUYS like you has to offer as a stud man..... Women are all beautiful just because, WE GOT THE PUSSY!!! dont forget it!
  3. Where to start?

    you guys are really getting to me OMG!!! LOL!!
  4. Where to start?

    why be sorry ? i love starting and ending in the middle lol
  5. Where to start?

    When doing the "naughty naughty" to your partner ,do you like to start from the feet up ....or neck down? What do you like done to yourself? from neck down or feet up??
  6. Site maintenance

    Ahhhh.... Guess i have to learn to Play with something else....Duh !! what do I play with??Let me think!! No TOB.....I always have myself !! LOL
  7. Question for my peeps

    Lost my virginity in a 1977 cherry red coupe deville caddie listening to love to love you baby!! Now thats a car date!!
  8. Ladies please be careful around the airport

    tweet tweet .....
  9. Hotel Lounge Hookups

    All you guys and ladies have such interesting stories - I LOVE IT!!!
  10. Hotel Lounge Hookups

    While on business in another state or country for that matter.....have you ever picked up a lady at a bar and found out she was a pro..? Did you go for it or not? Or...... Have you ever gone to a nice Hotel here in Denver, or anywhere,gone to the bar with the intention of finding a provider there? Were you successful?
  11. We are all...

    Oh my God ,I got to adjust my alcohol content reading this petty crap.... I rather do the trailer hitch thing... you know what im sayin'.... the 2018 thing is interesting. One more thing, language gentleman language
  12. How Old is too Old?

    It's the other way around!!!! lol heheheheehehe who pops the false teeth?? not him- her!! hahaahahah
  13. Real men of the forum...

    That's it... in the NUT SHELL!!
  14. How Old is too Old?

    thank you ,I certainly think so!!!
  15. Real men of the forum...

    A real friend......well those are far and inbetween. Your real friends you can count on one hand. I have had clients who are now my true friends help me out. I have always honored my word in paying them back in one way or another. I guess you would have to know the lady or gent very well and trust them. Now that's where some come into problems....I have never asked for help but been offered it. I reluctantly accepted because i was in a jam. To this day ,I know in my heart ,that these 2 gentlemen are my friends. They are the real men of the forums! You know who you are..... and thank you