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    I love what I do and by my attitude you will see that. I love to love ,i love to give !
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  1. How Old is too Old?

    It's the other way around!!!! lol heheheheehehe who pops the false teeth?? not him- her!! hahaahahah
  2. Real men of the forum...

    That's it... in the NUT SHELL!!
  3. How Old is too Old?

    thank you ,I certainly think so!!!
  4. Real men of the forum...

    A real friend......well those are far and inbetween. Your real friends you can count on one hand. I have had clients who are now my true friends help me out. I have always honored my word in paying them back in one way or another. I guess you would have to know the lady or gent very well and trust them. Now that's where some come into problems....I have never asked for help but been offered it. I reluctantly accepted because i was in a jam. To this day ,I know in my heart ,that these 2 gentlemen are my friends. They are the real men of the forums! You know who you are..... and thank you
  5. How Old is too Old?

    you forgot this one
  6. How Old is too Old?

    Let me clarify.....I'm not saying I'm to old.. embracing my play time is not as easy as it was 10 years ago!!! fact the prime years of my live I feel are now...I know more , I feel more . I just can't do it as often as i would like!!!I'm sure everybody over 50 can sympathize..... I'm just sayin
  7. How Old is too Old?

    I like that expression " Randy" well said!!!!
  8. How Old is too Old?

    I find myself asking the question...."am i getting to old to embrace my playtime" ? I 'll always will be 25 yrs old in my mind, LOL- But I can't climb a tree,can't win a triathlon,although I heard of women my age doing such. But should we feel as older ladies, that we can give a gentleman so much more because of our maturity? I do believe so. When seeing a lady do you find yourself only looking at age? I do understand quite a few gentlemen find themselves looking for that youth again with a younger woman. A perfect hardbody.... Do you ever ask yourself would I be more comfortable with a woman my age... Your views on this>>>>be nice!!!
  9. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸

    K ...I just saw this thread...and I gotta add my 10 cents! love all the old timers - Beck,zep ,humble pie,elo,jefferson star& airplane,manfred mann, joplin,hendrix ETC.....but nowhere did anyone mention one of the best musicians of our time...A talent that no one can match THE PURPLE ONE >>>> PRINCE<<<< I'm just sayin!!!
  10. Friendships

    I totally agree with Laci French....Just let it happen...if it's meant to be, it will be!
  11. I want to say hi to everyone in Denver

    Hey Girl....Lots of Love here!!!
  12. For the curvy/chubby girls

    I wouldn't be caught dead in spandex NOT!! I don't need to own that... Not at all- sorry
  13. Own Who You Are

    I Agree! Well said Audrey!!
  14. For the curvy/chubby girls

    I know I am A BBW BIG BEAUTIFUL Woman...and I do know there are certain things I can't wear. BUT....I like what curves I display... and I dislike some of them! But all in all, I think I look damn good in what I wear ,especially when i'm wearing nothing!! That's my 2 cents!!
  15. I shop at Walmart, I guess that leaves me out of the loop!!! Walmart Super Elite?????LOL LOL