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    I love what I do and by my attitude you will see that. I love to love ,i love to give !
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  1. Karaoke 101

    Mit meiner Stimme brauche ich kein Glück!!! Danke
  2. Karaoke 101

    Whatever i sang sounded good Yes??Steamroller Blues.....Stormy Monday
  3. Manscaping

    I was thinking about you when I posted this!!! Our discussion the other night!!!
  4. Manscaping

    I always think its nice to indulge in a nicely trimmed area ... many Men do it.... or would like to do it ?? Ladies feel free to chime in!!!
  5. Please!!

    Is the Cowboys defense good enough to stop the Rams? 2 An impenetrable defense has fueled Dallas’ playoff run. Will it be good enough to get them past the NFC’s best offense? Sorry .... The Rams are gonna kill em!! Just sayin'
  6. Happy Birthday CaliK8

    happy happy!!!
  7. Yes being over 50 has it's advantages

    HILARIOUS and I like # 22 as well LOL HAHAHAHAHA
  8. we are a dysfunctional bunch of boys and girls ....but we love each other and that's what makes us #1!!!!!!! hip hip-hooray TOB !
  9. I have been a member of TOB since 2005.I trust this website with my personal info. They(TOB )have to adhere to new laws which is very understandable. I trust TOB.... as Laci said, if any other group tries to approach me ,i will immediately reach out the admin asap!!! I don't want to anybody putting me or any lady in any kind of danger with the release of ANY personal info! Thanks Laci for bringing this to light.
  10. Dude....First of all, I am one of those Top-Ladies as Laci Is also.!! Why rain on everybody's parade on Christmas? You seem more worried about getting your groove on then the welfare of the ladies here.. Pick a better time to vent your frustrations...and a better place and don't unload on my friend!!! Dance
  11. Anyone else find this interesting?

    Yes i do agree that one subject morphs into something totally different. I just can't see why peeps must swear at each other under any circumstance on the forum irregardless if they agree on a subject or not. ....It is funny, but to a point... People there is so much violence in this world so much bitterness.. I personally don't want to read it on TOB unless in a subject matter,But between us>>??? Come on now~!!!.. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. If I am, then I will stop posting and keep my opinions to myself. I'm sorry If I offended anyone..Stay safe and much Love to you and yours....Dance
  12. Those Eyes

    I've been told "Bedroom Eyes" These Eyes - The Guess Who - YouTube
  13. Whats wrong ...

  14. Santa's Magic and Real Life help

    I wish for > No taxes, no poverty and to win pch !!! HA!!< that's only the beginning!! I could give Santa a woody by the time I got off his Lap...hehehehehehe
  15. On a lighter note....Boys and Girls , While sitting on Santa's lap, what do you wish for? You never know..... Dreams may come true!! WISHING EVERYONE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Thank you all !! Love ya Dance ******** PLEASE, if anyone calls you with a depressed outlook on things, be a friend ,get them help!! The suicide rate always increases during the holidays***** National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255 Available 24 hours everyday Colorado Crisis Services 3.0 (4) · Mental health service 6.1 mi · Westminster, CO · (844) 493-8255 Open 24 hours