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  1. Is P411 down for anyone else?

    I'm trying to log in to give an Okay and I keep getting this error: This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Just wondering if it's just my connection or if everyone else is having a hard time as well!
  2. +1000 for P411 I love them. If I get a request from a P411 member, I'm good to go! Makes screening SO much easier! Good luck OP!
  3. NCNS?

    I had 2!!! today... Back to back!!! I feel your pain ladies! Glad to know that it's not just me.. I was starting to give myself a complex!
  4. OK.. so whats the deal here?!

    You're a sweetheart! I really hope you're right! What a couple of wet blankets! Ugh.. [Snip}
  5. OK.. so whats the deal here?!

    I sure hope not! [Snip} That would be really mean!
  6. OK.. so whats the deal here?!

    You are such a gentleman! Still not used to dealing with those.. I didn't see any cars, especially police.. That would have spooked me too! I wish that I did know one of these fine ladies so that they could indeed vouch for me but alas.. I am friendless jk Thank you for the kind words and suggestions!
  7. OK.. so whats the deal here?!

    [snip] I get a call from a gentleman saying he would love to meet. He says he is about 45-60 minutes away. No problem. What girl doesn't LOVE more time to get ready?!! I get constant updates over the next hour from him.. I'm loving the communication. He finally says that he is here so I walk out to meet him.. Then I get this text: "Sorry to waste your time. I'm too nervous." Ummmm.... ok? I completely understand being nervous. I get that these situations, especially new ones can be very awkward and scary so I chalk it up as a loss and move one. No. Big. Deal. 15 minutes later... I get a text from another gentleman with his verification info saying that he would like to meet. I do a little research and agree to book the appointment. He says he is about 30 minutes out. Again, not a problem! Just more time to be as prepared as possible so I can knock his socks off, right? I again get pretty constant communication (something I'm not used to) and I'm thinking, "Wow, these otherboard guys are GREAT!" I get the text that he is here and out I go to meet him... I'm standing there.. Nothing. I text him.. Nothing. I call him.. Nothing. Is this normal, ladies? I sure hope not. [Snip} It sure is a drag to be stood up! Even more-so it happening twice back to back! I must be doing it wrong.. Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm feeling pretty crummy right now
  8. EUREKA‼️

    I wasn't around for what this place used to be but I will absolutely concur that forums like this are very hard to manage and can be very buggy. Older PHP and vBulletin forums were the same way in the beginning and don't even ask about upgrading to a newer version.. OMG! Nightmare. I completely sympathize with whisperer and know exactly what he going through. Just be patient, it'll all work it self out and become more familiar each time you log on!
  9. It Finally Happened...

    I have no idea how I have missed watching this show... Looks like I have a new binge session coming soon! Thanks for that!
  10. Quick Visit

    I usually don't offer them because I don't really feel like I can give outstanding service in 15 minutes. If I were to offer them again though, I would probably offer FS within the dedicated time just because I would feel bad otherwise. I think every provider is different though. Some prefer QV... I'd rather have the quality myself.
  11. It Finally Happened...

    That has got to be one of the funniest GIF's I've ever seen!