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  1. New P411 ?

    I just reached out to a lady Ive never seen before. We are now limited to 301 characters in an appointment request. I don’t feel like it’s working properly. I definitely had way less and it wouldn’t let me send it. I had to shorten it down to my name, appearance and desired date. Could not put nothing about my interests or anything else.
  2. Uber question

    I’m going to be in a different city for a week. No need for me to rent a car, but I would like to go three places while there. Is it an unreasonable request for the driver to take me three places? All are less than three miles from the hotel. I would absolutely tip. I need to go to a LQ, dispensary and bank.
  3. P411 Access

    No problems for me.
  4. P411 changes 2019

    Gotta be honest. If i can no longer set up appointments, I’m not likley to renew, at least not at the current price.
  5. Post Your Funnies

  6. Where Will You Discover Us?

    Here and 411. Never used bp again after i found this place years ago.
  7. P411 offerings vs all others?

    I'm considering leaving p411. If I need to provide refs, WTF am I paying for? If i were a Dbag that would be apparent by my lack of okays. I have almost 30. I'm safe and fun. But a couple ladies I have contacted want contact info for refs. No, thats why I pay for P411, so I don't have to dick with it. Normally I just move on if it's " with refs" Dont have time to contact all of them.
  8. TS Experience

    Not into TS, but I would really like to try toys for boys.
  9. I skip, no donation set means you don't want my business.
  10. That one thing...

    Kiss me then bite my ear lobe and neck, I will kill for you.
  11. Should I post a negative review?

    Fuck. I gotta stop drinking and posting shit on the net. I forgot all about this post until I checked my hobby email. As for the free hour, I should have clarified, I ALWAYS book two hours. I hobby maybe six times per year, I only make appointments when I can guarantee I can can make them, I have a crazy ass job lol. I still haven't decided if I will give her another try. But I wont post a review. We emailed and I do think I just got the bad luck. But good advice everyone, I was a lil drunk when I posted, if I can't get laid my buddy Jameson will always be there! I probably overreacted, but damn I was pissed. I took time off work and burned two vacation days. I'm over it now lol. Shit happens, move on. BTW I love that butt hurt form. I used that in the military for my green LT's! haha! And you guys that PMed me. I'm not telling you who it was, yet.
  12. Should I post a negative review?

    I should clarify, the first time she texted me and asked if we could move a few days. No prob for me, but then she had aunt flow vist an hour before. Yesterday she passed out from dehydration, AFTER moving the app back 1.5 hours.
  13. Should I post a negative review?

    So this particular ASP has canceled last minute on me twice. Last min meaning less than an hour, and pushing back the app time by a day, two days, an hour, half hour etc... She has all stellar reviews, both were medical reasons (so I'm told). Should I? Both times I have been in a restaurant waiting then got the text that she canceled. Is it out of line to try one more time, with a free hour ? I have never had a situation where I have felt I needed to write a bad review. I guess I should stick with the ladies I know will make it. BUT, if I had canceled twice last minute, I would be blacklisted. I just don't know. I believe her and I dont' at the same time.
  14. Wow! New format, new mods!

    Gotta be honest, I'm not liking the "upgrade" one bit.