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  1. Pillows, Cold, Halloween

    Hope you all enjoyed your Halloweenie! Thank you for all the responses it looks like chocolate was the game winner for favorite candy. Yumm! I don't know about other states but it has been beautiful weather in Colorado especially for November, this makes me happy as we can wear shorts and skirts 1 day and layer the next! We get to use our entire wardrobe! So, I bought a Coop as suggested per Kaduk, I just got it today and I am excited to see how well I sleep tonight. As a gag I ordered Sixties Dude's suggestive pillow to my bestie in California, hope her hubby doesn't get jealous! I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. If you vote, then you already know, GO! 💋
  2. Halloween

    Me too! I wanted to go really old school and bob for apples from a cauldron...stupid Covid! Maybe next year. Hope everyone has a fun safe night and watch for the Blue Moon!
  3. Pillows, Cold, Halloween

    I Love It!
  4. Pillows, Cold, Halloween

    Nice, I will have to check them out! Thanks for all the advice. I got a body pillow from my favorite place to shop...Amazon! I will let you guys know how it works out. I want a couple different 1s so I have a selection and can really figure out my favorite kind of pillow!
  5. Pillows, Cold, Halloween

  6. Halloween

    I agree dark chocolate is amazing and it can add 7 years to your life!
  7. Halloween

  8. Pillows, Cold, Halloween

    I want to try a body pillow but skeptical...I cannot seem to find the perfect pillow for me. Too soft I am always folding in half too firm I try and fluff it up, more then 1 isn't good for your neck. Does anyone have a My Pillow or a Purple pillow?
  9. Pillows, Cold, Halloween

    Hey everybody, thank you for sharing your feelings about the cold weather approaching and all the Halloween candy favorites. I hope all of you enjoy your Halloween and that friends and family stay safe and well! So, I have a question and yes totally random but I need to know...what kind of pillow/pillows do you sleep with? Firm, soft, large, small...?
  10. Halloween

    Wow. That is definitely retro! Thanks for sharing
  11. Halloween

    I am surprised not 1 reply for favorite candy is the same. Are you ladies/gentleman reading others answers and naming different 1's? If so then I am excited to see how many different kinds of candy are really out there. Especially if you are native to a different country and you have a favorite candy that Americans don't know about, would love to hear!
  12. Halloween

    Don't you love that! I would take all the pillowcases full of candy and tell my kids I had to check all candy before they could eat any. I would take a few favorites before they got them back! Nice, I know before people would frown but I say if you are dressed for the occasion then go for it!
  13. Halloween

    Nice, I know before people would frown but I say if you are dressed for the occasion then go for it!
  14. Halloween

    Hey everybody, so most people are really excited for the cold weather which I guess we're in a state that gets all seasons. I asked my daughter what her favorite candy to get in her bag/basket when she was young and went trick or treating. She said Snickers. My favorite is candy corn as I eat chocolate all year. So I wanted to see what all of your favorites are and see which candy is the most popular. Can't wait to see what all of your favorites are...
  15. Its cold

    It sounds like everyone is excited that summer is ending. I'm sad I don't like cold weather. I wish it was warm most of the time. I am a native so I know the hotter the summer the longer and colder the winter will be.