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  1. Taco Tuesday Ideas?

  2. Ass Photos

    I hope this is not shilling, but Ann Montclair has a beautiful ass! Pictures and in person
  3. What is YOUR KINK?

    I love eating pussy. I’m obsessed with it. I also believe that I am very good at it.
  4. Best DATY in Colorado

    That would be me😃
  5. Grand Junction

    I travel a lot, and I will be in GJ a couple of times in the coming months. I’ve done a search on the western slope and found one provider in GJ from about 7 weeks ago. Can anyone give me some advice on where to look?
  6. Offering bbfs

    If a provider advertises bbfs, there is no way I would ever consider her for an appointment
  7. Will the Bush ever come back

    I appreciate armpit hair on a woman, I think it's sexy, with that being said, one step at a time, Bush then armpit hair. Yes I do look for the women that are "au natural", but they are far and few to choose from.
  8. Just curious. I really like to rub my face in a women's bush, and tug on her short curlys with my lips
  9. No Vaccine then no "P"?


    I look forward to meeting you!
  11. Client face picture

    I'll probably get chastised for this, but, photos should be updated regularly along with their bio. I've seen pictures that are from years ago and are even dated. Read bio's that they are a non smoker, and upon driving there and checking in for the address, I was asked to pick up cigarettes. Just adding my two cents
  12. Providers in Golden

    I tried that, golden hair and golden skin
  13. Providers in Golden

    My job brought me to Golden. I was wondering if there was any providers in town, preferably by the campus