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  1. Puffies???

    I want puffies!
  2. Kissing, giving oral

    If a lady is kind enough to let me finish in her mouth and want a kiss afterwards, pucker up!
  3. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    This is a two way street. Just last week I sent a message to a provider who actually asked for more information, sent the information that she wanted, she acknowledged that she got it, and that was the last I heard from her.
  4. Cancellation Notice

    How about...I set up an appointment with a provider that I have seen before. Open communication. Call half an hour before to confirm address, arrive 5 minutes early, text to let her know I'm there, wait until the appointed time, call, nothing. Wait another 5 minutes and text. Call again leave message. 5 minutes goes by I text again, get a response "Can't meet today, problems with roommate" and that was it. Waste of my time I guess it goes both ways
  5. Natal-BANNED?

    I've had two girls that I visited that I wrote reviews on that have been banned without an explanation to me. Admin, just give me a hint, I want to make sure I shouldn't contact them outside of TOB.
  6. 411 on Sara/Lita/Perla

    I saw her and reviewed her as sara lita. It's her inthe pictures albiet airbrushed and touch up (lips and nipples)
  7. Sara in Denver

    Welcome! I look forward to seeing you!
  8. I’m new to this site

    Are you in Denver to stay?
  9. reviews

    Now with the new rules in place, and reviews shortened to "Would you see provider again, yes or no" how do you go about finding out if a provider will perform certain "fantasies" before you call. Alot of providers state "No explicit talk" if you call them. Just wondering
  10. Hi I'm new

    What I mean, if an asp who is new to the site, should post recent and clear pictures of herself.
  11. Hi I'm new

    Post recent and clear pictures
  12. Choosing to see a provider without reviews?

    Welcome to TOB, please look at your in box on TOB
  13. Las Vegas

    I have tried from Denver to locate TOB providers in Vegas. Any help would be appreciated
  14. Favorite Dirty Movies

    Blue Is The Warmest Color, currently on Netflix
  15. Gianna Perez 411

    Thanks Jos, I was curious also