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  1. Actual Massage Skills?

    Thanks for the recommendations. They definitely look promising.... Thanks... I like that she's on P411. That's helpful to me. Thanks... that's a good, easy location for me as well. Vic
  2. Actual Massage Skills?

    Any recommendations on providers who possess some actual massage skills? My lower back is stiff and really should not be.... Of course, my lower front is not.... and should be..... Any thoughts would be appreciated..... Vic
  3. Which local providers provide Bondausage?

    I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but the providers who have that service will recognize it. Curious as to who provides that locally. Vic
  4. Was told not to bother old clients

    All I really want to know is, "Am I on your menu?" .... But you are correct. We always face YMMV, but there are a few things that I consider "must haves". If the lady is willing to respond after screening me, that's great. But more than once I've experienced that response being less than fully truthful.
  5. Deciding to walk.

    I understand what you are saying completely and I think you are well within your rights to walk out if you feel the ad/pictures were misleading. A few years back I had a provider on my list and called her to set something up. We couldn't make our schedules work. Two weeks later she posted new pics.... with about 70 additional pounds. If I had gone through with that initial appointment and found that kind of physical difference I would have walked out as well. The vast majority of the pics and ads are reasonably accurate. But when they are not it is because someone is definitely trying to mislead you. It's your right to walk. Vic
  6. Frustrated

    Sometimes the experienced hobbyists forget how hard it can be for someone new to get started, especially in today's environment. I've been hobbying since 2000 and have probably seen more ladies that are now retired than I have unretired ladies. And no doubt I've slowed down the last few years for a variety of reasons. But the best advice for the OP has already been given. Find a couple of newbie friendly providers and get those notches in your belt. Once you have them, everything gets easy. I use P411 because I travel and it makes my life very, very easy. But if you are going to just stay local then you probably don't need it. Like I said, get a few under your belt, even if they are not your "dream girl" and then let those references serve you going forward. One last item, make sure the ladies you visit are also reference friendly. Otherwise you won't get any "credit" for having visited them. FWIW.... Vic
  7. False References

    But wait.... anyone can suddenly decide to get violent. I could get an ok today and get violent tomorrow. This whole idea that P411 ok's get stale or expire just makes no sense to me. If you have 40 ok's (as in your example) you have 40 references. 40 ladies who have essentially said, "yes he is safe to see." Suggesting that if you haven''t seen a provider in 6 months, or gotten an ok in 6 months somehow makes the gent more inclined to be violent or abusive just makes no sense. Personally doubt that I'm so memorable that providers remember me even 30 days later, much less 6 months. It sounds like you want to penalize guys who don't see providers often.
  8. False References

    Isn't this a big reason for using something like P411, I don't hobby that much locally but having the OK's on P411 has generally done the trick.
  9. ID Rant

    Lucy... I get your point and understand, but there are a couple of ways to look at it. Who has more at risk the lady or the client? From the client perspective I might find myself face to face with ELLE or a pimp, or a crazy lady who decides that she wants to out me because of a mediocre review, or lack of effort, or whatever. That's a pretty big risk for me to take and show you who I really am. What's the lady have to risk? Well, I could be enormously unclean, diseased, a rapist, or a murderer. That's a pretty big risk to the lady. But my perspective is that being outed or arrested is less risky than being murdered, so I tend to give the advantage to the lady. Now, that's my opinion and many on here will disagree with me and that's their right. But my risk is nothing to sneeze at and I understand the reluctance of guys to give you their information. So what is the answer? In my case, I never see a lady who is not well established with multiple (read 10 or more) reviews. So she has a reputation to worry about and that reduces the risk of any funny business. And I use P411 almost exclusively because she now has 20 or more other providers who have said I'm not a rapist or a murderer. So I've reduced both of our risks. If she won't accept my ok's because they aren't new enough (I don't hobby nearly as much as I used to), I move on. In my early days I was asked for my ID several times. And since I was with a well known provider, I gave it to them. Would I do so today? hmmm.... since they are well reviewed and I'm well "reviewed" i don't see the reason for it. I'd probably walk away as my spidey sense might be tingling. But again, if I were a new guy or seeing a new girl, that changes the equation. My .02 and worth most of that. Vic
  10. Tips for buying a home here?

    If you can afford to rent for a while, that's the way to go. The RE market is red hot here but as always, there will be a crash. And that's when I buy properties, not when the market is hot. Vic
  11. The best kisser

    I'm right there with you, OP. To me the intimacy of kissing is a prime factor in seeing a lady. But so often you can't tell from their ads if they are into it or not. Its something I always look for on P411, be even that is not a guarantee that they are really into it or good at it. The search continues! Vic
  12. Hotels

    It's good to know that Pop Tarts are an acceptable gift. Some girls want wine or perfume. So the question is, chocolate, cinnamon, or strawberry?
  13. The Nice Guy

    You don't need to be mean, but you do need to be honest. Otherwise guys will waste money thinking the pictures are accurate when they are not. If the plan is just to "let others learn on their own" then there is absolutely no point to a review board at all. "pictures not accurate" and "much older and heavier" than expected are honest. Feel free to say how nice she was. But the reviews need to reflect reality.
  14. More on your opinion of what photos you prefer to see(:

    I like photo's that don't try and hide the size/shape of the lady. Photo's intended to hide what the lady looks like just make me pass them by. The other thing might be called "representative dress". One lady years ago had a number of poses in lingerie that were a real turn on. But she made it very clear in her ads that she was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and didn't take wardrobe requests. I found that frustrating. Just my opinion.... Vic
  15. P411waiting

    I usually book a day or two ahead and generally use P411 because I travel. I wasn't aware that there can be a delay in receiving those notices so I generally wait 24 hours and if i have not heard back, I move on. Knowing what I now know, I will likely follow up the sage advice above and follow up with a text or email (whatever the lady prefers) to let her know I've sent the request.