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  1. Hotels

    It's good to know that Pop Tarts are an acceptable gift. Some girls want wine or perfume. So the question is, chocolate, cinnamon, or strawberry?
  2. The Nice Guy

    You don't need to be mean, but you do need to be honest. Otherwise guys will waste money thinking the pictures are accurate when they are not. If the plan is just to "let others learn on their own" then there is absolutely no point to a review board at all. "pictures not accurate" and "much older and heavier" than expected are honest. Feel free to say how nice she was. But the reviews need to reflect reality.
  3. More on your opinion of what photos you prefer to see(:

    I like photo's that don't try and hide the size/shape of the lady. Photo's intended to hide what the lady looks like just make me pass them by. The other thing might be called "representative dress". One lady years ago had a number of poses in lingerie that were a real turn on. But she made it very clear in her ads that she was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and didn't take wardrobe requests. I found that frustrating. Just my opinion.... Vic
  4. P411waiting

    I usually book a day or two ahead and generally use P411 because I travel. I wasn't aware that there can be a delay in receiving those notices so I generally wait 24 hours and if i have not heard back, I move on. Knowing what I now know, I will likely follow up the sage advice above and follow up with a text or email (whatever the lady prefers) to let her know I've sent the request.
  5. Getting Started And Just Saying Howdy Everyone!

    Hi Nikki.....Welcome to the board. Let us know when you plan to be up this way. I'm sure there will be a long line.... with me in the front! Vic