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  1. Question for BBBJ lovers

    You can. I didn't write this but the question is based on girls without any reviews
  2. I've got a question for those who insist that their blow jobs be natural. How do you pose this question to a provider, either on the phone or by text? I've had a few refuse to answer, others will give me the "prostitution is illegal" line while many will answer my question. I generally ask only 3 questions - cost for an hour, their location, and this. I've tried to phrase it different ways but it's either obvious or I hide my intent so well they don't get it. For me a covered blow job is a deal breaker, no matter how hot she is or how great a bargain. So how do you ask this question? Any advice or knowledge based on experience or someone with a better command of the English language than me would be greatly appreciated. In Tampa this never caused issues but the ladies are more guarded here. And if you feel like helping me again, tell me the name of the girl who gave you the best BBBJ here in Vegas. Either post it or PM me. Thanks