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  1. I would simply tell him it is none of his business and then block him.
  2. Ohmibod

    Ill take one as a gift lol
  3. Short end of the stick

    Ii always hold my head up high, I know who I am. The guys who cant tell the difference between a vicious attack from an honest review you don't want them anyways.
  4. Things I don't understand

    I agree with Mr. decaff, I would say never. Its just a bit too much.
  5. Ladies, A Heads Up!

    Plus one amen, Remember everyone what happened with the provider that verified the guy she had coffee with on P411 coffee there is a perfect example of the bite back.
  6. Agreeing to anything over the phone

    More importantly why do guys keep asking explicit questions over the phone don't they know that if it's a sting all they do is have to show up and then the cops have got them I wish they put that s***
  7. Favorite Additions?

    Well I would have to say baby wipes KY sexy nighties and a great attitude
  8. Fast or Slow

    Im with that slow smooth and sensual way also. It is not any fun being with someone that wants to pound the shit outta you.
  9. what is up with the no black guys thing.

    I think it's because they assume that they would have more problems with young black men. I myself do not see in color, I only view and observe someone by how they conduct themselves. Treat me good I treat you good.
  10. The real job thing

    I got this bright Idea and would have been ok if a lot a different things. To make a long story short I started cleaning the apts where I live and the assholes haven't paid me they said they would not three day me because they owe me. Then the 15th of the month roles along and they stick a three day on my door with this outrageous amount to pay I have an attorney but dont have any where to go should I loose the court proceedings I should be ok but you never know so I was wondering if anybody out there that owns prooperty has a house to rent if so pm me.
  11. Omg this is probably gonna be a stupid question but can any one tell me how to get my pic posted with the rest if the girls in the strip above the ads?
  12. Lube

    Good to know lol
  13. How To Suck Your Own Penis

    Now that would be something worth watching
  14. Quick Visit

    Thank you
  15. Ladies and NOT giving references. I have a Rant!

    Wow that is insane. It spells snake in my books. Nice one crissy.
  16. How to get me back through the door

    +1 Rlalph I don't care how right you lick you'll never hear that shit fall from my mouth lol. Boink needs a spankin
  17. How to get me back through the door

    Oh damn no you didn't lol.
  18. How to get me back through the door

    Gee I guess So lol. idk I do not have this problem. I think the more comfortable the more enjoyable the session. You know what I mean no first time jitters,
  19. Quick Visit

    This is a way to get in the door and push your time out for more total BS. I think it brings traffic to your door that is unneeded. When it comes down to it and they are crying I'm not done all I can say is you got jokes. Anything under a hour is really crazy in my books, hell you barely get your shoes of take a shower and do some getting to know each other in thirty idk?
  20. "Sign Pic"

    I have a question for the Lakerboy so are you willing to do the same? I really think your reading to much into this. If the provider does not have reviews do not see. To gamble your freedom on a pretty smile and a sign yikes. Just remember that this all works if we all work together. Stay outta the hotels don't see providers without reviews and the rest is simple.
  21. This new

  22. This new

    I agree I cant even advertise it keeps telling me the payment system is down. I have lost a lot of biz due to the fact the guys cant even look at the reviews like they used to without registering and the other obvious reason I cant advertise. Damn It.