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  1. She is legit. Sweet girl with a few restrictions, but legitimate. Just haven't gotten around to a review.
  2. Violet Ray CS

    Texted her a weekend so ago and she wanted a picture. I texted back saying I didn't send pics. She asked me to describe myself and I kind of lost interest. I'm sure she was being safe, but didn't feel like going through the brain drain at the time. Her pics are intriguing, I must say.
  3. Chanel Cox / COS

    Got the same result as lintlizard when she posted on SkipTheGames that she had a TOB review. SkipTheGames also ran some from a client indicating she was heavy unto drugs and was not as clean as once thought. That would be unfortunate as I had the opportunity to visit Lexxx back a couple of years ago and she was quite nice.
  4. so...ummmm..... Hi all !.. yes yes...

    Indeed! Welcome back. Good to hear from you!
  5. My date that ended in tears

    Jos; I have children who are grown and have children of their own now. I think the most valuable lesson I could have ever passed along is to love your kids more than yourself. They have all become better parents than I ever was. Do not apologize for putting this hobby aside for the sake of addressing a family need - especially a child. The make-up sessions or added perks are nice, but I doubt this gentleman expects it if he is a true gentleman. And never feel guilty for loving your kids.
  6. Helloo Colorado

    Welcome, Chanel.
  7. Chantelle 719-627-2483 Colorado Companion Wondering if anyone has any information on this young lady. I've seen her ads often, but can't find anything else in her. http://colorado-springs.skipthegames.com/female-escorts/caucasian_w/sweet-as-candy-cum-try-the-bes/714782183561
  8. Incall vs. Outcall

    Have to go with incall.
  9. Full body O

    One of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had is patiently pleasing a woman to the point of her shaking and quivering. I get the most satisfaction in experiencing her satisfaction.
  10. How Old is too Old?

    I have found myself drawn to a more mature lady simply because they seem so much more understanding of my advancing years. Not that some of the younger women haven't been exceptionally patient and wonderful experiences. It's that sometimes I like the experience that comes from age, which is a comforting draw. As for beauty and desirability, age is only a number. The real beauty is in the connection between two people and the attitude of a giving, compassionate heart.
  11. Homeless teens

    Thank you for bringing this very worthwhile organization to this board. These folks are compassionate caregivers and have a real passion for reaching out to these young people. When searching for our own entertainment, we can sometimes lose sight of those who are in true need. It's such a simple task to make a real difference by caring enough to provide simple necessities.
  12. New here

    There are some pretty awesome ladies in the Springs as long as you do your research. I've had great encounters on the South side as well as the North so enjoy yourself.
  13. its been ages since ive been back in Colorado springs..

    Welcome back. Happy to have you back in town.
  14. Tongue or No Tongue?

    Definitely tongue. Very passionate feel when kissing.
  15. Hi TOB let me introduce myself

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!