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  1. I’m Even More Stoopid than I Thought…

    Thank you, sir. I'm probably going to tone down the spice a little but appreciate the recipe, nevertheless.
  2. Best Exercise Program

    As an added note, if you keep doing Insanity, you're going to lose curvature. I never went to Asylum. However, you might consider subscribing to Beachbody's streaming option. It's a set price at (I can't remember what) but you have access to every Beachbody workout available. P90x, PiYo, Brazilian Butt Lift, Body Beast... all of it. The good thing about Insanity, though is that it is body weight resistant exclusive, so very little extra gear required and you can do that workout forever. ... it just gets boring after a while.
  3. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    Thank you, Samantha. I appreciate your input. I agree with you. To be a little more clear, I am not faulting the lady for wanting an ID. I'm only stating what I would do in funtimes' position. For me, I'd come to the realization that this isn't going to happen. No harm. No foul. Time to scroll further down the list. That's all. I can really only try and understand the other side of the boardroom table. It's an abstract understanding at best. I realize I'm getting into bed with my business partners, so it's not like a normal business meeting, but I still have to think about my own interests and well being just as I would in a "normal" business meeting. Certainly, you can understand the importance of mutual respect. When it works the way it should, sex with a business partner ads a dynamic eroticism that is hard to replicate in the hum-drum existence of everyday life. But let's face it. There are no contracts on the table. It's a woman's word and mine. We have only our reputations to seal the deal. If we've never met, we've no idea of the intentions of our partners sitting on the other side of the oak. Often times, even after years, we can be looking at each other's throats. A vindictive woman can do irreparable damage to a naive man. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. I know this well. Under said circumstances, I feel telling the young lady, "no thank you" is completely acceptable. just my thoughts. I'm often wrong.
  4. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    In that case, I'd say, move on. If she doesn't trust your OK's and reviews here, there isn't anything you can do to assuage her concerns, EXCEPT show her your real identity. Just my advice... DO NOT EVER DO THAT. You have a reputation here, for whatever it's worth, you have a p411 profile, with OK's, I'm assuming. That's all you can do. I repeat: DO NOT EVER SHOW YOUR ID. Make the decision to play elsewhere. For what it's worth, most reputable agencies do not care to see your ID when you are established. It's a big pond to play in. Why obsess over one woman?
  5. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    I made a mistake in an earlier post. I do remember being asked to show my ID prior to meeting a lady other than the one time long ago. You're right though, Chrissy. After several texts back and forth, I just got so comfortable with texting this gal, I completely forgot to mention my profile here. To be fair she didn't ask for it until very close to appointment time. I told her, "I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to do that." I was very tempted to give her a web pick of Paavo instead. I resisted my Irish, impish nature. When I mentioned who I was here, though, I was at her door in minutes. Consequently she earned a very nice review. I guess my question falls along Chrissy's line of thinking. Did you forget to mention who you were here? If you're a polite gentleman, and established here, are you not a sure bet? Bathe, take your shoes off at the door, give her a compliment when you get in, leave the donation. Follow her rules and exit when she tells you to. It's not rocket science.
  6. ID Rant

    I was only ever asked once to show my ID. It was a long time ago. I have a baby face so she was was skeptical of my age. The only reason I complied with her wishes, was because she was very well established. Honestly though, with an ass like yours, you can ask for their kidneys and someone is bound to give one to you. Anymore though the common practice for me is to leave my ID the car.
  7. Best Exercise Program

    Check your pm.
  8. Best Exercise Program

    In my opinion, you have the best workout routine on the market today. I have not returned to Insanity in quite a while, so I'm slipping back into my pudgy self. but... when I started Insanity I was a wad of cookie dough at 5'9 175 pounds. I got shin splints two weeks in and had to take two weeks off to recover (I tried doing the workout in just socks, no tennis shoes. Bad mistake). When I started again I finished it to completion and weighed 152lbs. After I stopped I continued to lose weight for some reason dropping down to my lowest since high school at 148 lbs. It absolutely shredded the shit out of my body. My recommendation is stick with the program if you can do the exercises everyday and eat according to the plan. I think you will be very impressed by the end Good luck.
  9. Sad day in Geek-land

    George Romero ... I remember Martin, and Night of the Living Dead. Still have the VHS tapes, covered in dust. My voicemail used to be a recording of "I'm running this monkey farm, Frankenstein!..." from Day of the Dead. Tom Savivini and George Romero deeply romanticized horror films for me. My heart saddens, but I salute the hero who created the entire zombie subculture. Life has a way of swallowing up all of my role models. Requiesce in pace, mo chara. And thank you Reindeer, for the post.
  10. Yeah but the funniest one was when the guy with the humped back dick steps up and Houston started backing up off the table yelling "QC! QC!"
  11. Black and White or Color Photos

    It can always be B&W except for her red panties. just a thought.
  12. Only good reviews going through???

    Lol. Only if it's msog. Just whatever I do I had better not try for round three. I think we all know what happens when you're 3 mins. over on a QV.
  13. Only good reviews going through???

    I'm actually pretty impressed. Think of all the time and money I'd save if that could be me.
  14. Rather disappointed