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  1. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    "Stein, the captain, smote a foot off Ivar Kolbeinson, but Leif, Ivar’s brother, beat to death a fellow of Stein’s with a whale-rib;" - Morris, William. Grettis Saga: The Story of Grettir the Strong
  2. open request night

    This one goes out to all the women who lost the fight to breast cancer
  3. Why don't providers work out?

    That's my blushing bride!
  4. Why don't providers work out?

    Damnit Bit!
  5. She took it from me

    You are a sweetheart, Kali, but I believe my affliction runs deeper than that. On the other hand, take it away from me, you don't get anymore weird, crazy posts from old uncle v in the middle of the night. That would just make too many people here, far too comfortable for their own good. That happens and heads start nodding off into the mash potatoes.
  6. She took it from me

    Unless Imhotep has pointed his bony finger to the starry night. Then the ka bursts away from the ba and you are no longer terrestrial. All the birds by the brown and the blue, I salute you. You will not be forgotten. That is the whole of the law
  7. Specials and expectations

    Most of the women out there now are two times gals. Used to not be the case a few years ago, but those ladies have become a dying breed. I'm pretty confident that if you are respectful and clean you're going to get what you're asking for.
  8. She took it from me

    I think it was a lot to do with a lack of motivation on my part. I just wasn't focused. When I started the project, I attempted the soft way out by sort of slithering down on my belly. That didn't get me anywhere. Later, with better development, research backing me up, I tried rolling down sideways. I'd only gotten bruised ribs but there was promise. My final attempt, I needed to fuel myself with scotch, beer, vodka, some weird shit called green tea shots, beer, more scotch. My courage was up. There was nowhere to go but down. I decided to tumble down like a monkey, head over heals. I passed out. Hours drifted by and when I awoke, I realized I'd been trying to roll down the step from my patio. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, a single six inch high cement step leading into grass is not enough to turn a man into a wight. Who knew?
  9. She took it from me

    I should look on the bright side. Last time I got like that I threw myself down a flight of stairs so I could snap my neck. I was hoping to come back as a wight. Failed. Definitely not a wight.
  10. She took it from me

    Naw, just a nerd. I got pretty shit faced last night. I don't even remember submitting this post. Kingdoms of Amalur? I'll have to check that out. And it was Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, not LoK, but yes, I really enjoyed the Kain series. I really got to cut my drinking out.
  11. She took it from me

    And after his corpse drifted down old Lethe. He came to the precipice of a magnificent cascade, where his old Pict bones spilled over the side. Roiling white waters. Madness. But the cords tying his body to the old yew log, broke off and it let the river carry him down under to tumble, his jaw was wrecked, so he could not talk. His hands crushed, he could carve no wood, and his spine, it twisted him into shapes that made him more demon than man. After tumbling over the rocks at the bottom, he eventually washed up ashore, There, the ravens found him and pecked his eyes out. The foxes came and they tore away his liver. Fish chewed away his toes. Somehow after all of this his dead ears heard through the din of the damned, the horn of his ancestors. Lazarus, awaken! Words from a young man hundreds of years in the future, standing in a Benedictine catacomb in Sicily. They say the dead shed no tears that the draugur barely feel a thing. They care for one thing only. A song and a bird. Well at least one of them heard this song. From dead to the damned to the stars.
  12. Playlists for Sessions

    2 reasons. one: the walls are thin two: she believes in exercising modesty to its fundamentals. The only reason she cries out at all is because for a compunct moment, I've caused her to lose control. When a woman gasps for breath in pure elation, I prefer no other sound on this earth.
  13. Playlists for Sessions

    I prefer moans, sighs and the occasional stifled cry of ecstasy.
  14. I shaved my balls for this!?!

    .... they get caught riding the escalator.