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  1. once i could be once to be tense and tarrow such is not this afternoon i struggle to carry the weight of my body ive done my time, lord ive done it, if you please my bones hurt, most of them are damaged over the experience of my tale id like to smoke my pipe, just sit beside a fire, my Lord. I can sing you some songs you'd find that they wont sound real but once upon a time, i could carry a glow to the eye of the white tail and the sparrow sang of me it was in the time of legends, that they told me i was born too soon and they told me this as i was only born yesterday they don't know what I told the wind, they don't know what I said i begged the beetles to stay their hunger i prayed the sun would never set i heard the songs of my prey none would have it none and then i was found dead
  2. Goblin - Suspiria 1977

    Goblin - Suspiria Theme - 1977 The old Slip Jig, the Irish Jig and Italians who want to flutterby
  3. When providers retaliate

    Well, I'm a bit of a quiet bell ringer. On the other hand, I've a lot more bells to ring collectively than tears to shed.
  4. When providers retaliate

  5. Sometimes you turn the lights out and try and forget you’ve made a serious mistake. You think about the pattern of your failures. Then you go to a place afterward and discover, that while it was violent to you in the past, this glade was exactly where you needed to go. There, she wore her green dress. There, she was having a terrible day. You did something small, and you asked her, “Is there anything I can do to make your night better?” If you’re lucky, she’ll tell you, “You already have. Thank you.” You will witness a real smile. You will also know, that as much as you’d love to draw her a hot bath with rose petals and olive oil, as much as you desire her to sigh while you gently press your thumbs to her back, you’d know that this day shall never come. In the dark, I think about what I did wrong. It’s familiar, this reflection. It’s unfriendly but it’s my face. Good night
  6. chemistry = 2h3m

    ..them With all of their clothes on. alchemy = 0 at 8ll
  7. new vetting process?

    You should show her your artistic side by providing a self portrait. For example: I call this masterpiece, I’m Disheveled, and I Don’t Care.
  8. The Fall

    “Is that what you do?” Could see a well of moisture building around her eyes turning them from lapis lazuli to amethyst. “Rescue broken faeries? Or do you just masterbate in front of the mirror?” I could not speak. She had cast a spell upon me. “Are you even a man? Why did I ever fall in love with you?” A dark river slid down her face. She let the ink colored curls cascade down her cheek. -I’m just a man. “No. You’re subhuman. I hope you die of cancer.” Just could not move. I had to watch helplessly as she stabbed me to death. Then my eyes were filled with water. All the colors of the moth. Tawny, black, copper mixed with the hue of spoiled cream. She Left I wear Forever across my left shoulder. Blue like Caledonia. Blue like her eyes before I filled them with sadness. I dream of Imhotep these days. I dream of a world out amongst the stars.
  9. Back to the The Table of the Wolf

    My discoveries excuse my conduct, so it is back to the hunt. Laugh. May you find joy with human folly. No problem. I’ll continue to listen to George Jones. Excuse me. Fenrir is no wolf. What wolf can swallow a city of the size of Olympus? Fenrir is no wolf It’s a fucking black hole Back to George Jones.
  10. m'iníon

    Boadicea, I would have you flute the winds and guide me to my little girl. By now she is wild, she paints her face blue. She hates mankind and uses a kestrel to hunt through the forests of the wet streets. How she must despise the Druid. Yet by the chaos of Apep she runs through lightening and the curtains of hanged men. Sometimes she thinks. When she gets confused and drunk she sings. She thinks. Stay wild, stay free, always beautiful.
  11. The "Poop Knife"

    I heard Andre the Giant used to poop in the bathtub at hotels because his ass wouldn’t fit on the crapper. Would a Poop Tenderizer have helped the cleaning staff wash it down the shower drain?
  12. Cleopatra

  13. Cleopatra

    She put a gaze upon me that closed the throat of the politic and drew from my throat a bird. Eyes the color of bronxe.
  14. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    We? No we aren’t burning anything, except our self dignity just like WE do when we close the bars down on tequila. Stay yourselves.
  15. the great betrayal

    i tunnel i crawl beeath, for theatis the way of the serpent. the horn muight call me to surface, but by below i am moved so shall thye earth wquake. so sahall i shake it cannaot help itself i take my power back. i remove it from your breath how all have been most disatsifactory that is the dnake, so poewersles. {} yet i breath through my tongue so sayteth hermes the a[pes ahave failed. good lucjk. much deeper inyourseldf than what youve said i promise matthew was right. so much more than that, i am the serpent, all the way down to the gut of hvhy youve ve been betrayed weve been betrayed