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  1. A gorgeous redhead...

    Well as long as you didn’t wake up naked, tied to a tree with a feather in your ass, I’d say you made out quite well. going to put last night behind me now. Have a beautiful afternoon, people.
  2. A gorgeous redhead...

    I need a bath and a Bloody Mary. Life hurts when you’re an Irishman. And yes you’re the type of girl that could take the keys to my car if you’d the mind. I’m so fucking easily teased. I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe I lost my fucking cane.
  3. A gorgeous redhead...

    .....took my cane last night at the bar. I tried to warn her that it was cursed. She didn’t listen. And coincidentally all her clothes didn’t fall off. Who says Magick is real? I don’t have my cane, and I’ve only the wildest imaginings on what she’s doing with it right now. I fucking hate St. Patty’s Day.
  4. Where is the line?

    I don’t believe in the rabbit. I don’t believe in the cause. I don’t believe in you.
  5. Its Saint Patrick's Day

  6. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    I stopped reading the titles. I just look at the thumbnails now and go from there. Or I look for specific porn stars that I know will deliver what turns me on.
  7. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    Porn is like an iTunes music collection. There’s always something there you don’t want anyone else to find out you’ve got. I was going to link the Rebecca Black, It’s Friday video but decided that would be too cruel.
  8. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    So what day does class start?
  9. Lipstick or no lipstick? Hair up or down?

    For me it depends on how well I know the lady. If I'm comfortable with her and we've met several times, I prefer a more natural, relaxed look. If it's a first meeting, looking messy can leave me with the wrong impression. That being said, I'm notorious for going about my civilian life, sporting the 'I'm disheveled and I don't care look'. Would probably work better for me if I looked at least a little like James Dean.
  10. Fabulouz

    I'm frightened. She's pointing that thing right at me.
  11. Providers asking for deposit

    I’m sure they mean well. All the same, just avoid.
  12. Real Men Wear Makeup

    Yes, dear. Thank you kindly.
  13. Moves your soul.

    Good, nice and hidden: the only song I like from this sad German choir boy:
  14. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    No, champion. forsake normal