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  1. “They can fly upside down and shit”. It’s funny ‘cause it’s .... almost true.
  2. I like to sleep in the nude. Any bird in my place means I have to wear a cold ceramic bowl over my junk. That beak is fucking huge.
  3. Check it out, it's Sam the Raven, .... whew!
  4. Random Rambling

    You should give up all your worldly possessions and walk deeply into the desert. No. You won’t find love there, but no one will ever lie to you. or ...... dont walk out into the desert.
  5. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    What ever happened to good ole fashioned country dancin'?
  6. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    3 pages + No reference to the The Music Man. I'd be remiss if I didn't include this:
  7. I was watching a video from 2009, about the Australian Lyre. I remember watching documentaries voiced by Attenborough when I was about 8 years old. Holy shit
  8. Capitol Hill 15 years ago?

    I'll have the roast duck with the mango salsa.
  9. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    Music Video by Wolfsheim - Touch The film is Federico Fellini's Casanova
  10. Any one have a good ghost story?

    I awoke in my room at 3:06 A.M. to a weight on the edge of my bed. It was as instant as closing my eyes and opening them again. In that time, my room looked exactly the same as from a few minutes ago. I thought I'd dozed off. Yet there sat a figure. It sat next to me. It had come to my room with some sort of purpose. He was a grisly, bearded man, grey eyes except the left one, with a smile that reached across his face from one ear to the other. Between the points of his smile rested stained, ivory piano keys. His hands spoke different languages, both of them hard, hateful, like whalers hands, dead the two of them. I could feel them closing around my throat. My survival instinct evoked a scream. For some inane reason, I thought, 'How did he break into my house'? I roared from the deep lethargic realm of dreams. My voice was no more than a moan. I dreamt that I had leapt into the air and clawed the old man's face. I bit hard into something that was convincing to me. The taste was pork, marinated in honey juniper. I fled the room and curled up against a thin pine wood cabinet door. When I awoke the next sunrise, I couldn't fathom why I was shivering naked in my kitchen with purple, busted knuckles and an ache along my upper spine. Time to shower and get ready for work.
  11. What would you do ?

    I would hire metal smiths to make an unbreakable alloy. Then smith a cube such and entomb that money (taxed in half of course, fucking IRA) within. I'd take it to the hottest volcano on this earth and bury it somewhere near the rocks outside. I'd make a public announcement that told of its existence. I'd give a general direction. Then I'd watch all the ghouls, men, elves, dwarves, junkies, carnival misfits, downtown hipsters, parasitic soccer moms, lawyers, meter maids, the women of the plastic gardens, Agamemnon, dumbfounded dipshits one and all, .... go to war over bric-a-brac on midgarden before my very eyes. Fall in my chamber
  12. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    In the end, this is my favorite movie of all time.