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  1. On a different note

    Deep Crunch
  2. I Love You Colorado But Why Are You So Cold

    I’m not sure if it would matter. 9 below the whole week sucked. And why doesn’t anyone have a fucking map in Burlington? Oh no our roads are straight. Ok. Where do I find something to eat? Right there. I can’t eat oysters every day. Oh yeah keep driving straight. Where do you live? Hamilton Does anyone live in Burlington? (Crickets) Shit. Thanks. Later I found the Canadian imitation of an Applebee’s ... I got into an argument with a local about bass fishing. I didn’t think it was an argument. He thought otherwise. We rolled around outside in the frosty crust. He won, cause I can’t wrestle. “Yeah! We have bass here.” Snot was whipping off his nose like an octopus tentacle. Just let it land in the snow, please. The quickest way to keep his anatomy off of me was to buy him a beer. “Let me buy you an IPA. Oh and what the fuck just happened?” You bought me a beer. Cool. I hate IPA’s btw. Wipe your nose off We hugged and then we were good friends afterward, until ... “Why do you fuckin’ Canucks wear those over priced bomber jackets with goose patches on them?” You’re gonna buy me that beer right? Yeah.
  3. I Love You Colorado But Why Are You So Cold

    Cold was Ontario in February. I think sweat froze to the top of my ass crack the entire time I was there. But man, Canada keeps her roads clean. Anyways, I learned a new respect for “it’s fucking cold outside”
  4. I’m going to die. It doesn’t matter how it happens, the where or why. The only thing that matters is what I decide to do in the meantime. That decision could become a song. It could become the dread you tell your little ones to beware of. It may only consist of a single breath of air. Record your fate and the Universe ripples through eternity. Good luck Astronauts. May we shake hands on the other side of the stars. Or, Yeshua willing, on the the other side of tomorrow.
  5. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    Davey Crockett was the last good man in Texas. I’ll open my arms to Texas ladies all day long. It’s about time they found real men anyways. We mountain folk who bicycle, practice breathing and yoga, hiking. We quiet souls here who enjoy our bodies as much as our partners. Say I remember the Weavers. our government needs to serve its people not make its people serve the state. We’ve been asleep for far too long.
  6. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    I love bacon.... when I’m eating it. I also love the colors if Caledonia. Just mine are a less deep navy blue.
  7. new people

    I have noticed every time I hit the back button on an individual listing, I see two or three new listings above it. I know it probably sucks for you gals, but I feel like a kid in the candy store. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  8. Too many bp are coming to tob

    You are right. Firm is a better choice of word than rude. I guess my point was that some people only respond to strength, meaning as you put it, firmness. Unfortunately these days, one person’s ‘firm’ is another person’s ‘rude’. Rude in this case, in my opinion, would be the taunting texts and vile comments made at these ladies. I didn’t find vipblonde’s post rude. I agree with her about the majority of the BP crowd.
  9. Too many bp are coming to tob

    I agree with the OP. Sometimes you need to be rude to get your point across. With the good comes the bad. BP gets a lot of activity so you’re bound to get a lot of time wasters and dick picers in with what I would guess is only a handful of good clients. My suggestion on this topic has always been paid membership. Hang in there VIP Blonde. Shit’s going to get a lot tougher before it gets any better. good luck
  10. Why you shouldn't fuck with cats

    the look at her face at 42 ... love it.
  11. Why you shouldn't fuck with cats

    I was watching this to continue my learning of the tin whistle. {33 seconds in, left side} I believe animals teach us alot. Still, while we hunt to survive, we learn along the journey. Whistle to your friend and maybe you never have to hunt alone again.
  12. when he is sober he really is a good soul, just that when he is drunk he is me, be merciful to a good soul, and let me ferry the damned into the throat of the vulture or you'll just crush a good soul, then i'll find a home in another why barter ransom with a demon? why beg council from an outcast Prince? can you describe what the wormhole is like? Is it possible for you to survive it? I leap, I live, I make my designs now because Hell is stronger than men do you have the courage astronauts? jump through the fucking hole. come find Vassag0 and leave the boy alone the perpetual slowing of time dying forever and never dying agonizing choking, freezing, pulling apart, but never coming to an end. unless something is on the other side waiting to pull you through. god, sentient beings, superior beings, an illusion, or just dying in the emptiness of space forever the black hole is hellheim who can follow me through? How I wish you the very best of fortunes, and to remember a time when folk were great explorers. good luck, God Loki
  13. Music

    Let me not forget Loreena McKennit or Tarja Turunen Perhaps though, that is a good litmus test for those who claim to hunger for a connection with the human spirit. Perhaps the vestibules of the vapid should not touch the grace of the beauty of triumph. Long way about. Silence is best, as the wolves eat. Please though, play lil' wayne. How impressed will I be? or you can be a clever girl and give me your undivided attention for a very brief sliver of your lifespan.