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  1. What's your favorite horror flick?

    Waxwork ”You do like raw meat?” ”I haven’t had steak tartare in long time” what happened to those days? Horror films were at their pinnacle.
  2. What's your favorite horror flick?

    American Werewolf in London.
  3. What's your favorite horror flick?

    And of course .... Alien.
  4. What's your favorite horror flick?

    I agree. The original Evil Dead was a masterpiece. That rehashed garbage, I wish was never there. On a side note Communion was the scariest book I’ve ever read. Admiral, I’ve always guessed you had good taste in spooky. Thank you for solidifying my assumptions.
  5. What Is Your Favorite Summer Tune?

    Biotin... So that’s how they do it.
  6. What Is Your Favorite Summer Tune?

    and in winter I prefer espresso, listening to the real Wolverine:
  7. knock on the door

    the worst you can ever do to mankind is pour your blood over the earth. my daughter is equally convinced that we are not related. she doesn't understand, that she is roaming out in the wild, a raving mad poet, slashing ghosts apart, full of visions, tortured, tragically destructive. just like her old man, crazy's comin' folks curse it, kiss it, threaten to slit its throat but whatever you do, don't deny it's there. L D. Y = B
  8. just takes a second ...

    I met an end to the evening at a brew hall. There, they had a beer called Die Ziege Helles. I grew curious of course and whipped out the Google translator. Siri read to me, "The goat bright" That made absolutely no sense. So my instinctual- A deaf man came up to my table and shook my hand. He actually fell into the table to where it rattled. The table was crafted from solid oak. I think that it is appropriate to say he desperately wished to tell me something. He struggled to speak to me, "I am sorry, we are deaf. I was rude, but we are deaf. We cannot speak to you." "Yes", came my reply, a burgeoning gregariousness rising in my voice, "You were rude, but I am drunk and obnoxious. I am also crazy. You're blessed. I'll take deaf over me, any day". He didn't listen to a word I said. "Thank you". Pardon the interruption. I thought I had typed the wrong information into the Google translate box. So I began to type again. This time it was me who made the mistake. Where a zed should have been typed, instead I'd typed "s" and left one off the end of helles: The Victories are Bright. Interrupting my revelation, Frau mit Wolfsaugen came and asked me if I wished to have another. I showed her my phone and she .... was not that impressed "Goat or victory?" I asked for another goat. L D. B = Y
  9. Halloween

  10. just takes a second ...

    ‘“I’m better than everyone else.” is just delusional, and a lie.’ Precisely and just what sort of person would need to say such things to themselves each day? Only the wounded who believe they are less than the rest. less than the rest are greater than the whole. start at the surface. walk backward. Ave D.J. Matus.
  11. just takes a second ...

    This one time in band camp ...
  12. Cause every good drama has one

    they are so clumsy, they, the foolish things that grew from my dish ... but i love them, one by one by one and all. you are the songs of my atrium, you fucking fat turkeys.
  13. just takes a second ...

    there are those of you who can find meanings in these words, then there are those of you in downtown parking lots who are just dead. walk up to a mirror. stare into your eye say, and i dare you to mean it: i am better than everyone else.
  14. whisper in my ear

    arise, my banshee from hell I call come back to the DIRT and raise you, your voice mercury, soraya, cohen your songs will tear the ears of the disciples open, but we know our penitence of those who know nothing let it ripple like worms under your skin, they will find cancer, dismemberment through automobile accidents, botched surgeries. All the fake things of this world, an angry asp that turns on its master the aeon of APEP is here. Chaos is at your door. The BARD summons them from their barrows. blast it apart. Do ye with the voces magicae what ye will, dead kin, for that is the whole of the law and the law is not only for the living. I summon you, my forgotten legion, from beyond the grave the only LIVING poet, I will hear your rage. I will swallow it. raise your bugle. and let the blind be food for the dead. the time is now segai u
  15. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    "Stein, the captain, smote a foot off Ivar Kolbeinson, but Leif, Ivar’s brother, beat to death a fellow of Stein’s with a whale-rib;" - Morris, William. Grettis Saga: The Story of Grettir the Strong