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  1. Greek.... I don't get it.

    sigh ... can we be politically correct? I prefer the term 'awkward' anal sex
  2. Greek.... I don't get it.

    man. he wants beyond everything else to find extraordinary beneath the skin of ordinary. he will hunt forever how ye whisper over the bones of the forgotten, shall ye become hell's finest surgeon. anal sex. intense, prickled skin, sweat. Breathing together. we still live. decaf if we ever stand next to each other at the urinal, i'm going to turn my head and stare right into your eyes. How uncomfortable does that make you feel? Anal Sex
  3. 411 on RAQUEL DE MILO

    She responds late. Unfortunately when she got back to me, I made other arrangements. Might have to book in advance.
  4. Greek.... I don't get it.

    It’s psychological to me. It actually doesn’t feel tighter ... with some. It’s a visual and emotional experience. A lot can go wrong in the tunnel. If she trusts me to go in, it’s very erotic for me. couple a copper chips
  5. p411 down?

    theyre up now? Had to login with phone.
  6. Friendly reminder for newbies...please read

    I’m more of a mustache kinda guy. Too bad crazy glue’s a bitch to get off.
  7. Friendly reminder for newbies...please read

    Oh. See I thought it was a Dick Message. So it’s ok to spam with a dick message? Right on. Thanks
  8. Apologize

  9. Apologize

    So you are apologizing for something but don’t know what you’re apologizing for? I’m confused. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes dry spells happen. Unless you’re giving all the ladies strep throat with you’re dick I wouldn’t worry too much about it. When times go lean I go out and smack hot metal with a hammer and try again next week.
  10. 411 on Nicole Mcknight

    I have seen her recently. She is real and asks for no reviews. The other gentlemen who saw her years ago are still correct. Beyond that I will respect her privacy and say no more.
  11. Cotton Ponies

    I believe alot of men hold a facade of professionalism, while inside they are secretly Pee-Wee Herman. Sorry you had to go through that.
  12. My BP Experience

    I agree with those suggesting you write a review if you haven’t already submitted one. Your post is pretty much a review anyways. You already mentioned wanting to get your foot in the door with ToB ladies. One way to do that is to establish a profile and write honest but tactful reviews. I’d suggest never doing outcall appointments but I know for many that is impossible. Good luck
  13. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Shaun Grey
  14. after lady retires

  15. Am I wrong??

    I also think it depends on what point in the communication do things go silent. If it’s no response at all, I dont think that’s an issue. I would rarely get a response back from initial contact with BP ladies. On the other hand if you lead him on giving him the green light then suddenly go silent, I don’t think that’s quite fair to the client. Almost all men get rejected more often than women. Most men are used to hearing ‘no’. I think Laci had the best answer. Telling him it’s just not going to work out is an acceptable approach.