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  1. Marriage, Monogamy - way of the future?

    We seldom agree ideologically. Sometimes there is an eclipse. Be well, Great Owl
  2. Nobody mentioned rape except you. Infer what you wish. The OP is completely ridiculous. Anyone with any common sense would not expect sex from a sex worker without paying for it. As such his post could have been truncated to a simple, “I was the dude who thought he’d get a freebie but went home sad.” It would have saved a lot of time.
  3. I don’t understand how people can underestimate the power of positive thinking so much. Next time, no talking, no second guessing just quietly roll over and slip your penis into her vagina. It’s no different than finding out if your girlfriend is into anal sex the first time you try it. Just make sure you have a plan B if things go horribly wrong. “I thought that was the pillow. My bad.” Is a good one to use.
  4. New girl Brea in Denver

    I don’t see too many red flags. Girls change their number and name when they move. The two other links Kaduk provided show a girl with a Provo area code advertising from Utah. She has a Eros verified profile, whatever that means. Her Eros ad mentions moving here. If I were interested, I guess I’d text her briefly asking where she’s moving here from and what brought her out here. If she answers with San Diego, you know to avoid.
  5. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    Wow. "Nice shirt." "Thanks." "I'm joking. It sucks." "Word of advice. If you got shit for teeth don't smile." "God, it makes me feel like virgin just looking at you." "When I look around this dojo, I don't see Cobra Kai material. I see losers. I see nerds. I see a fat kid with a strange hat with his tits popping out. But my short time as a sensei, I've also seen some miracles." - Johnny Lawrence.
  6. But to the OP’s opening statement, I too have made a startling revelation. I’m crazy.

    you are not a Nighytr

    Now teach my daughter how to dive underwater. Drop ... your... sword. She loves you ...

    Tell me. Can you? what does a new year look like, regardless the old gimmicks? what does a form of future look like? just your shadow. paint that landscape, show me the world you'd like and show me what a real dream looks like.
  10. Unpopular opinions :)

    But if I’m not willing to walk outside crazy, who is, that can make it back? “it’s a Witcher, hide your women.”
  11. Unpopular opinions :)

    Women love using sex as a sword. I like using swords in sex. Once upon a time they cut those beasts in half and then threw them on a Thane’s funeral Longship before it was set on fire. In China the Chow-Chow is fundamentally duct tape. King’s Guard, children’s toy, dinner, like a pig but proven to be less intelligent. If you wear your penis on a leash, you’re a coward. I know how to kill the King’s Guard. Your pit bull will not keep you safe. Human engineering keeps you safe. Grow a real penis. Feed it. Give it water. And do not fear what is inevitable.
  12. Unpopular opinions :)

    You don’t want to see pics of my fish, and I don’t want to see pics of your dog. I also don’t want to see you holding a glass of wine. That doesn’t make you classy. It just makes you a wino.
  13. The Castilian

    Well on the bright side, at least you have some crazy mother fucker running around with a royal blue paludamentum calling himself the Caledonian with another crazy mother fucker in a brown pancho calling himself the Castilian. Rest assured, these two are making best efforts to make all the wrong things disastrous. Now I need to find out what happened to my right sock.
  14. The Castilian

    Or perhaps I should roll Over in my frozen slumber in this sleepy place where serpents have dreams. Ah, but a rope tied to one toe and at the far end, beneath the terrifying dark, ... those that crawl up and wish to eat the feet of a king.