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  1. Superbowl

    I won $250 for the first quarter score
  2. Superbowl Sunday

    I've totally lost interest in this year's Superbowl man
  3. Brand newbie here

    Post your question in the 411 section with a link to the young ladies ad. That's the best way to get a response to your question man.
  4. Superbowl

    I don't need to the Superbowl as a reason to drink more beer. Lol. I just seriously have no interest in the game today
  5. hello ( :

    It's January so id make sure you bring something warm. Right now it's snowy and in the 20's. It could be in the 60"s next week or it could be below zero. There's no way of knowing what the weather will be in Denver in January. even though it's not alot of help, I hope it helps.
  6. Flu bug

    Has anyone else here had this stupid bug that's going around? If so, have you had any luck kicking it and what seemed to help you out the most? I've had this shit since the 2nd if this month and can't kick it. I went to urgent Care and they gave me a steroid inhaler and some prescription cough syrup, then told me that it's a virus and I was just going to have to ride it out. Just looking for some suggestions on home remedies that might help me kick this crap... PLEASE HELP.. LOL
  7. 411 on Itshunterbaby!!!'s

    Look at the Ad. Hunterbaby with one phone number and 2 different ladies in the pictures with different phone numbers. Looks like 3 different providers, different pictures and phone numbers, using the same ad and profile
  8. Flu bug

    Yes, I'm finally getting over this. Took me 21/2 weeks to finally kick it.. but I'm semi-normalish now.
  9. New to Denver! :)

    Welcome to Denver and Tob Monica..
  10. Frustrated

    I don't have 411 man, and I have no problems getting ladies to see me. My advice, unless you plan on traveling and seeing ladies in other states, forget about 411 and concentrate your efforts here. See some newbie friendly ladies, get some reviews under your belt and a few references and you're golden. Just my 2 cents
  11. 411 cheyennecatori

    That is what I'm talking about. A young lady who jumps into the 411 and sets the record straight.. I think you just made a huge fan base and following Cheyenne.. I think it's awesome that you jumped in with your introduction.
  12. Flu bug

    Lol.. shhhhhh.. one of those is who I had to cancel on.. although I think she is slightly older than 19. Hahaha..
  13. Flu bug

    Lol.. yea, I have no plans on continuing my hobby ways until this shit is fully gone. I had an appointment, made before the flu, and as much as it pained me to do so, I cancelled until further notice. I would never wish to pass this bug to anyone else
  14. Flu bug

    Geez, how could I turn that down. thanks Laci, you're always a gem. I've always enjoyed our conversation. I just can't seem to kick this stupid bug. Everyone at work has it, and they even closed down work for a few days to try and let people heal. So what is the deal with the onion?? I've never heard that one before
  15. What do you do when . . .

    I recently ran into the same dilemma as you brotha. I hate leaving bad reviews and have done my best not to. The gal asked me the exact same thing, to say she was real and that she was cute and the girl in her pictures. But after much soul searching and listening to the people on here, I decided to leave my review. Just be completely honest with what you say and let everyone make up their own mind as to whether it's bad or not. I know that the young lady was not at all happy about my review, and she let me know it. But in all honesty, she can leave a rebuttal in her own defense if she wants. But I thought that I owed it to the guys on this board to be honest about my meeting with her and let them make up their own minds. Maybe what's bad to you, like the dirty feet, won't bother another gentleman or maybe that's exactly what another guy here needs to know. Just be honest and let others make their own decisions. Just think, it could have been you reading that review and saving yourself from an unsatisfactory visit.
  16. dangerousbunnyxx contact info?

    Send her a message here on TOB and see if that works man
  17. Shalaya (TOB)

    My question for you is if you're interested why not contact her? Her donation is super affordable, she is pretty clear on what she does and doesn't offer in her ad, she seems to be extremely pretty.. she even says she'll send you a picture if you ask. Hell, if I wasn't out of commission with this upper respiratory infection right now, I'd call her. Book a half hour man, at a buck and a quarter, you aren't losing much. That's just my 2 cents though
  18. Hi

    Hello and welcome to tob dear
  19. What do you want for Christmas?

    Juan needs to man up and take a couple vacation days and make a weekend trip. 😊
  20. "TOB client profiles shared with you"

    I've shared my references a time or two, but when I do I also send a PM saying that I've shared my references in hopes of securing a future meeting and if the young lady in question would please get back to me if she is interested in meeting. I've had very limited success in that approach and a majority of the time I never received an answer. So I've abandoned that approach and have found it easier to just make contact with the lady and if she requires references then share.
  21. What do you want for Christmas?

    For Christmas I want Santa to kidnap that California cutie, alexissweet69, and place her under my tree with nothing on but a bow and a smile. And when I walk into my sunroom and look under my tree she screams, "take me you big stud and make me yours"!! But alas, I don't think Santa will do that for me so I guess I'll ask for...... Shit, I can't think of anything else I want now... Damnit man
  22. Dude, do you want 400 pounds or 40 pounds? Do you like super hairy gals or shaved ones? Do you like quadruple D's or tiny little A cups?? What's your preference homie?? Better yet, look through the ads and use the search function. Not trying to be a jerk man, just need to know what you're looking for and what you like. There are a ton of great newbie friendly providers here. They all offer different services and come in all different sizes and shapes, and no matter the size or shape, all are gorgeous. Just depends on your likes dude. That's my advice, figure out what you're looking for and search for it. Or state what your preference is and maybe someone will PM you with some great choices.. I know you're new, so before some of the other dudes let you have it, take my advice.. happy hunting brotha and welcome to tob.. it's a playground full of lovely ladies..
  23. Question for the fellas......

    I'm a little late to this conversation, but I just looked at your pictures Cali, and ddddaaaammmnnnn... Girl, you can have a cast any damn where you please.. you're sexy as hell girl..
  24. 411 on Lina

    Lately man, I've been going out on a limb and toftt. I've had pretty decent luck, other than one encounter. And even that encounter it was the real girl in the picture. I say go for it brotha, and let the rest of us know about your good fortune.. at least, hopefully it's good..
  25. Just gonna put this out there.

    Joke time...... . . What did God say to Adam when he seen Eve bathing in the river????? A: Damnit man, now I'll never get the smell off those damn fish.. Sorry Lucy K. I know you won't find that amusing, but I'm sure others will... And hey, I still love ya woman. You'll always be my bestie..