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  1. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    Here’s a thought…..I read this post and all the comments. Me personally business is good, but everything is way more expensive. So yes, people are definitely prioritizing. But as for the “hobby” I don’t think it will ever go back to the way it was even a few years ago pre covid…..people in general are becoming shut ins. Why go through the trouble and risk of going out into the world and meeting with a temporary friend when you can just go to your DEVICE and receive instant gratification 1000 different ways? All over you tube and every social media vein you see memes and hear content promoting the “strength” of being alone. Pay attention and you’ll see it, alone alone alone alone alone, that’s what THEY are pushing. To be alone means to NOT BE UNITED. To be alone is to be DIVIDED……that’s what they want. And it’s happening, and has been. We are slowly retreating into our own cells. I’m positive this trend will continue. The provider/client relationship is the same as any relationship, only different, but all relationships require SOCIAL SKILLS, and the new generations are getting that less and less
  2. Settling Down

    Well Sav, there’s basically two kinds of men in this nitch of society, there are men who would give a kidney for an average decent pleasant woman in their life, but for whatever reason that possibility is a stretch, so they do what they have to do to get by. The other kind could have a decent and pleasant woman in their life, and many do, and even though, they sneak out and cheat on their women, or pretend to be good men in order to deceive a woman into a relationship with them……then they go on forums and brag about how they are fooling those women. theres alot that’s wrong with our world, and people have to learn how to get through it. None of us asked to be here, but here we are nonetheless. Whether Eloi or Morlock, whether topside or in the tunnels, Wall Street or mean street……you gotta have a FUCKIN CODE. You don’t go FUCKING PEOPLE OVER, because if you do, no matter what line of work, what tier of society, what your relationship status is, if you lie, if you misrepresent, if you con another person into investing in you fraudulently, your a PIECE OF SHIT. Especially if you brag about it. At least be remorseful. If you can’t control yourself you can’t control yourself, weakness is what this whole industry is based on, but don’t fuckin BRAG about it. and if your gonna hang up your spurs, then hang ‘em up. If you’re gonna take a woman treat her right, if you know you won’t then DONT TAKE HER. Be a fuckin man.
  3. Guys and Gals

    This…..and if I may add, I’ve made friends. One girl in particular, we took a road trip to Cali for 2 weeks. Took her camping, the beach, Vegas (won $960. playing craps, she was such gorgeous arm candy) and it was purely for fun. I have made several friendships beyond the provider/ client relationship, I don’t aggressively seek that because I know that’s a no go zone for some of you but we are all just people and sometimes we click and when we do it’s beautiful.
  4. Anyone else here been screwed with nonstop lately?

    Sounds like the new generation is here. These young guys are having a heck of a time in the dating arena and they frankly don’t have the experience as us older blokes. We’ve been married and divorced, and been around the block and know the ropes. If we make a decision to meet one of you lovely ladies we simply follow through, even if the blue pill has worn off, our generation was taught to keep our word…..and we understand that word gets out and reputation is everything for both clients and providers. These new guys are thirsty and the dating scene is beating them down and they want to feel a woman but aren’t 100% sold on the reality. For us older gents what’s the big deal? Get laid. I mean, even IF it goes bad and end up in the cooler, so what? There are far more loathsome offenses, I love women and I need one now and then, what guy doesn’t?
  5. Banned companions

    I didn’t know that new providers had to be sponsored to post adds, I think that’s a great idea and appreciate TOB for having this requirement. There are so many other platforms and the ads are so sketchy, I only seek services from TOB providers, and after knowing this even more so.
  6. Question for providers as well as gents.

    It’s been my experience that if a provider won’t do BBBj she won’t do oral at all, and not all who do BBBJ take it to completion, some use it as foreplay. Only a handful of ladies have swallowed my seed. Strangely I have never had a CBJ, but to answer your question to me it would be only slightly less pleasant but not enough to impact the excitement. If it meant the difference between finishing or not in her gorgeous head I would welcome the cover.
  7. My views on the “hobby”

    Here’s another view point: many times the people who are the loudest opponents of the oldest profession themselves are into really weird stuff. Teachers, preachers, government officials, law makers, and everyone else……we all have an itch needs scratching and not all of us are fortunate enough to have our own proper partner to no fault of our own. Everyone has to take care of their needs the best way they can……but when they go around acting like they are so moral and virtuous and we are dirty and then they get caught doing something even more shocking.
  8. After trying several different ways to live, married twice, several “relationships “, in and out of the hobby, going completely monk, and some dabbling in the old CL style NSA meetups, strip clubbing days, all nude private shows, and more recently a very life like silicone companion…….you just can’t beat ye oldest profession. I mean sure I’d love to still be married, but no use in thinking about that now that’s over. And now here I am at the top of the “hill” looking down the backside of it. It’s been a long arduous ascent, and now let me sit here for a few minutes and take it all in before I begin my descent down to the grave. after everything, for me, the best way to live is by doing the best you can to be a good moral human being, and when you can’t stand it anymore be a man and go spend time with a working woman. Don’t be a douchebag and sleep with another man’s wife, and even worse things people do. Don’t let yourself get dragged into soul killing online debauchery, keep your spirit clean and your mind clean and avoid low vibrational activities……..but when you gotta, spend some of that hard earned loot on the gorgeous and generous working ladies of Denver. There was a time when I would feel nervous and embarrassed going to visit a lady. I would hang around the rear exits of the hotels and smoke until someone would come out then I’d slip in that way…..but I don’t feel like that at all anymore. In fact I almost feel a sense of pride, well maybe not that far but at least I don’t feel embarrassed. What could be more natural for a hard working man than to go lie down with a woman? That’s what the cowboys did, that’s what men have always done for thousands of years. All that other junk not so much. When necessary, be a man and go see a working girl. Be a man and share some of that hard earned dough, then lay with her and relish her and satisfy your lust like a man. maybe this might sound somewhat profound but you’d be surprised how many dudes are not man enough to go see a working girl and instead find actual quasi and literal filthy and unhealthy outlets instead. And then we who do visit working ladies should be ashamed? Uhh….no. I’m ashamed of some of the other shit, but not ashamed for being a “hobbyist “. just be a man and pay her WTF !
  9. The Swamp

    There was another catalyst I forgot to mention, today I was supposed to be meeting a woman I had been chatting with on a dating site for lunch. After hitting it off we exchanged numbers, began texting and talking on the phone then last Friday she just ghosted me. No explanation no cordial this isn’t going to work out, nothing. It did kind of hurt me a little bit but I have a pretty good grip on reality and soon blew it off. I’m not a bad looking man and have a good career, a home, a life, but still you know, just another frustrating example of how I believe technology has made our society worse not better. Except at least we don’t need to go out on the street looking for you ladies. This platform is good for ease and convenience and also safety for us men to get together with you ladies.
  10. The Swamp

    So after reading my own post I want to be clear that what I refer to as a sewer are to me the myriad of sexual outlets out there now OTHER than the good ol oldest profession. For me spending time with a woman produces good vibrations, like I’m staying within my natural design.
  11. The Swamp

    Hey everyone! Hook is back after, not a 100% hiatus, but you know how it is, life is a strange journey. I’m feeling philosophical and when I do I write. In today’s world, so much different than even the 90s, and not even the same galaxy as the 80s and 70s, it’s no surprise that traditional relationships are becoming extinct. I personally lament that reality. I have been married and burned twice and my second passed away in 2019 while secretly cheating on me……she died in another man’s bed, she was only 38. It took me 2 years to get over the loss AND the pain of her infidelity together. For the first time in my life self deletion was on the table. Thank God I made it through that dark period and I can talk about it now. But now that I am alone and for the first time really since 1992 I can’t believe I’m not able to find another partner. I’m in my 50s but I’m in pretty decent shape, but “dating” is a joke anymore. I feel like I woke up in some futuristic whole other planet. So I’ve been consuming MGTOW content and trying to focus on my purpose and work and my health, eating well, the whole mind and body thing. Yeah it’s great, except for one thing…..my phallus is like, hey dude what happened? Where’s the P? It’s been insanely difficult to go from sex available 24/7 for half my life to absolutely nothing over night. And I’ve done admirably, I’ll give myself that, but there’s been a few times where the pressure just gets to be too much, and there’s so many divers outlets now, most of which leave me feeling gross and pathetic. There is definitely a sewer out there and I think a man in my shoes could easily fall in without something inside maintaining his sense of direction, a compass, to balance his mind and spirit and his cock. The last straw was Friday night, went out to a local bar, I rarely go out anymore, and I was getting some fair attention from a few pretty females……but I was getting a lot of attention from an obviously gay young male. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that to quote Seinfeld) Nothing happened and I went home, but then I couldn’t sleep because I was fantasizing about all the hot sex me and this young man could be having. I was pretty intoxicated so I ended up masturbating online with another male. Afterwards I felt sick, like how gross I was and what’s wrong with me. I went out again last night but this time I decided it’s been long enough, this going MGTOW MONK has its perks, and I believe it’s right for me, but only a super human can deal with that fire down below without taking a swim in the sewer. I’m an old hand at this and arranged to visit one of you lovely ladies and it was so nice to sense and feel and smell and taste and experience everything that is WOMAN. I’m at the point in my journey that I’m just going to accept that unless I actually do stumble into another relationship periodic visits with the lovely ladies of Denver will be in order. I left her place feeling good, like a good normal healthy American male. All those other maybe less expensive, some even free, outlets and activities for me are to be avoided. They ruin my day’s feeling like I’m worthless and flawed. So thank you ladies! I’m sure you run into some serious douchebags, but you also know that you provide a necessary and beneficial service to a lot of lonely good guys who life has knocked around but we are still standing and working hard and doing our best to stay on the good side of life and stay out of the swamp……but we need you
  12. Greetings friends, been a few years and in some ways feels like 100 years but I just left a review to a wonderful woman who I had the pleasure of spending some time with. I hung up my spurs for what I expected to be for good and all but got married to a wonderful gorgeous woman and we became fused as one and truly soul tied, I loved her deeply but she passed away suddenly in 2019 (nothing to do with covid) and I was left shattered in a million pieces. The only time in my life I ever considered suicide. I didn't allow the dark thought to take me but I now understand why some people do, anything to end the dull physical pain in your heart, it's very real and it doesn't go away except with time. So, I'm ok now thank you. And I have always been kind of stoic in my appreciation for the wonderful ladies here and now even more so. For you classy girls who understand the human side of this community I commend you. We all experience the worst that life can dish out eventually and not all of us are bad people, just people and sometimes it gets freakin lonely and human touch and intimacy are just as important to health and well being as anything else. Stay safe everyone and ladies I hope to meet some new faces as I see some that I knew are off the grid........kisses!
  13. Grooming

    I'd like to know if there are any providers who offer grooming as part of their services, maybe off menu. My last LTR was a hair salon worker and she got me into liking being groomed, no longer together and I find it a bit difficult to keep up by myself.
  14. Members you miss

    I've been out of circulation but still pop in from time to time......was in a LTR for a few years, I really loved her, 15 years my junior, beautiful face, gorgeous.......she had MS and passed away in 2019, tough couple of years. Been awhile and I'm missing female company, alot of new girls I'm a little gunshy yet. Good to read old handles though in a way like some family......sorta lol
  15. Beware Sextortion Scam

    How can you be embarrassed by people engaging in the same activities? Everyone has a secret sex life now the exceptions are those who dont.