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  1. hi, does anyone know of providers who are open to recording our time together? I do understand that it is a breach of discreetness but I remember seeing a post sometime back and cannot find it. I may as well ask my regulars but I don't want to sound creepy.
  2. California North Bay providers

    I am travelling to CA SFO and looking for providers in the area. Any tips and references are appreciated. Thank you!!
  3. Hello! I'm new here...

    Welcome! Ill Fornio and Venice are my personal favorites for Italian food.
  4. Smells Like.....

    You can always ask the provider the kind of perfume she's wearing and then buy one while driving back home
  5. DCL#1 "What do you want to do?"

    I'm pretty new to this hobby and this is a question I often get - "What do you want to do?" I agree I'm dumb to ask but what are the right answers (or expected answer or what have you answered) to this?
  6. Your worst hobby date?

    Lol! This happened to me too. I stopped and she asks "what happened? " Me: "Nothing. Give me a minute ( and I spit it out). Let's get back." It's ok, it happens and if you are comfortable with the provider it doesn't matter.
  7. Be still my beating heart...

    I was really nervous my first time and i could hear my heart pounding like crazy. Off late, i feel I have more control and try to calm myself by saying it's not the first time lolI
  8. Problem Client

    Really sorry about your experience. I think there should be a provider only website area where the girls could share bad experiences with clients and create a black list. That way they could check out a client before making an appointment.
  9. New to Colorado

    Welcome to Colorado! I would suggest shuffling between DTC and North Denver. Happy holidays!
  10. Modeling??

    Hi Pretty Ladies, I recently enrolled in a photography course and was wondering if the beautiful providers here are open to modeling? Preferably lingerie, topless and/or boudoir. If you are, please message me with your rates. Since I'm just starting out, I don't have a studio space so I would prefer if you are able to accommodate at your end. I have lights and the required gears so that is covered. Hope to hear back from the beauties. Thanks!
  11. What's up with references?

    Sending a text to the provider worked. Strangely enough, she sent me a text asking when I was coming to see her Not sure how to reply to that...especially if the appointment wasn't that great
  12. New friend in Denver!!

    Welcome to Colorado pretty lady! Hope you enjoy your stay! Your pics are awesome
  13. What's up with references?

    Thank you for that Cecilia. But can I not expect a response from the provider saying she's having difficulty verifying and may be we could find another way like work verification??
  14. How many times do you see a provider

    I have been out 6 times and never seen the same provider twice. Not sure if it's natural but I like to have different experiences. But hey, I'm still young at the hobby.