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  1. Flirty, haircut and clothes on massage, (East Asian style)

    Please let us know how it is! Just looked them up and they offer a variety of massages, wonder what those entail...
  2. 411 on Laci from rubrate?

    Sorry, good catch. Meant C-470 and Wadsworth.
  3. 411 on Laci from rubrate?

    Hmm, that review is surprising. Overall it sounded as bad as my experience, but I'm surprised that at least something happened in that review.
  4. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    Yes! Exact same thing happened to me. Very politely reached out — was very excited to see her because of reviews saying she gave an almost sports therapeutic massage with lots of stretching and deep massaging — but after a few lines back and forth she snapped and I got what seemed like a copy/pasted diatribe similar to what was described above. Obviously we all dodged a bullet, but I was so let down because her massage sounded more than CMT level and was really hoping for that.
  5. Laci Colorado Massage Has anyone here seen Laci/Lacey at C-470 and Wadsworth? After my visit with her last year, which did not go as planned, I’ve since been curious why that was. So, wondering if anyone else has seen her and got what was advertised. Hit me up in a PM if you have more details to offer!
  6. Mountain View Relaxation Services

    Yeah, I'm skeptical, too. They don't do screening which seems like a red flag...
  7. Haven't heard of many places like this in Denver so I wonder what the deal is. I moved last year from a much larger city and this was a regular thing there, quite nice actually. The places I frequented were reputable and well-run. Have seen ads for many of these girls on RR lately, does anyone have insight into this place? Is it legit? Hit me up in PM’s if you want!
  8. Topless Haircut

    Yeah! This place sounds like exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for, too bad it appears to have closed down some time ago. Appreciate the suggestion, though! If anyone else has suggestions of providers who may offer this service, please let me know in DM’s, thanks!
  9. Topless Haircut

    Hey guys and girls! I remember there used to be a place in town for a topless haircut but it has since closed down – it was called 'A Little Off the Top', clever name! Does anyone know of any that do these sexy types of hair appointments for men? Please DM me, would love some reccos. Thanks!
  10. Most authentic Nuru in Colorado?

    Shoot, you may be right. Sorry! Would gladly accept PMs from anyone willing to share — thanks, all!
  11. Most authentic Nuru in Colorado?

    I’m looking for an authentic Nuru experience — or something close to the real thing. Really, at the very least, would love a mutual shower experience followed by the body glide. Have seen a few providers who advertised Nuru, but it wasn’t even close to that. Any recommendations?
  12. 411 Sarah Dai

    So she ended up emailing me back a little more than a week later, apologiing but offering no excuse for standing me up. She offered to give me another appointment with a discount, which I thought was maybe a little odd (is that standard practice here?) Anyway, I called her up to make an appointment last week, went to voicemail, and haven't heard from her since. Sounds like maybe she used to be good and reliable once, but maybe things have changed...
  13. 411 Sarah Dai

    Hmm, well that's cool you guys got in and had a great time. Maybe the online booking isn't the best way to go? Why would she have it up, then? Or maybe it was just a bad day yesterday. Hope I hear back from her, would really love to get in. [snip]
  14. 411 Sarah Dai

    Quick update -- took a chance and made an appointment today. I showed up, but she didn't. Hasn't returned my calls or emails. Not sure what happened. Maybe she's too good to be true.
  15. 411 Sarah Dai Saw the two reviews here on TOB, but wondering if you guys had any more insight. Have never seen someone with an online booking capability like this. What do you guys think?