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  1. Reaching for the Lamp

    Great young lady. One of the first ladies I saw, contacted through her agency at the time. Day of the appointment they contacted me and said she was no longer around, we had texted a few days before so I reached out and asked if this was still her. She replied and said she was going independent and would I like to set something up. Kept seeing her while she was around and she was always great. Actually ran into her at a store after she retired, turned a corner and bumped into her - she was there with someone, gave me a quick wink and smile and we both said excuse me and moved on. This picture still rotates around as a screensaver... Miss her!
  2. What is your Poison?

    Avion Silver Tequila. Good smooth taste ++. Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek and have just tried the Stranahan’s whiskey, its good but maybe overpriced.
  3. PAIN

    Early weekend summer morning, no coffee left so I make a quick King Sooper run. Checked out take my bag and head out, two beautiful young ladies head in - short shorts and bikini tops so I turn to get another look. Paying no attention my foot get caught in the bottom of those cement parking stops, me and my bag go flying in the air. Pulled and bruised my groin, hurt every time I peed, walked, stood up or made any movement for about 6 weeks. Now whenever I hear some athlete can’t play because of a pulled groin I fully understand why.
  4. Denver announces a new program to divert drug or prostitution to go to a program instead of jail and promises less arrests - then runs a sting operation and arrest 6 women for prostitution. The program might be a good idea, but am I the only one who finds doing it this way extremely hypocritical? All be careful out there! women arrested fall outside of Denver's jurisdiction of new program
  5. As many of my ATF have either moved on or have taken some long breaks, I've been seeing some new providers. I rarely do reviews as I have long since learned that it's really a YMMV, you either click or you don't, but I use reviews to see what activities are usually involved so the chances are better that will happen. Two of my last 3 visits have been two of the worst I've had in the 9+ years I've done this, both with well reviewed providers. The last we had barely started and she was telling me I need to hurry and finish, after a few minutes I stopped and said let's just quit...I'm not enjoying it and clearly your not either so this is no fun let's end it. As I'm getting dressed her last words to me was "don't even think of writing a bad review, I know the moderators and they will never post it." I'm not big on "he said, she said" arguments as this is supposed to be fun, right(?) I'll just move on. However, as some have stated lately, there is a lot of f...kery going on right now....I might as well get a girlfriend.