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  1. Blacklisting?

    Thanks for your input, one and all. I got my answer and I'm out.
  2. Blacklisting?

    Whatever, oldersnitch. I've asked others before with much different results. Guessing they weren't bitches.
  3. Blacklisting?

    Most are normal, earning a living...I hear that, Noco. The subject psyche job here is most definitely an exception and, most here have taken the worst of what they interpreted and made me out to be a creep. I'm cool with that l...none pay my bills including the time for which I pay. BTW, be careful using the copyrighted image. I paid to use it.
  4. Blacklisting?

    Wow. I expected a tough crowd, but certainly not this level of group think. With all the lack of "professionalism", "respect for the ladies", paranoia, lack of reading comprehension skills one would think it's high school. Look, we will each see the same thing differently, through our own lens. Once again, I told the woman no as soon as I found out it was a room, after which she tried to assure me it was a nice place. Did anyone read that? Of course not. Why am I a creep for needing to know what that meant? Couldn't she have been the one to "move on"? I, like some of you providers, recognize I'm in sales. Unlike you jaded, bitter ones with daddy issues, that means realizing it will do me no good to make those whose business I need to survive grovel because, people do business with those they like. Some of you "dudes" with enough worship reviews to have floated the deficit, "she's this, she's that, she's everything", bringing "Vino", and crap...heads way up their provider's rears, are a disgrace. I mean, I am all for treating a woman, all women with respect but, it's a two way street and, you shouldn't get it twisted, despite delusions of being some sort of casanova, when all is said and done you're nothing but a light bill, car note rent/mortgage payment so, give me a break and man up. Lucy...paranoia? Really? Did I not see you lose cookies because someone issued you a public apology?! Wondering, "We're (sic) they dangerous? Did they have stalker tendencies? Do they remember my location?" But, I'm paranoid? Yeah, oookay. And, you stood me up once, texting that your hot water was off while on my way. I could have assumed you "do that all the time" but chocked it up to stuff happens instead. I'm sure you'll come up with some form of neurosis to make it about me but, you and I both know the deal. I understand it is a risky business, we all do. However, I am the customer, not the other way around. So when you pussy whooped so and so's start acting more like men than yarn come holler at me. OlderGentleman - I never mentioned a provider so, see image. There's a special place in hell for snitches. I know many, some in my inbox now, that understand exactly where I'm coming from, who understand and relate, don't have a problem addressing my needs, including needing to know what I need to know to pay my money. My money. As for the rest of you haters and well, let me be respectful...
  5. 411 on Alyssa COS

    Thanks amcbl1
  6. In call share needed

    I'm in!
  7. 411 on Alyssa COS

    Alyssa 719-367-9159 Colorado Escort Has anyone visited Alyssa in Colorado Springs? Posts a lot but, no reviews. Trying times we're in...
  8. No Name Provided 702-505-0856 Colorado Escort Any 411 on these Asian BARBIES? ______________________________________cache Ad cached Ad BP Colorado Springs escorts Aug 8, 2016
  9. Alexis 702-490-1269 Colorado Escort Looking for 411 on Alexis. Here is her ad on BP: Thanks.
  10. 411 on Redd, COS?

    Fine then. Texted, called. No answer.
  11. 411 on Redd, COS?

    Why is everyone pointing at me?