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  1. Blacklisting?

    Got any references for that pseudo scientific psycho babble?
  2. Blacklisting?

    Damn, dude. Haven't you picked up on the fact that no one seems to give a fuck about your troll sightings? Just. Stop.
  3. Blacklisting?

    Though you're not the first to assert some sort of aggression on my part, there has been no flexing in this thread, at least not from me. Truth is, with the exception of one truly gorgeous provider that entered my inbox with words of comfort and understanding, medicinal enough for me, not a one understood, in fact barely read the OP. "Contributing" idiocy such as yours in search of adoration from the truly empty and lonely from some unreachable hole in the wall is what I call flexing. that your birth year? If so, I've got children older than you, child. No wonder your point of reference is a mom serving needs. Off the tit longer than you've been alive, I doubt there's much you can teach me so, you know what to do.
  4. Blacklisting?

    To know me is to happily take my money
  5. Newbie love

    Men have wives to grovel from, not providers. Stupid emmeffers. Put them out of business Ile! LMAO!
  6. Introduction

    Welcome Ile. Please kiss and tell.
  7. How to spot a..

    No experience with the question, but I do know all about the dangers of asking a question folks either don't understand or find agreeable. They show their ignorance with antagonizing responses then make you a troll for asking it. Good luck finding the answer you seek, madapples.
  8. Blacklisting?

    If I wanted your opinion I'd give it to you, then wipe it off my zipper.
  9. Blacklisting?

    I acknowledge you ladies operate in a dangerous profession, that my post was disconcerting and regret any insult. For what it's worth, I won't be lurking in any bushes, not even Laci's. Now, as "Admiral" said, AMF!
  10. Blacklisting?

    I made a comment about her looks and the anonymous nature of our existence on this forum in response to her sarcasm. Taken out of context, anything can be menacing.
  11. Blacklisting?

    Additude, 3rd grade education. Oh, that's rich. You people slay me.
  12. Blacklisting?

    Focus, "Admiral", focus...R-E-A-D-I-N-G C-O-M-P-R-E-H-E-N-S-I-O-N. "How about you bring something new, like where I contradicted myself saying I've "seen many ladies". Do that and have the last word." Where is it?
  13. Blacklisting?

    Risk begets gain in the world of business. He/she with all the gain gets all the risk. The rest have but the pleasure they pay for.
  14. Blacklisting?

    So you got me to respond, "Admiral". Please, show me where I mentioned "having seen many ladies". Actually, what you see as "insulting, flaming, angry" is disbelief in the stupidity, the "lack of reading comprehension" or the highest level of I just don't know WTF is wrong with you all I've ever felt in my life. Yes, I made a bad entry but, though you all think so, no one here "knows" me. And, though I don't owe any of you shit, I admitted having learned from my mistake and have committed to follow the etiquette more closely. BTW, if it's not already obvious, I don't care what any of you think and will continue to ensure I know as much as possible about what I'm getting myself into while only revealing as much about myself as I have or choose to and don't care who that offends, so you might as well unbunch your panties. "Admiral", I just can't figure out why you are so engaged in this "snoozefest"! I mean, you've posted A LOT. "Where do you work", blah-blah-blah. Damn! Do you want to see me or something? Don't answer that. How about you bring something new, like where I contradicted myself saying I've "seen many ladies". Do that and have the last word.
  15. Blacklisting?

    By your own admission, you don't know me yet, instead of just answering the question or simply leaving it at my being paranoid, made assumptions about what I do or don't do with your, "Sounds like you probably do that a lot". I did nothing but respond. Ya play pussy, ya get fucked so keep your lips closed or buck up and enjoy the ride. You know how this works.