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  1. How to deal with threats! need support.

    Thank you yes I quickly moved locations (unfortunately eating $) to be sure I would be safe. I think the intentions were to try to blackmail me or extort me for money. I know you guys deal with ladies doing bad things but the way I view things as I will always do things right because I don’t want trouble or issues or bad karma. This one went a little further than just a quick dismissal with the horrible threats he gave me. Thank you for the support and information! Fabiola
  2. Good Deeds

    It’s putting good karma out there for yourself! Whatever good you do will come back to you threefold!
  3. Hola Ladies, I am looking for advice. I m sure you all have strange scenarios that take place. This weekend I was working with a friend, not a member of TOB sharing a room. I know I should screen better at times and now I am tightening up again. I had 3 clients schedule for Saturday morning. Now I m guessing might all have been the same person. One of them said he arrived I gave him the room # and he never showed up. I left went to eat and I returned and my friend had taken a couple of clients. One of which she didn’t expect, but he didn’t say anything and she took care of him. The next day at noon I started receiving threatening text saying I was going to be banned from TOB for using fake pics. I sent them pics of me and they said it wasn’t me so I simply blocked them. Then today I get the same crazy text from the client who was a no show talking in the same manor and same words. They are clearly a pimp or crazy person trying to threaten and intimidate me. Then when I ask for them to leave me alone they say they are calling the police with my old room # Help!