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  1. it's a friggin beauty pagent, hello,.....i dont want these chicks curing the worlds ills. their job is to look pretty.
  2. Hi

  3. Pushing boundaries with FBSM providers?

    just pay up for f/s, quit playing games.
  4. Gold Stars fot TOFTT?

    you get a spoogie cookie.
  5. LONDON (AP) — Actor Michael Douglas says that his throat cancer was caused by a virus he contracted by performing oral sex on women. The Guardian newspaper published an interview Monday in which Douglas blamed cunnilingus for the grave malady that was diagnosed in 2010. The newspaper also quoted doctors who were skeptical about his claim. The 68-year-old Douglas has been free of cancer for more than two years after receiving extensive chemotherapy and has returned to acting. Douglas has starred in many movies, including "Basic Instinct" and "Fatal Attraction." He is currently appearing in an acclaimed bio-pic about Liberace. He is married to the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. http://www.rr.com/entertainment/topic/article/rr/6571966/86056369/Michael_Douglas_blames_oral_sex_for_throat_cancer
  6. i thought black dudes were partial to fat white women
  7. Brothel.....really?

    Can you say busted in less the 24 hours.
  8. Happy Birthday Nikki

    you're looking good hope the day was great.
  9. What would you do if you had a dick for 24 hours?
  10. Hello Boys and girls!

    where's the nekked pixs
  11. Why, wHy, WhY?

    maybe he wanted to take you to king soopers
  12. Best Denver ASP

    she better be bringing something better than bud.
  13. A Denver landmark. http://www.democraticunderground.com/1041619 it was even in a clint eastwood movie.
  14. Happy Birthday Wendyluvsfun!

    do I get a free session now
  15. MonetLuv New to TOB

    where's the nekked photos
  16. Happy Birthday Wendyluvsfun!

    you're a classy dame. hope you had a great bday.
  17. Colorado has exceptional talent

  18. 411 on BP Khloe. TGTBT?????????

  19. 411 on BP Khloe. TGTBT?????????

    somebody que the price is right loser music.
  20. New to the Board

    please, get rid of the lame music when I visit your site.
  21. visiting Denver

    you can stay chained up to the radiator in my basement.