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  1. What happened

    get with the times and start accepting text messages.
  2. Mexican restaurants

    garcia's will do.
  3. Killed a likely serial killer who came to kill her. I've found this to be one of the most interesting stories of the year so far. I hope she does well. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/probe-widens-after-suspected-serial-attacker-slain-by-escort/
  4. Big time bait n switch

    wait, you got catfished on bp
  5. Discrimination

    i see allota black chicks who say no black men.
  6. Real Name First & Last

    my name? sure, it's john smith.
  7. i always re-read this review for laughs: http://www.tobreviews.com/index.cfm?show_all_reviews=yes&asp=7076
  8. Real Name First & Last

    perhaps you're in the wrong profession.
  9. Returning calls on a blocked number

    do you liked to be called from blocked numbers? me neither, have the courtesy to call me back from an unblocked #.
  10. hello Colorado

    i loves you porgy.
  11. Old members you miss the most

    jennifer of denver dakota h angela aspen